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  1. K

    Solved! my fujitsu laptop restarts when plugged in

    my laptop(a fujitsu laptop) restarts when it is charged. when not plugged in it does not restart in any way. When its plugged in it takes a few minutes or hours (it depends) for it to restart the laptop, it also takes a while to load in once logged in(though booting time is faster), usually...
  2. tronichub

    Solved! Laptop turns off automatically on first few attempts of power on

    Hi, my Compaq 610 laptop automatically turns off in few seconds when I press the power button to turn it on. When I turn on about 3-5 times it loads windows and works fine without any issue. I checked by removing hard drive, replacing RAM, removing all extension cards, and even re-flashed bios...
  3. S

    Solved! My laptop got restarted randomly

    I noticed my laptop ASUS ROG STRIX G531GT got shutdown suddenly and restarted then automatically, twice. Both of the time, I was watching movie on KM player and the laptop was running in battery. I used to always plug-in the laptop to the charging socket. But for last few days, I tried to use...
  4. R

    Question ASUS laptop starts but won't restart

    I have an ASUS N501VW laptop running Windows 10 Home edition version 1903. A while ago whenever I selected the "Restart" option in the Windows start menu the following happens: the laptop cleanly shuts down the laptop begins its startup phase and shows the ASUS logo on the black screen...
  5. E

    Question My laptop restarts randomly when using its screen

    It's been a few months since my laptop Toshiba satellite L755 (i know quite old) restarts really randomly, when I'm on YT, simple search, just logged in my account or even the windows logo showing, i thought it's ram but no ram is fine since i ran memtest for 24hrs with no heating issues too...
  6. M

    Solved! Asus laptop restarts several times and displays black screen for a short time before restarting

    the lapop was on the sleep mode and then my twin turned iton and found out it was updating windows so she restarted it and then it only requires a password in a blue box and when you enter pass it shows asus logo and that circling icon then it displays a black screen and a window frame flashes...
  7. B

    Solved! Avast restart request

    So i got avast a few days ago because of a virus scare. now, without reason, it is asking me to restart my computer. i told it to remind me in four hours. so three more hours and it will remind me. this is my first thread so forgive me if it is weird. there was no reason for me to restart my...
  8. berypurda

    Solved! ASUS laptop keeps restarting

    I have an ASUS Rog strix scar III g531GU, I spilled water on it a day ago, i opened it, disconnected the battery, there was like 2-3 drops of water in it, on the paper on my ram stick, but no water anywhere else, today I put it back together, it boots up, both my ram sticks are working, but...
  9. Zkneedhelp

    Question Laptop won't boot on first attempt if i leave it OFF overnight

    My problem is that my laptop Asus-753 won't boot on the first time if I left it off like overnight ' Cold Boot '. when I press the ON button the keyboard flashes and turned off again nothing more .. no sound, no time it did reach the Boot logo and restart by itself keyboard just...
  10. M

    Solved! Coolpad E502 Freeze problems and restart

    Phone: Coolpad E502 Problem: Phone starts to lag,then freeze and after 1min or 2, restart. Problem happen randomly,sometimes when use chrome to browse,sometimes when gaming,mostly when try to update apps on google play specific Google and his app Anyone had same problem?Any solution?
  11. K

    Laptop won't turn on when dims

    My laptop has been acting up since around 2 days ago. So my laptop will work normally, until I leave for a bit and it dims from inactivity. When it dims and I shake the mouse, keypad, or press buttons on the keyboard it won't respond, it'll keep that grey/dim screen and then I have to restart...
  12. S

    My ZTE L110 keeps restarting and doesn't let me pass the logo animation.

    Hello everyone, Today I have rooted my phone ZTE L110 with Kingroot. And it has been successful. Because I could now uninstall the bloated softwares, I got excited and went too far. I've deleted sensitive system files despite the warning. I suspect I deleted the "USER" or "Settings" files...
  13. A

    Toshiba keybard Problem

    1 month ago i bought a laptop keyboard since then i had an auto restarting or force shutting down problems with my laptop,bud when i remove the keyboard the probem has finished !!any body can tell what has happen
  14. E

    New notebook won't shut off/restart

    Hello, yesterday I got a brand new Medion Erazer P7643 notebook. It all worked great untill this morning when I was too late plugging in the charger and the screen went black so of course I plugged in the charger, awaiting the notebook to restart. But it didn't, so I tried to hold in the power...
  15. A

    my phone can't boot and run up ,and restart without run up

    Hi my android phone is not turn on and in boot restart agane i can't go to bootleader or start my phone
  16. J

    Asus restart loop windows 10

    I have a brand new Asus laptop, only a month old, that is stuck on a restart loop. The laptop will turn on, then immediately show a blue screen that says something went wrong, then it restarts. When it turns on again, it gives me a menu and offers to continue to windows 10 (doesn't work), turn...
  17. W

    laptop freezes at/after start up

    I have an Asus laptop with windows 10. I got it about a week ago and it was working okay, apart from a few issues that seem to be windows 10 bs. Theoretically I may or may not have torrented Fallout 4. The computer was fine after this theoretical event until it was restarted. After the...
  18. V

    HP 530 laptop won't turn screen on after press power button

    Hi everyone! I have a second-hand HP 530 Laptop. It was working fine for the first year. Last week, I closed its lid and then it slept, but I when I tried to restore my session, the power button is on but the screen is off. I thought it was an error and try to restart it, but only the power...
  19. R

    laptop keeps restarting

    my aftershock sm15 keeps restarting. sometimes with the :( your pc ran into a proble......if you'd like to know......error:driver_power_state failure and sometimes it just gives me a blue screen with (e filled on the screen. May i know hwat is the problem?i am running windows 10 btw. this are my...
  20. ErickGeebs

    Dell 17R SE 7720 Performance issue - gone after after restart?

    Hi There, I have a performance problem with my Inspiron 17R SE 7720. Often times when I run games or programs that use quite a lot of graphic/processing power, I experience a LOT of lag. So much lag that it's impossible to play the game or do my work. But then it always goes away when I restart...
  21. byant

    Compaq Laptop USB stopped working/Random ShutDowns

    I have a compaq presario cq60. It was getting pretty Toasty at 85 Degrees Celsius so I took apart the laptop reapplied a pea amount of thermal compound to CPU and Gpu and cleaned out the fan and vents. Laptop runs no hotter than 65c now. Laptop was running better than ever But 3 days later just...