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  1. E

    Question TCL 43P725 not displaying Czech diacritics in EPG

    I use the tv to watch both Polish and Czech television. I have no issue with Polish diacritics in EPG, only Czech which are displayed as 2 letters (a weird character preceded by D). I've been looking for an option to change text decoding, but there seems to be none as far as I can tell. I was...
  2. D

    Text readme file looks broken.

    I have downloaded Office 2016 but the readme file is unreadable. I looks like broken or something. The text in the file looks like this: Is there any way to fix the text files? Maybe its related to some Russian encoding or something I don't understand.
  3. L

    Query regarding responsive website design

    Hello. I am currently working on a responsive website design(newbie) Is there a reason why during inspection of responsive websites in google chrome, the iphone 6/7/8 and the Pixel 2 phones show the desktop version of the site but the other phones/iphones show the mobile version?
  4. K

    Laptop does not turn on

    I bought a new laptop and I used it to encode videos. While it was encoding the heat was high enough to feel it when touching it. Now only 7 days later doesn't turn on. What did I do wrong? If it has broken, then what should I definitely know before encoding again (requirements etc.)? I have...
  5. M

    Can anybody teach me to code an antivirus or to code in general?

    Before i go to college i want to learn to code. Youtube i cant seem to learn from many guides on their they make everything specific like use windows explorer 7 for html. I would rather just learn to code from somebody who can explain things to me. I heard that python is a universal code that i...
  6. rockwhynot

    How to specify Dolby audio endcoding and disable DTS

    Hello, I'm trying to enable Dolby over DTS and can't find anyway to disable the encoding formats I don't want nor select the encoding I do want. My Yamaha receiver supports: Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS audio, and DTS-HD. I understand while I'm playing PC games that...
  7. N

    information for coding

    i would like to know how to make a batch.bat file and the autorun.inf file that runs it to run multiple softwares example 7zip,adobe.etc.etc. i need to know by example how to write the strings in each file please, if someone can be so kind to show me, thanks
  8. D

    Help in CSS and HTML

    Hello!, so if you all don't know there is this new text to code app called MACAW, it will be free to download and use forever forever until tomorrow. Basically I had an assignment in my class which was to create a website with MACAW extract the code and analyze it, I made the website, can...
  9. john vitz

    trying to choose a laptop need help

    i want all around good... a little bit of intense graphical gaming teamviewer light encoding heave multitasking gaming driver support video watching decoding and proving you wrong here are the links to the four i am looking at: 1...
  10. Sonnybu42

    Why can't a PC do the encoding that a AVR can?

    Why can't a PC do the encoding that a AVR can? If you have a Blu-Ray player in your PC... it seems it should have a Sound card capable of being a all inclusive and updatable encoder/pre-amp.
  11. D

    Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Titanium DTS and Dolby Encoding issue

    So I made a thread in the components forum because I wasn't entirely sure which forum to post my issue in but this is a link to said thread since I'd rather not simply copy and paste that same exact post into this post. Again, as the original post says, thanks for any help anyone is able to...
  12. J

    How do i revert ANSI encoding back to normal?

    I have my family tree on my Acer laptop. The whole content of the family tree vanished, and has now appeared but in ANSI. How do I revert this back to normal?
  13. wanamingo

    Adobe acrobat PDF generated in the United states displaying incorrect characters for foreign customers.

    The company I work for has to send documents to a few customers overseas in PDF format. We have never had an issue before with how we do this. Recently one of our customers in UAE has been telling us that the documents we send dont always display correctly. Numbers may swap to characters or...
  14. WyomingKnott

    Multipart MIME in Outlook 2010

    I get multipart MIME messages. In outlook 2010, they look like this: Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="_000_SN1PR15MB02079A5D51FB185F70DD0AFAC8960SN1PR15MB0207namp_" Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAAKUAAAA5CAYAAABXj+viAAAAAXNSR0ICQMB9xQAAAAlwSFlzAAAO...
  15. C

    Editing & Encoding in two different softwares

    is there any way to edit video in one software and encode it in different software. Apparanly I am new to this so please be patient. I have Adobe Premier Pro CC installed but it takes too much time to encode video and hence my CPU temp rise to high. I am thinking of using Badaboom as I have...
  16. V

    visual studio community 2013 encoding

    i open c+= projects and they are not diplaying in greek but like this Èá äéáâÜæåé ôá km ôïõ ðåëÜôç,how do i change that?
  17. H

    Word documents display as gibberish?

