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    OEM partitions

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Any ideas of how to remove a OEM partition from the 80gb fujitsu-siemens HDD?And how to do that...
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    Confusion with P4-M -- Retail Versus OEM?!?

    Archived from groups: comp.arch,comp.sys.ibm.pc.hardware.chips,comp.sys.intel,comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Hi all... I ordered a Pentium 4-M from PC Connection, and it arrived. The thing is, it arrived, in an Intel box, but without the fan and heat-sync it was supposed to come with. I called...
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    Moto V60s charging ?

    Archived from groups: alt.cellular.verizon (More info?) All of a sudden when I use the OEM charger plug in on the bottom of the phone the phone turns on instead of charging.My wife and I have the same phone and always have an extra battery in a base charger at home so I rarely use it. Once in a...
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    Problems with OEM software?

    I'm thinking about picking up Norton Systemworks 2002. Looking around online, I find that I can pick it up way cheap if I get the unboxed OEM version. Is there any problem with buying OEM software like this? Is there any advantage to buying the boxed retail version?
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    ayhja vs AYHJA w/ SERIAL NO Yxxxxx

    Does anyone know the differences between the two!? "AMD TBIRD 1.4 GHZ@266 OEM- BLUE COPPER DIE(30 DAYS WARR)AYHJA-UNLOCK $183.95 AMD TBIRD 1.4 GHZ@266 OEM(30 DAYS WARR)AYHJA-SERIAL NO Yxxxxx $199.95" My sig is better then your's!