Compaq Laptop USB stopped working/Random ShutDowns


Mar 19, 2012
I have a compaq presario cq60. It was getting pretty Toasty at 85 Degrees Celsius so I took apart the laptop reapplied a pea amount of thermal compound to CPU and Gpu and cleaned out the fan and vents. Laptop runs no hotter than 65c now. Laptop was running better than ever But 3 days later just today I was on the Internet Surfing; using a belkin g adapter as usual and connection disconnect I tryed to reconnect only realizing the belkin adapter is not showing up under wireless connections on none of my 3 Usb ports(Using Windows 7 and Linux 13 xfce) So shortly after that I moved my laptop and it shutted down and restart Soon after that weird moment and experimenting I realized when pressure is applied a little below the number pad/ On the frame part that houses the power button/ Some keys pressed hard the random shut down reoccurres; So I Took apart the laptop removed hard drive,Cd Drive, Keyboard and Battery Reboot and start pressing down random spots on the metal part which the keyboard sits on top and it shutted down again but this time I was able to see a lil spark on a wire inside a White connector pin conecting to the motherboard (Wires going to Two of the Usb Ports) so I redone the procedure carefully observing same thing happened so I unplugged the connector and redone that same procedure again it didn't shut down this time (I even kept pressing for a extra couple mins to double check).So I wanna know what happened for this problem to Occur what exactly Is happening and how can I stop the ShutDowns and get my usbs back working. :??: