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    Question Help! Lenovo Flex 4 1580 screen replacement: not turning on

    My Lenovo Flex 4 1580 VE had screen issue, so it would work normally with an external monitor except the screen. I ordered a replacement from Amazon and before it arrived, I was playing with current screen to see if it starts. With power on and monitor connected, I tightened the display cable...
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    Question Power on problem Acer One 10

    Hello everyone. A few days ago I tried to restart my Acer One 10 after hibernating it, but it kept remaining on the initial screen of the Acer logo. I then tried to force the shutdown and turn the computer back on, but seeing that it did not start again, I discharged the battery (pressing the...
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    Dell vostro 5470 wont boot only battery led blink once

    Yesterday i was trying to install hackintosh on to my dell vostro 5470 but later i want to make some changes so i exited the installer since then my laptop wont boot up not even power led blink When I tried to press power on only battery led blinks once no other indications even i have...