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    Solved! How to install Windows from recovered recovery partition only?

    My question is quite simple: in short, is there a way to re-install my original Windows 7 on my Asus laptop if I only have my OEM license key (that I got with the PC) and the recovery partition? Now the whole story: I bought the laptop a while ago, and I installed a Pro version of Windows 10 I...
  2. C

    Solved! non-OEM batteries reviews?

    Anyone aware of websites that review/rate non-OEM laptop battery performance? I need to replace my Lenovo G50-80 battery....or if anyone can recommend....Thanks
  3. H

    Do you HAVE to have OEM controllor or not ???

    I have a"found" Galaxy Star drone and I would like to use it but,no controller,no battery charger . Cant locate them online .
  4. T

    HELP! Dell Latitude E7450 laptop says it is plugged in and not charging.

    Dell Latitude E7450 laptop says it is plugged in and not charging. I have put in 2 batteries that are not officially from Dell, but are "compatible" batteries from Amazon and that both did not work. I also then bought a new original OEM charger and battery and I still get the same problem...
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    OEM HDD to SSD transfer

    Hi So I recently bought a dell laptop with a 5400rpm 1TB hdd. I have a 240gb ssd to replace it with, but I have a oem license on that laptop. And I really want to change it to a ssd. I’m new to computers, so could someone tell me in detail, how to do the entire cloning process, and anything I...
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    OEM APU usable on retail pc?

    I have retail laptop and I would like to upgrade to A10-5750M but it is listed as oem on ebay and i'm not sure if i can use it on my retail laptop could I get some help? Yes my laptop does support this apu but I am just wondering if it will not work because my laptop is retail and this apu is...
  7. B

    Android OEM UNLOCK

    I was Roaming in the developer options and noticed the OEM unlock but what does it do??
  8. P

    Laptop Drivers: Dell or up to date from OEM?

    Hi all, Is it best to install Dell vendor drivers or up to date OEM (e.g. Intel RST) drivers? Please explain why. Thank you.
  9. S

    Laptop Stops Charging after about 20 minutes with OEM charger

    I purchased a Razer Blade 2015 edition and the charger has decided to stop working for a prolonged Basis. i have a 150W power adapter that will charge my device for about 20 to 25 minutes then charge in bursts (like 30 second bursts). listening to the actual charger it sounds like there is a...
  10. H

    Sound Card Interference

    I want to buy the oem version of the sound blaster z sound card, to solely use with headphones through an optical connection. The card would be seated between two gpu's. Would the oem version that doesn't have the shroud for emi shielding be okay, or do you think there would be interference? Is...
  11. K

    Battery not detected

    I have a Asus x42j which battery only last 20min, so I brought I non-oem battery online. But when it arrive my laptop do not detect it, but when off there a red charging light, but without a power it will not start. But the non-oem battery work on my sister x42j. I also tried my sister battery...
  12. D

    Uninstalling windows OEM?

    Hello Guys, Sorry if this is a really noob-ish question but, is it possible to uninstall a windows OEM version so that you can sell/send motherboard in to manufacturer if something goes wrong with it? It's just I am thinking of building my own PC and the thought of a windows OEM is putting me...
  13. Tristiacon

    Windows 10 & Old OEM Recovery Drive

    I recently upgraded from Win 7 Pro/SP1 to Win 10. I have an OEM Q:/ That is a recovery of Win 7. This Q:/ is using almost 17Gigs. I already did a USB recovery of it prior to upgrading to Win 10. I also have a windows.old that is 21.9Gigs. I want to remove both of them. I plan on creating...
  14. R

    Laptop replacement screen oem but not same manufacturer

    Dropped my Asus N56JR S4044 and broke the screen. Rest seems to be working fine because two times starting shows the cracks and vibrating images but I can see the startup screen and even managed to switch it off normally (took some time to get the mouse in the right spot though). Took the...
  15. N

    Can I make a new install for an OEM machine?

