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  1. L

    Query regarding responsive website design

    Hello. I am currently working on a responsive website design(newbie) Is there a reason why during inspection of responsive websites in google chrome, the iphone 6/7/8 and the Pixel 2 phones show the desktop version of the site but the other phones/iphones show the mobile version?
  2. S

    Open Source Gaming

    If I download a free open source game can anyone modify that file to do something malicious? My understanding is that anyone can modify the files. Can someone modify an open source game after Ive downloaded it in a way that would affect me? Or once I download it will the file remain the same...
  3. M

    instagram direct message source code

    is there a way to get the source code for direct messages on instagram? hopefully this isn't a weird or bad question to ask.
  4. appletatoes

    System Information Overlay (Such As FPS)

    Hello, I'd like to know how I can get something like all of the following information to overlay while I'm gaming also possibly some great free/open source video capturing software for 4K gaming please: Or information to show up like this one...
  5. Kkody2

    Video Editing question

    I know this probably isn't the ideal website for this question, but I'll give it a shot. I use Vegas Movie Studio 13 platinum to edit all my videos and I'm trying to figure out how to edit a video clip by making it overlay another video clip but also making it move around the background video...
  6. M

    Visual Studio 2017 says cannot open source file stdio.h?

    Visual Studio 2017 says cannot open source file stdio.h? any help
  7. jamesp33

    How Does Installing A OS Work?

    Now I know this isn't the right category for it but there's not really any that suits it. How does installing a OS work? Does the installer need to extract the files? Also, is there any open source OS installers? Also, Does the installer need to register the DLLs? Sorry, I just need to know all...
  8. R

    Easier Photo Organisation?

    Hello, I take photos of sports and usually take around 2200 photos in a day and I was just wondering if there was a better way to view the photos enough so I can see if they're worth keeping, while also being able to move through photos and possibly select or even automatically move photos to...
  9. RightHereBro

    Anti-Aliasing In Pictures

    Is it possible using a software ,to make a picture better quality using anti-aliasing techniques like we use in games?
  10. G

    Cancelled Netflix, Looking at Matricom?

    So ive been unhappy with netflix for the past year and have been giving some consideration to the matricom gbox q2. i was wondering if anyone had any experiences with...
  11. S

    Alternatives to Bing or Google ?

    I used Google for a long time, and now Bing the last few yrs . Both of them give me less and less results for what i'm looking for , and more and more results trying to sell me something related to my search. Can anyone recommend alternatives to google and bing that will give me more results...
  12. Supernu

    Best Open Source Anti Virus for Small Business

    I'm looking for experienced opinion on the best OPEN SOURCE anti-Virus program for a Windows Server 2008R2. It does not have to remove viruses, so long it will quarantine them. Preferably it can be deployed to all workstations (20) from server, but not necessarily.
  13. A

    Best Back up Software?

    Guys I'm planning to have a software that can do incremental, differential and full backup. Any suggestions? It doesn't matter if it is Open Source or not. A back up software that can be suitable for semi enterprise/home back up- plan.
  14. G

    Looking for portable open-source virtual keyboard software.

    Hi. Does anyone know of any portable open-source virtual keyboard software? Thanks.
  15. A

    Free software for network monitoring

    Please help me to find something like the LANVisor software for free/opensource.
  16. D

    Recomend backup software.

    I am looking for some backup software, Open source preferably, that lets me select what folders to backup, and then copies the folders to a designated drive. I want it to work like this as my backups are stored on a FreeNAS server, with the drives accessible locally via CIFS, so the drives...
  17. B

    Open Source PDF reader that can highlight text??

    I have Adobe Reader on a couple of Windows 8.x computers. Just in case, as a “backup”, I'd like to install a free, open source, PDF reader that can highlight text. Adobe Reader works well and highlights text. SumatraPDF works well, but does not highlight text. LibreOffice Draw cannot...
  18. V

    Open source program to wipe hard drive

    I'm looking for a fully open-source program to use to wipe the hard drive on a used laptop I'm planning on buying before installing Linux. I've heard Dban is no longer open source and I only trust open source for this sort of thing. Any recommendations?
  19. T

    Hi, I am looking for an Microsoft Exchange alternative. Is there any solution that works natively? Without plugins I mean. Tha

    Hi. I have 20 outlook users in a network and I want to change the server from Windows to Linux. Is there any good alternative for Microsoft Exchange? I don´t want to bother the outlook users with plugins, so a nitive solution would be best. What is the best solution? Thanks!
  20. G

    New Attachment Lets You 3D-Print Your Own Gadgets

    The Rabbit Proto attachment lets a RepRap 3D printer use conductive materials, so makers can create gadgets with embedded electronics. New Attachment Lets You 3D-Print Your Own Gadgets : Read more
  21. arpitsri

    Is a safe site to download open source software

    Currently I want to download Physics Abstraction Layer, so every time i write it over google, mostly site appears. So is it a safe site for downloads.
  22. xaephod

    Open source Animation software?

