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    Realtek audio manager not opening/Realtek audio manager not detecting earphones with mic

    As the title says, realtek hd audio manager is not opening ( the application ) and not detecting any device connected to my laptop. I have a dell inspiron 7559 laptop. About 3-4 months back it was working just fine ( detecting any device such as earphones with mic connected to it), then suddenly...
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    help nvidia graphics not detected in system after getting new harddrive

    Hi ! I use a hp envy 15 ts , it came with a 2gb dedicated NVidia graphics 16gb ram and 1tb hd , I was using it just fine until I downloaded a virus which made me change my hard drive , I got a new 1tb hard drive and decided to install windows 10 pro on it , well ever since I tried downloading...
  3. M

    MY GPU NOT WORking without charge

    my laptop [hp pavilion au006tx] not using its graphic card. it uses it when i charge my latop. any solutions..?? it is only using my nvidea graphic card 4gigs only on charge .
  4. D

    Asus laptop not turning on

    i have a strange issuse with my laptop. It doesnt turn on unless i move ribbon cable for the keyboard. Then it turns on and the keyboard works fine. But then if it turns off again or goes to sleep it no longer works unless i do that again. Is there a way to fix this. thanks
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    My right usb ports on my laptop turn my stuff off and on.. How do i fix it?

    This problem has occured before, a month ago i remember and i had to wait alota time until it fixed.
  6. V

    Need help solving HP software issues :(

    Hey guys, I have a very annoying (and persistent) issue with my HP laptop... So yesterday, I booted it up as normal, and the keyboard didn't work. I got no response from pressing ANY of the keys, so I could not enter my password to login. This has never occurred before. I hit ESC as it booted...
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    Some laptop keys, on keyboard not working after cleaning and reassembly.

    So I have a Dell Inspiron 17r 7720 SE. I took everything apart using this guide :- Also put everything back. The first time I didn't properly plug in the powwer cable into one of the sockets and it wasn't powering on, fixed that, breathed a sigh of relief... Now I managed to start the...
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    SonyVegas Pro 13

    Hey guys. I have Sony Vegas Pro 13, it worked perfectly when I downloaded my first 2 plug-ins, BCC and NewBlue, but after I download the Sapphire plug-in, the software has done nothing but trouble. Every time I attempt to put a plug-in on the media, the software flashes, it flashes from "not...
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    Chromebook not saving anything.

    When I right click then click "save as", it doesn't do anything. Help?
  10. C

    Asus Rog G750jm GPU Help. Not being detected

    I have an Asus Rog G750jm. It took a soft fall but everything was working fine for a minute until it crashed. It started back up normally but I found out the hardware device not connected. I manage to find it as a hidden file in device manager and it say: "Currently, this hardware device is not...
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    External ASUS microphone not working or being recognized.

    This week i have purchased a Turtle Beach X12 headset as the 2 in the past have not worked. I have an ASUS and it only has one port for a microphone/headphones so i have an adapter which combines both the microphone cable and the headphone cable part of the headset. Despite this when i do a...
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    Some usb devices won't work on one usb port on my laptop.

    I have the new Asus Zenbook UX305, and have an issue where one of the usb ports won't show most devices. In fact the only device that works with that port is my external hard drive. I have tried using that port in Linux as well, and it has the exact same issue. This is such a strange issue that...
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    My laptop is not working!! Asus zenbook!!

    I have a problem regarding my Asus zenbook ux31a!! Suddenly when I came home from work, my charger stopped working! I plugged it in as I always do, but neither the orange or the green light appeared! There's no light at all and the laptop is not charging. It seems like nothing is wrong with the...
  14. majic2

    Youtube not working

    Hello, Recently ( past few months)I have had problems accessing Youtube, recently its gotten to a stage where it can be down for hours for my computer but working fine on the mobile app. Then it got so worse that it got me to wipe my Pc which did not help. So then today i got home before...
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    How to fix lenovo tablet usb port?

    My lenovo s6000 tablet's usb port started becoming loose about 4 months after i bought it. Now since a month it has stopped charging completely. I have no idea what to do. Is there any way to fix it or to charge it without the port?
  16. R

    [Solved]Razer Blackshark headphones not working correctly

    I have got the Razer Blackshark headphones and it seems no matter what splitter I use the mic will not work, but if I plug the headphones in the the mic input port it works fine. I have tried three different splitter one from Star Teck, Radio shack and the pair that came with the headphones...
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    Games not working, blank disc

    I have bought an alienware laptop about a year ago, and quickly installed my steam games, which work fine. Recently I found my old physical games (like Spore, World of Warcraft, The Sims 3, etc.). When I try to put them in and play, they just appear as blank discs, as if I had just put in a...