    I'm trying to fix up a laptop for a friend of mine. I pulled the product keys and then wiped the drive. I found out however that there is an embedded key on the computer. The original disk and anything else that came with the laptop is gone, can I make an install on a usb to have a key that...
  16. M

    Toshiba Satellite C55A Synaptic touch pad not working

    Toshiba C55A Laptop, with genuine OEM windows 8.1 4gb ram with Celeron dual core processor.The Synaptic V7 touch pad stopped working. It stopped working when : Windows update failed Did a system restore Re-installed updates Touch pad still not working Microsoft tech suggested windows...
  17. P

    Reinstall Windows on Laptop

    Can I use a branded OEM disc on My Desktop and laptop. Both have windows OS
  18. ZenShredder

    Bricked My Laptop!(sort of)

    Hello there, so before I begin here are some specs on the notebook/laptop, whatever you wish to call it. Lenovo B560: Windows 7 Home Premium Intel Pentium P6200 Intel HD graphics(no idea what the on-board GPU is) 4GB DDR3 RAM(2GB stock, upgraded it to 4GB) WD 320GB HDD So what I decided to...
  19. baker72

    Non-oem Acer Laptop battery not recognized

    I have recently replaced the battery on my Acer Aspire 5742z laptop because the OEM one was going bad (30-40min life at 100%). I replaced the battery with a non-oem replacement battery, and for the first couple of days it went well. The battery was charging just fine, had a comparable lifespan...
  20. Rationale

    What software for watching blu-ray disks?

    I recently bought an OEM blu-ray drive for my PC, and now there's the task of finding software that can actually play blu-rays. Any suggestions? :s I would prefer you don't recommend free software. It all seems to have advertisements or watermarks, and wants to install adware. Though of course...
  21. C

    Asus X550 Windows 8.1: Clean install (remove bloat, recovery)

    I know that this kind of question has been asked a LOT of times already. I usually know my stuff and if it was my laptop I would just try it, but this is for a friend and for her I have to be 100% sure! There is no trial and error! She bought the Asus X550...
  22. F

    oem drivers vs manufacturer

    which is better drivers from hp or drivers from amd.com can some one explain why which is better because i was wondering for a long time now. should i stick with oem or amd drivers. my laptop is hp envy dv7 7230us. i heard that drivers from oem have special drivers made for laptops im not to...
  23. tonyzet

    OEM Laptop Battery Replacement/Upgrade - Need Help

    Which characteristics of the laptop's battery should i care about when searching for a 3rd party solution in order to avoid power delivery issues? Note that 1) the laptop manufactor isn't one of the big fishes (Dell, Asus, Levono ,etc), so i can't search for a official solution 2) i don't want...
  24. rithurag

    Suggestions n Sony Vaio Laptop

    Well.. i dont need win8, looking for win 7 original OEM... What about SONY VAIO SVE15114FXS CORE i5-3210 2.5GHZ 3RD GEN/6GB/640GB/15.5 LED/WIN7PREM(64BIT) ??? I warmly welcome your suggestions...!!! Performance, Battery Backup, Graphics etc ??? Its i5 dual core, it do matter?
  25. A

    Is Kaspersky OEM What I Am Looking for?

    I am looking to buy antivirus for myself and a family member. I have a custom built computer and my family member has a manufacturer laptop. Would 2 Kaspersky 2013 OEM discs work for both systems? I plan on purchasing them from newegg as they are currently on sale for $10 each. What is the...
  26. N

    Best Internet Security Suite to use? (Anti-virus)

    I've just built my new computer and i was wondering which is the best internet security suite to use. I've tried researching this myself, but i can't find any sites that agree with each other. The three that i can buy are: Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2013 OEM 3 User - $13 AUD...
  27. A

    Need an OEM Dell charger and Battery

    Hey guys! I have a Dell Inspiron 14r (N4010) as and after three year of usage, my battery and charger are dead. My battery does not have any power and my charger is 'not recognized'. So I was going through the Dell online store and I found that the battery costs more than 100$ and the...
  28. H

    laptop acer shutdown in 3sec..pls help

    hi gud day, i have a laptop acer have power and charger light when i press power button stay only 3sec and shutdown automatic..can u pls help me ...
  29. B

    non oem battery

    i replaced my dell 600m battery with a non oem battery and it will not charge the sell said it would charge. what do i do? seller is sending me the right 1.. thanks all
  30. G

    Soundblaster Audigy 2 (Dell OEM) soundcard: issues and advice needed

    I've picked up an old Soundblaster Audigy 2 card from an ancient Dell machine, and shoved it in my Windows 7 64bit machine. I am using Daniel_K drivers. Sound card shown here: http://i.imgur.com/vciplRx.jpg As you can see, the pins for the expansion port which allowed SPDIF ports are not...
  31. T

    Unlock overclocking for oem motherboards?