    I ran malwarebytes the other day to clean a couple issues I was having with a laptop. After doing so my word documents no longer open up normally. They display the characters as some strange encoding. Is there anyway to display them in "Not Gibberish"?
  18. H

    Uploaded videos on youtube look bad .

    So i recorded just a quick few seconds of farcry 4 at 1080p @ 30fps. I used sony vegas 13 to render it at 1080p @ 30fps as well. However the video i have on my pc looks amazing, but the video i upload looks aboslutely terrible. Is there anything i can do to fix this ? heres the video...
  19. Z

    handbrake stops encoding at 18.26 %

    I noticed the problem seems to come from Microsoft.NET Framework wich doesn't start
  20. M

    GPU based acceleration in Handbrake?

    How to enable GPU based encoding in Handbrake ? Will it have any benefits than doing it with CPU ? CPU-i3 4340 GPU-GTX 760
  21. J

    What is Dedicated Encoding in MSI Afterburner?

    While I was looking through the video capture settings for MSI Afterburner, I found an option labeled "Use Dedicated Encoder Server". I remember seeing something like this while looking through RivaTuner Statistics Server. The tooltips provided didn't explain what this function did in a way...
  22. B

    x265 encoding methods

    hi, can anyone help me with a good x265 GUI software or good encoding profile .
  23. H

    looking at new laptop need advice please

    my toshiba has been in shop under warranty 3 times and now going in under extended warranty (they will try to fix again) but I am looking to get another one since this keeps having issues. I am looking to get at either walmart or sams club for personal reasons. I have kind of narrowed it down...
  24. H2OMC

    Finished encoded video file in HandBrake is 0 seconds long but 180MB

    I have a long (over one hour) raw video clip I recorded in Fraps and need to compress as it's 130GB. I loaded up handbrake and set my encoding settings, and after about 2 hours of encoding I had my finished .mp4 file that was 180MB. However when I opened it with windows media player I got the...
  25. A

    HandBrake encode stuck at 00.00%

    Hi, please forgive me for being new to video formats and encoding. For a while now I haven't been able to encode videos with HandBrake 0.99.5530 (and older versions) on my PC with Windows 7 64-bit because the encoding never gets past 00.00%. I've tried many different videos and formats. I've...
  26. R

    Tabulate Sony Vegas 12 speed without / with GPU

    Did you ever wish there was a database showing Vegas 12 speed with various CPU/GPU options in actual use? Data for this is currently sparse and typically not helpful to make a specific upgrade decision. I'm building this tabulation, and would appreciate that all Vegas 12 users volunteer to...
  27. J

    SMTP MIME Encoding

    I'm building an application using a proprietary programming language that is similar to C. The programming language includes a built in send mail function, however it is very limited. I am limited to string sizes of 65535 characters by the language itself. In addition the function does not...
  28. 1

    Sony Vegas Pro OpenCL encoding

    I have the AMD HD7970 graphics card with latest drivers. I can use Open CL accelerated previews in Vegas Pro 12, but the performance isn't good and I can't use it to encode videos. The performance I think is still better than CPU only, I'm getting less than 10FPS for a plain H.264 1080P video...
  29. The_Healer

    Encoding Divx with GPU

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to convert some very large (20gb+) video files to Divx but the only encoders I can find do not utilise GPU acceleration. Are there any out there that do? Its taking many many hours just to do one file at the moment. I have both an AMD (5870) and a Nvidia GPU (560M)...
  30. C

    How to use Batch File to check CSV files encoded

    Dear All, The purpose of this concern is to create an MS-DOS batch file that will check on all the csv files for its encoding. The files should be encoded in UTF-8. An MS-DOS batch file will be clicked that will perform the following: • Check all csv files in the folder for its encoding type •...
  31. T

    Encoding with SB onboard or discrete GraphicsCard

    Is it true that encoding video wiht SndyBrdg onboard graphics is lower quality than encoding with discrete video card?
  32. Alfred_i


    hi,i want to know what is the difference between 2 pass encoding and normal encoding? and which of the codecs have the best quality for 800mg(vob to.....)mkv or mp4? and h264 is better or mpeg4?
  33. xxragex1

    Long AVI/MKV encoding to DVD?

