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  1. Nohen

    Question Laptop fan broke, laptop won’t start

    My laptops fan recently stop working, it makes a really loud grinding noise. My laptop would display a message before bios warning that the fan was broken and further use could result in damage but to hit enter to go to start the laptop. After a few hours of use the laptop won’t go past that...
  2. K

    Laptop not working on more than 2gb. (Happened after a sudden shutdown).

    Hi guys, I own a 2-year old Asus k55vm sx086d (i7,8gb). A few days back while playing Fifa on my laptop connected to my tv via HDMI the laptop suddenly shut down. This has happened before due to thermal shut down, however this time it was not hot. The laptop did not start i.e. black...
  3. C

    Black screen (fan and battery/power lights on, but no logo, bios, windows... nothing)

    A few months ago my laptop went for repair from a different issue (which i can't remenber.. but it came with two new and spacious hard drives. Now, after around three months my laptop was acting very wierdly while playing videos, whether on wmp or youtube or etc. Sometimes the videos went green...
  4. E

    Changed bios settings on Asus laptop and now all I get is a black screen

    Hi Recently I was working with boot options in my laptop and everything was OK but I choose an option about boot up and sadly screen became black and I trun it off and on but nothing happened I closed the ram -hard drive- closed buttery put on the power button for a while and ... but nothing...