    I have an HP D5200t and I would like to know if I can unlock overclocking for the board.
  32. O

    What's the latest HP ZE5560us PHOENIX BIOS Update to use non-OEM Battery

    My HP Notebook is currently running w/ Phoenix BIOS version KH.F.22 and doesn't support non-OEM laptop battery replacements. How do I fix this?
  33. rds1220

    Windows 7 on an OEM laptop

    I have a question on something that I've been thinking about. I have an Asus laptop with a pretty measly 320 gig HDD. If I get a copy of Windows 7 OEM along with a new, bigger HDD from New Egg can I put a copy of Windows 7 on the laptop? Will a regular copy of Windows 7 be compatible with a big...
  34. D

    KLH R3000 Remote

    Can anyone help me find a remote that will work with my KLH stereo? Not interested in the $30 - $40 dollar ones I have found so far. OEM part is a R3000
  35. E

    Can i buy norton 2011 to extend my subscription?

    . Its on cheap at amazon, one review says it works to upgrade to 2012. Is that true? I have 2012 upgrade but only have 30 days left, can i buy this old productand get another 365 days added to my subscription when i enter the product key?the reviewer also said he stockd up for a few years I was...
  36. E

    Can i just buy oem

    its just the same as retail without the fancy box right? Only the norton sight and ebuyer have this babble about system builder agreement. I built my pc last year abd got the retail version coz it was cheaper but this time its way cheaper for oem so can i get it?
  37. J

    Can you unlock the multiplier on an oem phenom ii x4 955

    i have an oem amd phenom ll 955 x4 cpu and is there any way possible to unlock the multiplier. Please help and i know the multipliers are always locked on non be cpu's from amd. I also know you can still oc it by tweeking the fsb, pcie, etc. so please give a straight answer not something most...
  38. Y

    Solved! Good quality OEM Laptop Batteries

    Has anyone had good luck with purchasing OEM Laptop batteries? If so, where did you purchase it? I purchased an OEM Laptop battery for a Dell Ispiron E1505 a year ago and already have to replace it. The battery now lasts only about 15 min. The original battery from Dell lasted about 2.5 years.
  39. ronbo613

    OEM Software?

    I came across this company while looking for software that I can't afford: supreme-sales.net. They claim to sell "OEM" software with no licenses or online registration. Anybody know anything about this? Is it legit?
  40. B

    How to install a program from pre-installed oem disc on another commputer

    I have a computer (Vista) no longer in use and want to use a program (Cyberlink Power Director) from the oem disk on another brand computer. I have all the install files in a folder on that oem disk. Is there a way to install this program on another computer? I feel I've paid for this...
  41. A

    Office OEM Licensing Issue

    Long time lurker, really love this site. I have a question about Office Licensing, wondering if anyone could help me out.. Presently I have a PC with Windows XP (OEM) and Office 2007 (OEM).. If I upgrade to Windows 7 for this PC.. would I then be able to re-install my OEM Office 2007 that was...
  42. Catsrules

    AC adapter?

    My OEM power supply just died on me. I was wondering what you guys recommend, do I buy a HP replacement and pay the big bucks or do I just get some cheap knock of brand? Also I think I might have a warranty left on it, does that cover AC adapters. Or does it depend on the warranty?
  43. wrestler10307

    Possible to access advanced BIOS features?

    I have a HP Pavilion 6936us, and I am able to get into the basic BIOS features like most OEM computers, but I was wondering if there was a way to access the more advanced features, or if thats all I am able to access without going to HP. I'm not having any particular issues with the computer, I...
  44. G

    Gateway oem laptop recovery disk

    I have installed a new hard drive on an Gateway laptop M465-e. From what I understand I need a copy of the oem disk windows xp. any idea where i can get this recovery disk? I do have the product key on the underside this unit but no disk.
  45. D

    Should I buy Windows 2008 Server OEM or the normal?

