Question I disabled my graphics card and now no display

Jan 5, 2023
Ok I have a Hp pavilion i5 9th generation gaming laptop. The screen broke a long time ago so I have been using my tv as a monitor. But all of a sudden the colors on my laptop are all funny. The brightness, contrast , and gamma seem to be all messed up. So I started to adjust the color settings from my nvidia control panel. It did nothing. And so I tried disabling the nvidia graphics card and suddenly the video on my external monitor disappeared. When I try getting into the bios I can’t see anything because my laptop display is broke. Is there a way to factory reset everything without being able to see the display monitor or a way to turn the graphics card back on with some keyboard shortcuts?
Factory defaults won't help you much since the default is to use the laptop screen.
Try turning on the laptop with the TV connected, then close the lid right after, it may detect the TV as the only display and show that screen.

Another option that may work is to get the IP address of the computer from your router settings and use another system to remote into the laptop and enable the video adapter again.