MSI Afterburner and AMD overdrive help?


May 16, 2013
Hi, my computer had a 3000 series? graphic card in it when i bought it and it came with Catalyst Control Center/amd overdrive.

I recently purchased a 7790 (factory OC'd) and replaced my old card with it. The 7790 came with msi afterburner, which I installed.

My question is; Am i suppose to be using overdrive with this new card AND afterburner? or do I leave overdrive unchecked and let afterburner handle the card instead?

Question 2: Since my card is factory OC'd, does that mean its always overclocked or does it only overclock when a video game launches in fullscreen mode or something? I noticed that afterburner has an option "to apply overclocking on startup" which is unchecked, should i check that for the factory overclock to work? Thanks.


Oct 11, 2011
I don't bother with AMD Overdrive myself so I advise that you just use MSI Afterburner. I have an HD 7790 from Sapphire, it's OC-ed out of the box, and I use both Sapphire's TriXX OC utility and MSI Afterburner. I've no problems running both.

As for your second question, yes the card is always overclocked, unless MSI specifically stated it has boost clock speeds, which I think it does not. You can leave the box unchecked, it's inconsequential to your factory overclock. If you want to be sure you card is OC-ed, check Afterburner's sliders for your core and memory frequencies, compare it against the reference frequencies, if it's higher, TA-DA it is overclocked.