    Hello, I am unsure if I should go for the cheaper OEM or the original product for windows 2008 server. Newegg sells an OEM copy. Any ideas?
  46. T

    Solved! Using DELL OEM Disc on other Dells

    Hello, I've read about the fact that Dell OEM discs can be used on any Dell. However I've also heard there are generational gaps. Which makes sense. So I have an old Inspiron 1150 that runs ok on XP will a DELL OEM Windows 7 Disc work? I have to believe the build in Key wouldn't work with A...
  47. L

    Solved! Oem cds for spartan notebook

    Hello,i have a spartan notebook smy15w and i am looking for the drivers, can anyone help?
  48. P

    OEM vs Retail OS / Reviews

    Hello everyone from toms, i was having a discussion with my roommates; i would like you guys to discuss and settle it. Here's the underlying argument: if you have an oem built computer with the oem version of windows which included the bloatware that all OEMs include and you removed all the...
  49. G

    Asus Exec Infighting May Lead to New Brand

    Executive infighting between Asustek and Pegatron, an OEM breakaway of Asustek, may lead to a full separation and the emergence of a competing brand. Asus Exec Infighting May Lead to New Brand : Read more
  50. G

    PC Vendors Asking For Reductions In ODM/OEM Quotes For Blu-ray Drives

    PC vendors including Hewlett-Packard (HP), Dell, Acer and Asustek Computer want a considerably large reduction in ODM/OEM prices of Blu-ray Disc (BD) Combo and BD-ROM drives, but leading ODM/OEM makers are unwilling to lower current quotes, according to industry sources in Taiwan. PC Vendors...
  51. G

    U-Tech Hopes To Benefit From Wal-Mart Sales Promotion Of BD Movies

    U-Tech Media, the largest Taiwan-based maker of pre-recorded optical discs, may obtain OEM orders for Blu-ray Disc (BD) movie discs from movie studios in the US due to Wal-Mart's promoting sales of BD title discs in the US, according to industry sources in Taiwan. U-Tech Hopes To Benefit From...
  52. G

    Windows 3.11 To Disappear In November (really)

    Microsoft said that Windows for Workgroups 3.11 will officially be gone by November 1, 2008 and not longer be available in the embedded channel via OEM licenses. Windows 3.11, which was offered by Microsoft as a boxed version as well as free upgrade to W Windows 3.11 To Disappear In November...
  53. G

    Pioneer Obtains OEM Orders For BD Combo Drives From HP, Say Taiwan Makers

    Pioneer has landed OEM orders for Blu-ray Disc (BD) Combo drives from Hewlett-Packard (HP) with shipments to begin in July 2008, according to industry sources in Taiwan. Pioneer Obtains OEM Orders For BD Combo Drives From HP, Say Taiwan Makers : Read more
  54. G

    Quanta Remained Number One Notebook OEM In Q1 08

    DisplaySearch has released its Quarterly Notebook PC Value Chain Report for the first quarter of 2008 showing that Quanta Computer was the top notebook PC OEM maker, and Hewlett-Packard (HP) was the top notebook LCD panel customer of Samsung, LG Display and AUO. Quanta Remained Number One...
  55. G

    Lite-On IT And Quanta Storage Plan To Hike Optical Drive Pricing In Q3

    Lite-On IT and Quanta Storage, the largest Taiwan-based ODM/OEM makers of half-height and slim-type optical disc drives (ODDs), respectively, are planning to increase their ODM/OEM pricing by 3-10%, depending on the type of ODD, in the third quarter of 2008, according to industry sources in...
  56. G

    Lite-On IT Reportedly Lands Blu-ray Disc OEM Orders From Dell

    Lite-On IT, the largest Taiwan-based maker of half-height optical disc drives (ODDs), has secured OEM orders for Blu-ray Disc (BD) ROM drives from Dell with a monthly shipment volume of 20,000-30,000 drives, according to suppliers of chipsets and other key components of ODDs in Taiwan. Lite-On...
  57. G

    Asustek Subsidiaries Reportedly Land OEM Orders for Xbox 360 Consoles

    Pegatron Technology and Unihan Technology, two OEM makers spun off from Asustek Computer, have reportedly secured OEM orders for Xbox 360 consoles and will undertake the production at their factories in Suzhou, China, with an initial monthly shipment volume of about 500,000 units, according to...
  58. G

    Touch Screen Revenues Expected To Reach $4.4 Billion By 2012

    Touch screens have the Midas touch for growth, spurring a flood of competition, technologies and OEM interest, according to research firm iSuppli. Touch Screen Revenues Expected To Reach $4.4 Billion By 2012 : Read more
  59. B

    Office 2007 OEM Disks

    Does any one know where to get backup disks for office home and student 2007 OEM. My computer came with this software but OEM office no longer comes with disks. Can it be downloaded from microsoft. Ta
  60. tluxon

    Is deeply discounted OEM software legit?

    I keep seeing the same ads over and over for OEM software at deep discounts. Is that kind of software legit or is there a pretty big risk that it won't validate/register with the provided product key? Thanks! Tim