    Hey folks. Can anyone suggest an open source program that I can use to make special effects, sort of like the opening of Starwars where the words scroll across the screen or make them move and fly around? Need to take a video and add cool looking opening titles and such. I also need to add...
  23. F

    Please suggest a Video Editor

    I am in need of a video editor which can cut videos precisely down to the frame no or at least in the vicinity of 100ms. The free ones I have tried always cut at the 'I' frame or pad the video to be at least 4-6 seconds long. Please suggest an open-source/freeware editor, if they are not good...
  24. auriuman78m

    Need label printing software for serial numbers

    I'm looking for a preferrably open source software that will perform the following: Take a text file of MAC numbers without the colons or decimals separated by a <CR> Insert the colons or decimals Insert the numbers on a second line under a company name. We use a network device called a rabbit...
  25. G

    Google to Pay for Free Software Patches

    Google doesn't own any open-source software, but it will gladly pay you money to make it more secure. Google to Pay for Free Software Patches : Read more
  26. exfileme

    This Wearable Device Monitors Brain Waves

    This wearable device aims to help a person monitor their stress level and posture. This Wearable Device Monitors Brain Waves : Read more
  27. AirTech

    OSS Project using Access DB

    Hello all, For my work i am considering starting an Open source project to build a database for work. I have some rough designs: ERD v 5.0. The project will be to make an Access database then prehaps migrate to Oracle 11g or another DB engine and make the front end GUI in Java. My work only...
  28. C

    Which software for Imaging Hard Drives?

    I'm looking for some suggestions for ideally freeware opensource packages that are very good at taking a image of a hard drive or backing up a hard drive so it can be 'ghosted' back later, without having to reinstall etc. Any suggestions? Many thanks CC
  29. kleinkinstein

    Your Fab Five Freeware?

    What are your favs? Your five most coveted freeware and/or open source Windoze apps? ...I'll start, and aside from all the fantastic apps from Piriform... 1st Fav 5... CintaNotes 1.8.2 Q-Dir 5.37 SyncBack VLC 2.03 Xmedia Recode 2nd Fav 5... 7-Zip 9.20 Greenshot
  30. exfileme

    RIM Enters Gaming Biz With Cross-Platform Engine

    RIM is actually working on an open-source, cross-platform gaming engine. RIM Enters Gaming Biz With Cross-Platform Engine : Read more
  31. G

    The Corpora Opens Preordering of Open Source Qbo Robot

    TheCorpora has begun accepting preorders for its open-source robot Qbo. The Corpora Opens Preordering of Open Source Qbo Robot : Read more
  32. exfileme

    Pandora Open-Source Netbook/Console Arrives Next Month

    The Linux-based, open-source netbook-handheld console hybrid called Pandora is finally shipping after four years in development. Pandora Open-Source Netbook/Console Arrives Next Month : Read more
  33. G

    10 Free and Useful Data Recovery Utilities

    So you've accidentally pressed Shift+Delete, or left important data on a heavily infected PC. Worry not, for here are ten open source utilities that will help you get your data back. 10 Free and Useful Data Recovery Utilities : Read more
  34. G

    Skype Uses DMCA To Remove Reverse-Engineered Code

    It appears as if Skype has taken action to contain the information that is posted on the skype-open-source blog, which posts progress on a Skype reverse engineering project. Skype Uses DMCA To Remove Reverse-Engineered Code : Read more
  35. G

    Skype Protocol Reverse Engineered

    Russian reseracher Efin Bushmanov claims to have reverse-engineered the Skype protocol with the goal of "making Skype open source". Skype Protocol Reverse Engineered : Read more
  36. G

    Open Source Alternatives: Productivity Software

    For every paid software application or suite, there's a free but capable alternative. Whether you're looking for photo editing software or an office suite, here are some open source and free alternatives. Open Source Alternatives: Productivity Software : Read more
  37. tical2399

    Open source data mining & budgeting software?

