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  1. N

    Pixi 4 phone sd card as internal (not working ) get low memory messages

    SO I got a pixi phone 4 from alcatel.. Inserted a sandisk 32gb, formatted it as internal. but its not working. I cant move things really to it. (small files only) I need a step by ste psolution as I spent all day trying to have things moved,.but when I do it moves from SD to internal...(what I...
  2. A

    Getting Low memory

    How to free up some space on my j2 prime.the phone memory is getting smaller eventhoug i uninstall some apps..i dnt have any games.
  3. Lycaone

    The bare minimum to play VR

    Hi guys, i'd like to know the cheapest PC parts to play VR games. I've heard that the absolute minimum is a Skylake i5 (or any 4 cores CPU) and a GTX 1060, but i'm pretty confident that you can play VR with lower end stuff. I'd even like to know if the amount of RAM matters in VR games (cause...
  4. A

    can i able to play dragon age inquisation on amd r5 m330 2 gb gpu

    can i able to play amd r5 m330 2 gb gpu at a great fps
  5. C

    Low Memory whe playing games

    i factory reset my PC from Windows 10 to Windows 8.1 (A whole different off topic story) and now everytime i play a game (The Forest, GTA V, Killing Floor 2, even Cities Skylines) i keep getting low memory alerts and even a Error Message (NOT the BSOD). This has never happened before. And it's...
  6. E

    Windows 8 Acer Laptop constant low memory message

    Hi, I've a reasonably new (under a year old) Acer Aspire that is always telling me I have low memory and to close programs. The actual C Drive is fine for memory but when I looked at what processes were running it seemed to suggest that the disk was at 98% capacity with lots going on despite me...
  7. wojci028

    Device memory varies wildly, but consistently is near maximum

    Hello all, I am running a galaxy note 1, unrooted, model SHV-E160S, android version 4.1.2. I have freed up as much free space as I can. I have 13 gigs free on my SD card, another 13.5 gigs free of USB storage, and apparently I'm running out of memory. The first thing I tried was uninstalling...
  8. G

    Brand New Laptop, Almost all 16GB of RAM in Use

    I just bought a brand new laptop; and MSI GS70 with an i7, 16GB RAM, 120GB SSD Boot drive et al.. I'm pretty happy with it; however I've recently noticed that shortly after boot as much as 12 or more GB of RAM is in use. This started shortly after I began installing programs and configuring it...
  9. T

    gateway ne56r49u low memory error

    I have 354 GB free out of 488 GB, and for some ANNOYING reason, this error of low memory keeps popping up! I do have a sims 3 game (With 4 extra expansion packs) installed, but that still doesn't explain why I barely scratch my memory and yet I get a warning for low memory!
  10. K

    What are good antiviruses with low memory usage ?

    I'm looking for some light antivirus that can still prettymuch do the job, any recommendations ? I don't think I need anything heavy cause I guess I'm clever nuff not to download crap, but I'd like something light just incase.
  11. A

    Nokia n 84 specialities

    sir i have a nokia 6680 phone .its sound is low, memory card is a huge one ,how can i make it a good phone?
  12. ricno

    Which antivirus? - want low footprint and customizable

    Do you have some recommendations for me for choosing an antivirus product? It could be a free product or a paid one. I want it to be (of course) good at detecting threats, it should have such a low memory and CPU footprint as possible and I also want to be able to customize it. I do not...
  13. M

    Desktop reminder software

    hello! you guys know of any desktop reminder softwares? i mean, when you log on, it will be at startup and you can put reminders on it. you cna put like. do HW on math, cook lunch, do laundry. those kind of reminders on desktop or startup. a program that will run on background with low memory...