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  1. G

    Metallica's Ulrich and Napster's Parker No Longer at Odds

    For those who experienced the fight against Napster more than a decade ago, last week's appearance of Napster's Sean Parker and Metallica's Lars Ulrich was a surreal experience. Metallica's Ulrich and Napster's Parker No Longer at Odds : Read more
  2. JMcEntegart

    Rhapsody to Acquire Napster

    Rhapsody has announced that it plans to acquire Napster from Best Buy. Rhapsody to Acquire Napster : Read more
  3. exfileme

    LimeWire Found Guilty of Copyright Infringement

    Like Kazaa, eDonkey and Napster, LimeWire may finally go down in flames. LimeWire Found Guilty of Copyright Infringement : Read more
  4. gxsolace

    Napster and Best Buy Take on Apple's iTunes

    Best Buy Co Inc. announced Monday that it plans to purchase online music service Napster for a cash deal of $121 million. Best Buy indicated that it plans to use Napaster to compete with Apple’s dominating iTunes music store. In a recent announcement, Ap Napster and Best Buy Take on Apple's...
  5. G

    Napster Reports Declining Subscriber Base

    Napster today said that its subscriber base has dropped from 760,000 to 708,000 paid subscribers in the second quarter of this year. Napster Reports Declining Subscriber Base : Read more
  6. R

    Is this a legal way to get music?

    Napster and Rhapsody allow free music plays, if I connect the line in cable to my Creative Zen V Plus will it be legal if I record the music to the player just for myself?
  7. G

    Copying Napster tracks to SD card in iPaq h2215...

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Just bought some Napster tracks, and i'm looking to copy them to the SD card in my HP iPaq h2215. Windows Media Player 10 keeps giving me an 'unknown error' when I try. Copying the same tracks to main memory works just fine, but...
  8. C

    Winmx? Kazza? Bearshare? Napster? which works ?

    I used Napster till it Ended and tryed Kazza with no luck, Tryed winmx its so slow and never get a complete mp3 discusted with the whole mess. has or does anyone know of a site thats free, fast and doesn't use spyware?? dazed and confused with all this puter stuff
  9. N

    Napster alternative

    Can anyone suggest to me a good Napster alternative that doesn't have that sick advertising software hidden in it? Morpheus and iMesh both have it I've found. Not sure about any of the others though. Thanks! -- Intel inside, AMD outside.
  10. M


    Just saw they closed down a few days ago. Were they any good? I heard they were one of only a couple besides Napster to get into the MP3 file sharing business. Is Napster next? Any other MP3 exchange websites like Napster?