    Hey guys got a question for the community. I'm doing a masters in public administration and I just decided to get a graduate certificate in accounting (basically a grad minor) to get ready for an entry level job as a budget analyst. I looked at the occupational handbook on the department of...
  38. G

    Web designer programm

    is there any opensource web design program like dreamwaver ??
  39. H

    Really Need to know

    hye.. how to make our own open source software?? and please tell me example of software that enable us to create own open source software... sorry if i'm post in wrong section...
  40. G

    Darwin-OP: the Linux of Humanoid Robots

    Now you can do your part to hasten the Robopocalypse, through the Open Source Movement! Darwin-OP: the Linux of Humanoid Robots : Read more
  41. exfileme

    Open Source Social Network In Private Alpha

    A new open source social network uses the Ruby on Rails web application framework. Open Source Social Network In Private Alpha : Read more
  42. Marcus Yam

    PS JailBreak PS3 Exploit Goes Free, Open Source

    Feeling the PSGroove. PS JailBreak PS3 Exploit Goes Free, Open Source : Read more
  43. L

    Linux on Cell phones

    This is mainly out of curiosity so there is no rush but if anyone could tell whether there is a good open source or free linux that could be used as an operating system on a cell phone and still retain the abilities of the phone such as calling and texting through the service provider instead of...
  44. G

    Open Source DIY Tablet Kit Promises Versatility

    Build your own Tablet PC from a relative scratch. Open Source DIY Tablet Kit Promises Versatility : Read more
  45. I

    Linux based or open source MP3 Player

    Is there an MP3 player that runs off Linux or an open source OS?
  46. R

    Free Antivirus vs Purchased AntiVirus:

    My question has to deal with the AntiVirus brand of software. I have found a ClamWin Free Antivirus. It is free and open source; my question is their a huge difference as far as doing the task of finding virus,spyware, and malware with this software vs. the huge company's of Syemtech and McAfee...
  47. Bruceification73

    Open Source For Windows

    So, I found this site for open source software of all kinds. I was just wanting to know what off this list everyone would recommend or has experience using. I got a couple of them that are working great, but I don't want to get any more without knowing what's good and what's not. Thanks in...
  48. X

    The screen pf nexus one looks yellow?

    i have bought a nexus one which is is a smartphone from Google that uses the Android open source mobile operating system. its sound is wonderful. After the completion of the wizard to see the main interface, AMOLED 1600 million color 480 × 800 screen display worked well, trying the phone, text...
  49. D

    Open source video editting

    Dear All, Have been asked by a user at work if they can mask the name of a ship they have in a video so they can use it as an example in their presentation (while preserving the names of the parties involved etc). Am not really in to video editting at all bar some simple Windows Movie Maker...
  50. V

    Looking for good pc maintenance software

    preferrably open source. right now i use CCleaner to "clean up" whatever it cleans up. i'm looking for some good open source pc maintenance stuff, a defragger too if possible.
  51. landsavage

    Spark Freezes when messaging unique user?!

    Hello, I am in control of most of our Networking and IT here at a small company. I am kind of new to the Linux and Open Source, like many I grew up around windows. We started using this OpenSource chat client named Spark. Many of you have heard of it I am sure. Anyway I will cut to the chase...
  52. H

    Vista compatible open source firewall / antivirus?

    x64 if possible. any suggestions?
  53. exfileme

    Google's Android OS Goes Open Source

    Sorry, C-3PO isn’t available for reprogramming. It’s only Google and its just-launched cell phone, now open-sourced for your hacking pleasure. Google's Android OS Goes Open Source : Read more
  54. G

    Symbian And Android To Make Love, Not War

    The launch of Android, Google's open-source OS for mobile phones, was postponed . Symbian And Android To Make Love, Not War : Read more
  55. G

    Nokia Acquires All Of Symbian, Donates Software To Open Source

    London (UK) - Ten cellphone and telecommunications industry heavyweights joined in a big group hug today, positioning Symbian OS as a central software platform for future cellphones and mobile devices. Nokia Acquires All Of Symbian, Donates Software To Open Source : Read more
  56. G

    EU Pushes Open-source Standard As 'smart Business'

    The EU's top antitrust official called Tuesday on member governments to use open-source software, an apparent jab at Microsoft's proprietary technology. EU Pushes Open-source Standard As 'smart Business' : Read more
  57. G

    Red Hat Says U.S. Patent System Is Broken

    This week Red Hat filed with the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals to carefully examine the state of software patents in the country. According to Red Hat, a company ripe with support for open source software, software patents are being issued at an alarm Red Hat Says U.S. Patent System Is...
  58. G

    Adobe Joins Linux Foundation

    San Jose (CA) - Adobe announced today that it has joined the Linux Foundation, a move that is seen as a triumph for supporters of open-source platforms. Adobe Joins Linux Foundation : Read more
  59. G

    Microsoft Promises To Share More Info

    Today's news from Redmond can only be considered revolutionary for Microsoft: The company wants its products to become much more inter operable with the outside world. Microsoft even said that it won't sue over open source. Will Microsoft turn into the fr Microsoft Promises To Share More Info ...
  60. G

    AOL Brings Open Source Platform To Mobile Phones

    AOL has unveiled its own mobile software package called the AOL Open Mobile Platform, including mobile versions of its online applications. AOL Brings Open Source Platform To Mobile Phones : Read more