    I've been using Avi2DVD to encode AVIs and MKV files I've gotten to burn to DVD. When I was using my Prescott P4 2.8Ghz, 2GB ram machine and it would take about 3-4 hours to encode about hour and a half of footage to dvd. I just upgraded my system to a Core i7-920 w/ 6 Gigs ram 64 bit OS. Its...
  34. T

    How to encode-decode URL!!

    This is the excample of how to encode-decode URL,through this code you can encode-decode a URL public class UrlEncoderDecoder { public UrlEncoderDecoder() { // http://www.infysolutions.com // TODO: Add constructor logic here // } public static string TamperProofStringEncode(string...
  35. G

    HD Encoding Face-Off: WMV-HD vs. DivX-HD

    WMV HD is far superior in the pic compared to the DivX HD.
  36. S

    Multi Core encoding

    I do a lot of mp3 editing, and one thing I noticed is that of all the cheap free software I use, such as Audacity and Goldwave, none of it really uses both cores. Anyone know of a cheap/free program like Audacity that would actually make efficient use of a quad core?
  37. S

    Video Capture PCI card with Hardware Encoding

    I am looking for a Video Capture PCI card that has hardware encoding capability built in... so... all the encoding work is handle by the card and not by the CPU...hence giving me the ability to uuse a slower computer such as my Pentium 4 1.4 gigs. DO you know some brands you guys can recomend...
  38. L

    mp3 encoding with Winamp

    Hello I want to use Winamp to encode MP3 But in the rip options appear various types of bitrate methods: CBR ABR VBR default VBR old VBR new VBR mtrh which is the best method?
  39. Spitfire_x86

    I want a DiVX log file!

    Does anybody knows how to create a log file for two pass DiVX encoding? If anybody encodes 2 pass DiVX movies, please send me your "C:\divx.log" file as soon as possible. My e-mail address: <A HREF="mailto: imran@dhaka.net "> imran@dhaka.net </A> Let us know <A...
  40. G

    fps in flask/divx

    got an athlon 1200 320 mb sd ram only gettin 9fps in flask when encoding win divx 5 how can i speed things up a bit
  41. Spitfire_x86

    Two pass DiVX encoding

    How to encode video @ DiVX 5.02 with 2 pass, second pass setting? I use Vitual Dub or Xmpeg
  42. G

    IE 6.0 View Encoding

    In IE6.0 some pages auto load without images (just red x) and are not formatted properly. When looking at View Encoding menu, it has Western European (ISO) checked with autoselect. When I switch to Western European (Windows), the page loads properly. Do you know how to set as default Western...
  43. G

    Divx4.11 and Xmpeg 4.2

    Yesterday, I used Divx 4.11 and Xmpeg 4.2a. The performance of SSE/MMX optimized encoding was AMAZING. Here is my performance results: 1) Xmpeg (the one before 4.2a) + Divx 4 + Reference iDCT = 13 hours of encoding (single pass). Average FPS 3-4. 2) FairUse, 12-13 hours of encoding. 3) Xmpeg...
  44. G

    How much PC config affects fps

    From The latest Video editing article: "For example: we often use an Intel Pentium 4/2000 clocked to 2300 MHz for MPEG-4 encoding, together with 512 MB of RAM and a fast Ultra-160-SCSI hard drive. That means that for full PAL resolution (720 x 576 dots) and sound with 128 KBit/s at 44 kHz, a...
  45. lhgpoobaa

    best codec

    Alright you smart people... when encoding mp3's what are the absolute best codecs to use? not concerned with speed here but QUALITY, both with 128 fixed and 128 VBR. I would show you some apathy, but i just cant be bothered.
  46. G

    Tom's Divx benchmark

    I couldn't find an appropriate forum to post this question, please bear with me........ When Tom posts his divx encoding benchmarks he does so in FPS(frames per second, I would believe). How does this relate to encoding an entire movie? Given his FPS benchmark, is there a way to figure the...
  47. D

    Is it illegal ..... ?

    If you own cassettes & want to make a copy by encoding them by putting the songs onto CD & listening to them in your car .......... Is this legal ? What are the laws distinguishing this ?
  48. S

    Encoding DTS/AC3 with MPEG4

    Is there a way to keep the original AC3 or DTS soundtracks when ripping a DVD to MPEG4? <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?id=1686" target="_new">System spec.</A> Ideas appreciated.