OEM Laptop Battery Replacement/Upgrade - Need Help


Sep 17, 2013
Which characteristics of the laptop's battery should i care about when searching for a 3rd party solution in order to avoid power delivery issues?

Note that
1) the laptop manufactor isn't one of the big fishes (Dell, Asus, Levono ,etc), so i can't search for a official solution
2) i don't want any reference about 6 cell or 9 cell stuff , all i care about is information on electrical ratings like voltage,amperage per hour, etc
My recent experience with 3rd party batteries for brand name laptops was dismissal (three vendors, three door stoppers). In your case, you have even worse situation since you have to find a battery that fits your laptop (unless you're ready to disassemble old battery and replace elements). And most batteries also contain internal charging circuit, which can fail also.

So - try to get original replacement battery. You're risking couple of dollars (in best case), or damaged laptop (even fire) in worst case.


Sep 17, 2013
First of all, thank you for your answer.
I have to point that my current battery works fine (about 5 hours with some compromises at resolution and brightness) and that I wanted to reach the 7-8 hours area in order to get rid of power brick.



May 19, 2012
[strike]Do you have the battery that came with your laptop? If so, just check on the battery for that information[/strike]

Edit: woops I had this tab open and when I initially replied no one had added a solution yet

If you want to get extended runtime from your battery, than you have to pay attention to these "6 cell" and "9 cell" labels. Some laptops have options for bigger-capacity battery, and the difference is usually in this 6/9 label.

Another option to get extended runtime - something similar to http://www.amazon.com/20000mAh-Ultra-High-Multi-Voltage-Notebooks-Compatible/dp/B00B45EOYS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1388422524&sr=8-1&keywords=external+laptop+battery (Note: This is the first hit on Amazon, not that I am recommending it).


Sep 17, 2013
i know about the external batteries, but the goal is to get rid of any peripherals and carry only the laptop when I am not at home.

Thanks for your answer


Nov 21, 2014
Hi Tony,

The IT guys in my office turned me on to a very good laptop replacement battery called Max Capacity which is what I think you are looking for. My office has been using them for our work laptops and they pack more power and last longer than the Dell/HP/Lenovo factory batteries and do it at a better price. They use some advanced li-ion cells from Panasonic that store about 30% more power and have a longer service life than most replacement batteries. The extra power is perfect for me while the longer service life helps the IT from having to deal with battery orders all the time :)

The amount of power stored in a laptop battery should be printed somewhere on the battery pack and stated in terms of mAh (milli amp hours) and Wh (Watt hours). Basically the higher the numbers means then more power a battery can store and the longer it can power your notebook / laptop. As for the service life (how long the battery will last) that depends on the quality of cells inside the battery.

- A typical 6 cell Amazon/Ebay battery rates at 4000-4400mAh/ 47Wh and uses cheaper generic cells will typically power an average laptop for about 1-2 hours and will need to be replaced after about 300 charging cycles or only 1 year worth of use.

- A Typical 6 cell factory Dell or HP battery rates 4400mAh-5200mAh 47Wh-55Wh and uses brand name cells made by Samsung/Sanyo/LG. These batteries will typically power an average laptop for about 2 - 3 hours and will need to be replaced after 500 charging cycles or 2 year worth of use.

- The 6 cell MaxCapacity.co battery which I stated rates at 6200mAh/66Wh and uses these special Panasonic cells which last about 700-800 charging cycles (3 years). The run time I get is about 3-4 hours which is about 1 hour more than the brand name Dell I had. I wound up getting a 9 cell 99Wh battery for when I travel and get about 6 hrs of run time on balanced power mode and almost 9 hrs it I run in “extended Battery” mode
If you wanted to see some examples of these good batteries, here is where my IT gets them from ... http://SafeBatteries.com

The average cost seems to be between $70-$80 which I think is good considering the extra power and 3 years of service life you get.



Nov 19, 2014
Essentially, when a battery has more cells, it tends to last longer. You can probably find an "exact replacement"-type battery with several more cells, but they cost quit a bit. Also, expect the laptop to have a different stance while sitting on a flat surface, if you acquire a battery with more cells. Extended batteries tend to be exactly that - Bigger, as in an extension of what's already there, but in a single battery rather than having to use external power.
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