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  1. john vitz

    trying to choose a laptop need help

    i want all around good... a little bit of intense graphical gaming teamviewer light encoding heave multitasking gaming driver support video watching decoding and proving you wrong here are the links to the four i am looking at: 1...
  2. R

    Should I buy a laptop with a 970m or with a 1060?

    Hello guys I have an important question I am off to uni in september (actually 28th of august) but here in the netherlands the new 10series laptops are way more expensive then in the US for example I saw the exact same specs on an msi laptop that on newegg was 1799 USD but here (in the...
  3. F

    Logitech Z523 with Sound Blaster Z

    I was thinking of purchasing a new set of speakers for under 100$. I currently have a Sound Blaster Z sound card and i was wondering if the Logitech shitty audio would be improved significantly by the sound card. -Logitech Z523-
  4. MichaelMeow

    What gaming headset should I buy?

    So I had the Razer Tiamat 7.1 for about two years. I sent them back since I had the warrenty and they gave me a $130 gift card to Newegg since that's what I payed for them exactly two years ago, now I need to decide if I want to buy the Tiamats again, or something new. I was looking at the...
  5. Dazinek

    MSI vs Sager... 970m vs 980m

    Hello All, Sorry for the long text below, But please help me :) I'm going to be buying a laptop very soon, I'll be using it for gaming, mainly MMOs, but possibly some next gen titles. And also some programs like After effects and FL studio. Also will be moving this laptop from school to my...
  6. Nuclear101

    Need help finding an e-retailer that will sell the MSi GS70 StealthPro-024.

    Hi all, So recently I decided that I am going to get the MSi GS70 StealthPro-024 (Exact model) but cannot find any online retailers that sell it. I checked Amazon, Best-Buy, Newegg, XoticPC, etc. but none of them sell the exact model I wanted. I am open to other retailers as long as they have...
  7. B

    Help me to decide wich Projector to buy

    Hello friends. I'm new with projectors (never had one before) but I want to buy a 1080p projector with 3D, and the maximum perfomance posible inside my budged wich is $900 (but I would really like to pay less than $900). So my options so far are: Optoma HD131Xe - Amazon $824.98 BenQ W1070 -...
  8. J

    Does this monitor work with a Dish Joey?

    Monitor: I'm really on the edge about getting it. If it does support Dish, I'll grab it. Thanks for any feedback!
  9. C

    Best Laptop for $1000

    Whats the best laptop I can get for under $1000?
  10. J

    Lenovo Ideapad z585 + 2GB Radeon HD 7670m ... DDR3, or GDDR5 vRAM?

    Hi, and thanks for reading. I appreciate any replies :) I am looking into buying this laptop: My only concern is that the 2GB Radeon HD 7670 may have DDR3 instead of GDDR5. Basically I just want to know so that I don't I put...