trying to choose a laptop need help

john vitz

Mar 4, 2014
i want all around good...
a little bit of intense graphical gaming
light encoding
heave multitasking
gaming driver support
video watching decoding
and proving you wrong

here are the links to the four i am looking at:







May 12, 2014
Well these are all laptops that are more on the lower end of the range in terms of performance.
The OS, display resolution, DVD and so on are all the same, they only difference seems to be the CPU and RAM (And of course the design). All of these Laptops miss a dedicated GPU and use CPU integrated graphics. So the GPU of the A10 8700P seems to be the most usable followed by the A10 9600P, with the i5 in the last place. In terms of CPU power the order is the exact opposite with the i5 as the strongest CPU followed by the A10-9600P and then the A10-8700P.

Your requirements:
intense graphical gaming : Most likely none of these laptops would play new games in nice quality settings. You could of course tune down graphical settings to low quality to get most games at least playable, but you should most likely stick to older games.

teamviewer - Should work fine

light encoding/multitasking - The A10 models have 4 cores and so multitasking should not be a problem, the i5 is 2 cores + 2 HT-cores that offer mostly the same benefit. But none of these cores are very fast and more tuned to energy efficiecy. Most likely they will encode really slow.

gaming driver support - No idea what your idea of a gaming driver is... I assume that you mean drivers fine tuned to certain games like nvidia/amd offer. Most features are implemented for the desktop gpu lines but you will probably have more benefif with one of the A10 cpus here because they can at least use the default AMD drivers. With the Intel HD GPU you will most likely not get any specific drivers.

video decoding - Should work on all modern laptops. maybe you will get problems with 4k content but that would be meaningless anyway on a 1366x768 display.

proving you wrong - try it ^^