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  1. Justin.grewal

    Solved! Reset my laptop now stuck in a loop.

    I reset my laptop because it was freezing and I would be forced to shut it down with the power button. During the reset process it froze and I was forced to turn my laptop off. Now my laptop is stuck in a loop of starting screens probably cause the reset was left unfinished. Is there anyway that...
  2. buzzybabii_1

    Solved! my msi was wiped & is stuck in bios loop

    help a girl out. im not in the slightest tech savy..my BF wiped his MSI GT72VR before sending it to me. when it arrived it wouldnt boot at all. the windows became corrupt so i downloaded W10 on usb and successfully transfered to msi..no it wont boot at all, it goes straight to the bios menu...
  3. B

    Question Internal Audio Feedback?

    Hi all, CONTEXT: So I was on voice chat (Discord) with some people, but then disconnected and left to go eat lunch. Everything was working fine at this point. Then I come back and rejoin, everybody starts yelling "AAAAAAAAH KILL IT! WHAT IS THAT?!?!" They were hearing some otherworldly, hellish...
  4. S

    My ZTE L110 keeps restarting and doesn't let me pass the logo animation.

    Hello everyone, Today I have rooted my phone ZTE L110 with Kingroot. And it has been successful. Because I could now uninstall the bloated softwares, I got excited and went too far. I've deleted sensitive system files despite the warning. I suspect I deleted the "USER" or "Settings" files...
  5. J

    Solved! Can Toshiba 24L4200U play video from USB key?

    I have created a custom animation for a medical office I am trying to loop on their in office TV. Is there a way to get a Toshiba 24L4200U television to play a video file from USB stick? When I found the media player within the TV, it only gave me 2 options: Photos or Music. The written...
  6. H

    repair loop w10

    i have a toshiba satelite pro laptop, with windows 10 installed. The laptop has been stuck on a 'preparing automatic repair' mode for almost 2 days now. it then comes up with a sc reen saying it is diagnosing my PC only for it to not work. It then gives me options such as continue to windows 10...
  7. J

    Asus restart loop windows 10

    I have a brand new Asus laptop, only a month old, that is stuck on a restart loop. The laptop will turn on, then immediately show a blue screen that says something went wrong, then it restarts. When it turns on again, it gives me a menu and offers to continue to windows 10 (doesn't work), turn...
  8. I

    Stuck on Start up

    Hey i have a Lenovo G51-35 its brand new ive only had if for a week and it has been working perfectly until yesterday i go to turn it on and it stays stuck on start up