My ZTE L110 keeps restarting and doesn't let me pass the logo animation.


Nov 10, 2017
Hello everyone,

Today I have rooted my phone ZTE L110 with Kingroot. And it has been successful. Because I could now uninstall the bloated softwares, I got excited and went too far.

I've deleted sensitive system files despite the warning. I suspect I deleted the "USER" or "Settings" files with the android logo.

Suddenly, I received many notification that some android services stopped working.
I decided to restart my device, and since then, my phone turn on, goes to the logo screen, and restart.

Without giving me the opportunity to enter the pin and/or waiting for my computer to detect it with a USB cable.

I have made an error and seek advice. How can we fix this ?

Thank you

Saga Lout

Power down then back up again, this time holding down the Volume Up button. That shows you a menu of options, one of which will be Factory Reset or similar. You scroll down and back up the menu using the volume buttons and select the one you want with the power button.

Reset means it will do just that so any personal data you had in there will be wiped so it's worth connecting the device to a PC to see if you rescue pictures, music, etc.
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