Question laptop turns on with no display and fans get increasingly louder then shuts down

Oct 24, 2021
Hello so it all started when i ripped the power jack wire (power jack connector was moving and not sticked to the chassis of the laptop because i dropped the laptop a while ago and didn't fix it , when i moved the laptop the ac adapter ripped the power jack connector out) At that moment the laptop screen froze with a loud continuous noise . I had to turn it off by holding down the power button ,when i tried turning the laptop on using the battery (since i couldn't use the ac because the power jack cable was cut) it turned on with no display and fans getting increasingly louder then shutting down after 1min or less then repeating this process a 2nd time with no 3rd time.
I went to a3rd party repair shop(no warranty 2 years since i had the laptop) he soldered the power jack wires together and fixed the ripped wires but the laptop still has the same issue on and off ,he tried flashing the bios chip to no avail replaced ram ssd battery etc nothing changed tried looking for shorted circuit couldn't find it ,he told me that its probably the gpu that got damaged . It wasn't heating up apparently? and its doomed for my laptop.

Is there any other solution that i can try maybe the gpu is not the cause? and if it is indeed the gpu can it be fixed? i saw on the internet that i can do a reflow,do reflows fix shorted faulty gpus ?

PS1: the laptop display freezing with the same noise was actually a recurring problem that happened once every 2 to 3 months ,sometimes while watching youtube it would freeze with the same loud noise after force shutting the laptop down and turning it back on it would start normally so i didn't give it too much thought .
PS2: this laptop is the MSI GP73 leopard 8re with i7-8750h and GTX1060 6gb
Im sorry for the big thread i had to explain this problem from a to z.