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  1. xupitera834

    Question First budget camera for portraits

    Hi I want to buy a new camera for portraits sports and for general use I have budget around 500-600€ EUR I think that Sony a6000with 50mm is the best or the D3500 with 50mm have you any recommendation
  2. BlackBurn98

    Panasonic G85 - 12-60mm vs 14-42mm

    Hey guys. I've a quick question. Where I'm at, I've 2 options available for the G85. One's with the 12-60mm lens priced at USD$1251 where as the other one is with the 14-42mm priced at USD$1015. I do however, require a wide angle lens and the ability to zoom in to get a nice blurred out bokeh...
  3. Hello man

    Zooms V.S. Primes for Sports Photography

    The speed and sharpness of a prime V.S. the versatility of a zoom lens. This is, no doubt, one of the more contested topics among photographers of all disciplines. Though there is a valid argument for each, it is often hard for the beginning or even experienced photographer to decide which makes...
  4. C

    I need a compact camera for filmmaking/travelling

    I'm looking for a video camera under 400-450 dollars, with the following features: Hot/Cold shoe mount, 1080p 60 fps, external mic. Flip-out screen optional. Interchangeable lens would be nice too. I've been looking at the Canon EOS M/M3, but I heard the battery life and autofocus are pretty...
  5. T

    What camera to buy ???

    So I want to buy a real camera. Currently using Lumina 1020 phone. I am interested in probably and all round performer. My budget is limited to about $500 cnd.give or take a bit. I don't care if it is new or used as long as will suite my curiosities. SO areas I can compromise: - would like...
  6. F

    is there any good alternative tocanon xa1 worth $500?

    hi I am looking for a sharp camcorder, I dont need any extra features. i will use it for weddings, concert, and corporate video. I already have a dslr and a canon m3 for video and I am not looking for camera with depth of field.
  7. P

    DSLR or Mirrorless? I already have Canon PowerShot SX160 IS.

    Hi, I have Canon PowerShot SX160 IS and like to work with different modes. Here are some of clicks by me [facebook link removed] Now I want another(higher model) camera under 30000 INR to take more detailed pics and do more experiments whether in landscape, portrait, sport, bird or micro...
  8. X

    Looking for the best mirrorless camera for semi professional video. (For traveling HD videos/$300-350)

    Hi, I travel a lot and I always make videos of my trips that I upload to youtube. I really enjoy making movies I am frustrated by the bad quality of my camera and I would like to update it. What is need is this: - The camera should not be too big and heavy (thats why I dont want a DSLR)...
  9. tomsguideUS

    Face-Off: Smartphone vs. Mirrorless Camera

    As the quality of smartphone cameras improves, they are challenging not only point-and-shoots but also entry-level DSLRs and mirrorless cams. Face-Off: Smartphone vs. Mirrorless Camera : Read more
  10. G

    Olympus E-PL7 Mirrorless Camera Review: Versatile Shooter

    The Olympus PEN E-PL7 is more than a modest step above its predecessor and is versatile enough to appeal to the beginner or the enthusiast. Olympus E-PL7 Mirrorless Camera Review: Versatile Shooter : Read more
  11. rutherfordsc

    Olympus E-PL7 Camera Promises High-Quality Selfies

    Olympus announces its cure to the low-quality selfie with the $600 Pen E-PL7 featuring a flip down LCD for one-touch selfies. Olympus E-PL7 Camera Promises High-Quality Selfies : Read more