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  1. ExtreamChaozZ

    C++ Coding Help

    Hiya, I have been having trouble trying to work this error out, im not very good at programming so any advice would be great. The error occurred due to me merging scripts for the witcher 3 as im modding it. I fixed all other errors that popped up with a script merger but this last error has...
  2. ragnarok94

    Cheaper alternatives to Mtn. Mod's Motherboard tray

    Im about to start working on a sleeper project, converting an old Gateway Performance E4200. The back is proprietary, so Id like to install a modular atx/matx motherboard tray and backplate. moutain mods is ridiculously expensive, but I haven't found a lot of other metal options, nor do I have...
  3. J

    EXP GDC on Thinkpad Edge E430

    Hello guys, recently i saw something interesting online shopping and i found there is an EXP GDC Beast/Ares EXP GDC. So i am going ordered that for doing some modification to my old Thinkpad edge E430 with GTX 650. And my question is what PSU do i needed. :??: Thanks in advance! :)
  4. J

    Hyperx Cloud mic jack extension?

    I have a pair hyperx clouds but I dont have the mic. However, i do have the mic from a pair of astro a40s. The mic connector in the left earcup is too deep to connect the two. Is there a way that I can extend the mic connector or remove the metal ring around the jack itself on the mic so I dont...
  5. B

    Remove the laptops optical drive to mod in mouse tray?

    Has anyone ever heard of or seen a laptop that had the optical drive replaced with a mouse pad tray of some kind? Or even a mouse pad tray mounted externally that doesn't look too ugly/bulky? I've always been interested in modding some sort of mouse pad tray onto a laptop for light FPS gaming...
  6. S

    Is Windows 10 modable ?

    So with Windows 10's migration to XAML, I'm wondering if it will be possible to mod Windows 10 anytime soon. So far I've only seen Windows 10 themes that keep this ugly Windows 10 task bar. What if I want something like HUD Red for Windows 10? If Microsoft wants to disable modding of the Themes...
  7. M

    [MODDING] Is ti possible? Use Macbook Air motherboard in Powerbook case

    Hi, I have an old Powerbook G4 17" and I want to mod it. My idea is to buy a broken Macbook Air / Pro laptop and use its motherboard on the Powerbook's case. Will I be able to use the G4 screen on the Macbook Air motherboard? How about the battery? And the keyboard/trackpad? Thanks!
  8. S

    Desktop issues, try to fix? or ditch and get a laptop? ( for Internet, Minecraft mainly)

    We have a computer which I believe is this one, bought probably in 2011. Other than my general internet and...
  9. KrzysiekX10

    Where to download a .SHADER file editor?

    Hi. I've got some .SHADER files in one of my PC games that I'd like to edit (modding is officially supported), but I'm afraid I don't have any programs capable of editing it. Could somebody post a link to a site where you can download a .SHADER file editor?
  10. X

    install heavy car mod gta 4

    How do I install the heavy car mod for GTA 4 and also what type of mod is it?
  11. EzTec

    Corsair 350D Stealth drive - thinking about doing it

    Thinking about doing a Stealth Drive on my Corsair 350D once it arrives and i set everything up like this It looks so nice! I am still reading how to do it though, I thought about getting an external dvd drive and placing it on the desk or something...
  12. T

    PC For Development Under $900

    |What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using. Eclipse, Minecraft, Blender, Garry's Mod, Mostly 2D Animation instead of 3D |What is your maximum budget? Strictly Under $900 after shipping/taxes |When do you plan on...
  13. G

    Are modding display drivers for amd illegal?

    Hello friends, I have a question and any answer is appreciated. So my other computer have windows xp but the only video driver for it is modded. My question is: is it illegal to use it? Link
  14. H

    Will this laptop run Skyrim at high/medium settings with mods?

    Hello to everyone. I was thinking about getting this laptop soon.http:// I wanted to know if it could run Skyrim at high/medium settings and still have enb mods like realvision, while staying around 50-60 fps. I don't have to have the grass mod that destroys your GPU. If I cant run the enb...
  15. khenderson42

    Acer Timeline U M3-581TG cooling mod

    I have the Acer Timeline U M3-581TG with Intel i5-3317U and Nvidia GT 640m which works wonders for doing some gaming when I am at uni at such things. The only problem is the heat that both the CPU and GPU reach are worrying, even when using lower settings the temperature often reaches the same...
  16. L

    HP envy dv7-7332ea high CPU temperatures despite heat sinks being clean.

    Hello, I had recently cleaned my laptop's fan and hoped that it will reduce the temperatures but the CPU was still running hot at 90C! While the GPU is at 70C (from 80C) at high load. The thermal paste was properly re-applied (a grape pea sized drop in the middle then evenly screw in heat sink)...
  17. R

    Lapop Modding

    Can you in any way mod or improve you laptop in any way?
  18. B

    Good laptop for modding fallout 3?

    Hello, I was wondering what some of the best choices would be for a laptop under $1000 that I can use to play fallout 3 and other games through Steam?
  19. tuanmai

    Xbox Modding Case Dismissed

    Prosecutors dismiss Xbox360 modding case, “based on fairness and justice.” Xbox Modding Case Dismissed : Read more
  20. tuanmai

    First Criminal Trial Regarding Console Modding

    Will this end the era of modifying and hacking game consoles? Doubtful. First Criminal Trial Regarding Console Modding : Read more
  21. JMcEntegart

    Virgina Tech Modding Ford SUV for Blind Drivers

    Researchers at Virginia Tech are modifying a Ford Escape so that it can be driven by a blind person. Virgina Tech Modding Ford SUV for Blind Drivers : Read more
  22. S

    Laptop Keyboard Mods... Backlighting

    Hey gang, I am having some trouble finding any info on the potential modding of a new laptop of mine, that has an extremely unimpressive keyboard... Definitely as fragile as I have ever seen, and just a matter of time until it breaks... I was wondering about maybe modding it/replacing it, but...
  23. G

    Hot Import Nights: The Religion of Car Modding

    ca va
  24. G

    SX-202 mod

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I have a Symetrix SX-202 that I plan on modding but I can't find any LT1469 chips. I've been to Digi-Key who I read had them but they don't (at least not on their website). Where can I get them? Thanks Randy