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  1. P

    how to back up my file this

    i can lost my all documnet how to back i dont have any idea so you can gave me any idea as suggestion so i can bakc to my documents
  2. Z

    Solved! Failing NMVe 512GB SSD?

    So my 512GB Samsung NVMe SSD transfers around ~50MB/s (fluctuating around 30-80MB/s) from my USB 3 external into my documents folder, however when I try to transfer the same files over into "C:\Users\Zixith\Documents\New Vol 2\Documents 2" (introduced 2 new folders), the speed does not show up...
  3. suryalord

    Can Word send my documents to a third party server?

    Hi there I installed Microsoft Word 2016 from my school's microsoft page for free because my school payed for a license. It works all good but I just have on question about it: Could Word send the documents I write in Office to my school so they could look at it? I only want to know...
  4. vanzelm1

    lost my MS Office programs, but need to recover them

    I couldn't start my desktop PC for ove a year. Utimately I got in(by ''jiggery pokery & reset), but need now to recover them all my documents still remain. I'd love to be able to open them in 'MS Office programs on this machine. I have a 'Home Group Network' on another laptop machine on which...
  5. E

    looking for answers

    why cant i print my documents from my file without a pop up askiing me out put file name. I dont know what its talking about so I havent been able to copy my resume for an interview I had this morning.
  6. R

    Please Sir my documents and photos iloss last night sir specially my last died I taken photos everything I am loss please phot

    Urgently need help recovering folder and images
  7. D

    Google Sheet Lines

    Google sheets suddenly stopped showing lines on all my documents, any help?
  8. E

    I reset my tp200s asus notebook, now it keeps looping on the logoscreen and nothing else.

    After I reset my asus note book back to original settings and deleted all my documents just to clean everything becase it was acting weired. It seems like it wont start up again. It keeps looping the logo screen. No rotating wait circle. Just the logo then a black screen and then the logo again...
  9. R

    How to undelete files on android tablet

    I accidentally deleted some files from my documents folder on my Samsung tablet. Is there any way to restore them?
  10. I

    I need help getting rid of EasyCalendar

    It was installed on my system as a result of downloading something else, and I cannot remove it. I've tried following many guides - it can't be removed from Chrome in the extensions tab, it has been deleted from 'uninstall or change a program' and when I delete its folder in my documents it just...
  11. R

    how do I copy from OneDrive to my documents

    How do I copy one picture from One Drive to My documents, in order to have a backup in my computer, and not just in OneDrive
  12. videoediting

    Windows (7) Backup Method

    Hello, I want to backup some files (windows 7 pc) using windows backup. I 'd like to know if windows backup changes the backup file when the original is changed or if it just copies the new one without deleting the old one. It is very important because my backup drive is not much bigger than...
  13. X

    Opening a document

    When opening a word document either in my documents or a attachment in an email. I have to wait for the following process to take place. Please wait while setup prepares the necessary files-Configuring Microsoft Enterprise 2007 after this lengthy process the word document will open. This takes...
  14. Jamok23

    XCopy Daily Backup Batch File

    Hey guys, im needing some help here. Quite a while ago, i learnt how to use batch files to run an automated daily backup. Unfortunately, from then i have forgotten everything. what im asking is for someone in the know to write me a script, (or tell me how) that i can use with windows task...
  15. stargate14

    Game saves problem to my internet cafe.

    Hello. How can I change the user profile name to my client computers so that "Appdata" folder and "My Documents" folder shortcut become identical to all client computers? I have 25 computers to my Internet Cafe and each one has different user profile name like (C:\Users\PC01\Appdata\)...
  16. P

    Win 8.1 Documents won't open ??

    Hello, 2 days ago I could easily open any documents example: My Computer, My Pictures, My Documents etc but since then I can't open them at all. I double click on a file and it "open's" and stay's hidden but I can see it's open in the taskbars on the botton of the screen where START button...
  17. S

    Shortcut to open a MYOB company file *.myox

    Want to create dektop shortcut open a MYOB company file *.myox. I tried this command "C:\Users\Florence\AppData\Local\Programs\MYOB\MYOB AccountRight 2014.2\Huxley.Application.exe" "C:\Users\Florence\My Documents\MYOB\My AccontsRight Files\companyName.MYOX" but received message error Incorrect...
  18. C

    microsoft clip organizer file was not successfully imported

    "File 'C:\Documents and settings\Username\My documents\My Pictures\Microsoft Clip Organizer\6D85B90C.bmp' was not successfully imported" what is the problem?i cannot solve? Thank you..
  19. T

    Office 2010 Can't Open Or Save Documents in My Documents Folder

    I've experienced this problem twice in the past week. Here is my current problem: New Windows 8 computer Moved Office 2010 install from old computer to new computer Copied all documents to new computer by installing the old drive in the new computer (NTFS to NTFS) When trying to open any DOC...
  20. S

    Recover sketchup file

    Need help recovering a sketchup model. I have auto saved enabled to my documents. I was working on a model, then opened a new sketchup, than copied part of the model I was working on into the new sketchup, I was working on it for 5 hours and forgot to save, went to the bathroom and when I came...
  21. L

    Solved! Error code c00d1199

    Hello, why is it that if i open any file or if i try to browse in the net the media player will open first then it says error code C00d1199. same problem if i open my computer, my documents, etc.
  22. L


    Hello, After using Microsoft Works Word Processor for several years, I am suddenly having problems with it loading up like it use to. I have to wait several minutes before it will load, and then when it does load and I try to copy and paste it stops working! Should I re-install it? If...
  23. J

    Daily Log Files

    I am not sure if this is the correct category or not. I have a client that is getting a log file produced every day and placed in their My Documents directory. The log file is always named ppdmmdd.log, with mmdd standing for the current day's date. The log file for today was ppd0202.log. I...
  24. G

    My documents keeps deleting everything

    Hello, i keep logging into my laptop, and when it loads up my account. everything has gone. like my music, pictures, etc. but i havent deleted anything how can i stop this from happening?
  25. J

    Video converter

    I carnt convert my videos to youtube from my documents, ive saved the video onto my documents and used sme video converter fings, but it wont let me convert any of my vids
  26. R

    How to edit dates of my picture taken

    my picture was taken november 3, 2009..but i want to change it november 4, do i do it with my pictures saved in my pictures saved at my documents
  27. G

    MyDVD C:My DocumentsMy TiVo Recordings Only?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Got TTG and the trial MyDVD seems to work okay, but now I have the channel changing and pixelation problems too. Anyway, MyDVD will only look in the C:\My Documents\My Tivo Recordings folder on my C drive for Tivo recordings. TTG allowed...
  28. G

    Where do I make choice to synch Notes as Notes or as Files

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) HELP | NOTES | SYNCHRONIZING NOTES states, "Notes can be synchronized between your PC and device either through notes synchronizaton or file synchronization." It goes on to say that notes synching puts Notes in Outlook. File...