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  1. J

    Remove write-protected audio files from my device

    Can't change the name of the file as it is not allowed by library Overdrive application. Read-only box in Properties of the file is grayed-out. Cannot transfer files from the device since the book lending period has expired. This is the only time in many years I've experienced this problem--all...
  2. J

    Pc running really slow within 30 minutes of installing Overdrive

    My pc was running fine all day until i installed the amd driver called OverDrive, i restarted my pc then it just started running like hell very slow lagging on desktop very low FPS on R6 siege, my specs are a amd rx 480 OC 4gb i5 7600k 1 SSD 120gb 1 hdd 1tb, so yeah you would think uninstalling...
  3. A

    AMD OverDrive not detecting CPU

    I recently found put that I can use AOD(AMD OverDrive) to boost the power of my CPU. So I decided to get AOD to do so. But AOD can't detect my processor. I'm running on an AMD A10 7300 with R6 graphics.
  4. K

    Looking for smartphone features but not a phone

    Is there a device that uses wifi/bluetooth, touchscreen graphical interface (similar to a smartphone), can download and support droid apps, and, in particular, supports the Overdrive app, which is the official app used by nearly all public libraries for browsing, checking out and playing audio...
  5. D

    Speccy says my laptop's CPU is at 110+ °C but ...

    In AMD Overdrive (the logging section), all my core's are indicating that they're at 35 °C (give or take), my laptop shut off twice today while playing World of Tanks, only other times it has ever shut off while gaming would be when playing Robocraft, my laptop is a HP envy ts 15, powered by...
  6. Barty1884

    AMD Overdrive - Thermal Margin fluctuates quite drastically.

    Hi all, I installed my CPU and GPU (AMD Athlon X4 860K & Radeon R9 280). Only stock coolers & 1 intake, 1 exhaust case fan. My BIOS states CPU temperatures are ~70'C at idle.....but reading about AMD's, it appears their Thermal Margin* is the best judge of temperatures for the CPU. *For...
  7. M

    AMD Overdrive problem.

    I'm trying to overclock my AMD A10 processor, but I'm having some issues witht the AMD Overdrive program. Every time I change the multiplier from 19x to 28x and click "apply" It resets back to 19x. I know it can be overclocked from 1.9ghz to 3.2ghz as it states here >...
  8. A

    Check out e-Books from the Library

    Thanks to a service called Overdrive, many libraries throughout the country now support the lending of Kindle e-Books. These electronic texts can be opened on any Kindle device and on any other type of tablet or smartphone so long as it has the Kindle reading app installed. Use the steps below...
  9. clutchc

    Where is AMD Overdrive

    Where on the AMD website did they hide the download for their latest version of Overdrive?
  10. L

    MSI Afterburner and AMD overdrive help?

    Hi, my computer had a 3000 series? graphic card in it when i bought it and it came with Catalyst Control Center/amd overdrive. I recently purchased a 7790 (factory OC'd) and replaced my old card with it. The 7790 came with msi afterburner, which I installed. My question is; Am i suppose to be...
  11. DarkDubzs

    How can i enable fan control in AMD Overdrive?

    I just downloaded AMD Overdrive today incase i want to overclock my AMD A10-6800k or even my new GTX 660 SC if possible, either of which not right now. Anyways, i also heard you can change your fans' speeds which i wanted to do right now. I open up Overdrive and go to the Fan Control section...
  12. chaosgs

    NEW AMD overdrive. Cant get it to go into "advanced mode" to let me OC

    Has anyone tried the new AOD? I have searched every where to get it to unlock in Advanced mode but cant! Where is that darned mode at?
  13. JMcEntegart

    Windows Phone 7 Launching October 11?

    The Windows Phone 7 rumor mill is kicking into overdrive and adding fuel to the fire are invitations to a Microsoft event in London on October 11. Windows Phone 7 Launching October 11? : Read more
  14. JMcEntegart

    Xbox Rumor Mill Kicks Into Overdrive About Price Cuts

    The web is buzzing with rumors surrounding a supposed upcoming price drop for the Xbox 360. Xbox Rumor Mill Kicks Into Overdrive About Price Cuts : Read more