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  1. JScardino

    Fast Internet Speed But slow when installing games

    Hello, I recently got 1 GB Internet speed but when I install games on my computer it installs fairly slow. I built the pc a couple of months ago and it's been working fine. It is connected to ethernet and when I run an internet test I get about 900 up and 900 down. I have a ps4 and an Xbox one...
  2. 1

    Free codes. For lg stylo4

    Is there anyway I can get free codes unlock my LG Stylo 4 from Metro PCS
  3. H

    Chat with agent

    Switching phones by metro pcs
  4. R

    To avoid and sace up money

    I need to unlock my metro pcs LGM210 .I would appreciate it if some one can help me to unlock it I don't have service n that's th only way I can.get in contact with my daughter in Kermit Texas n important calls from my 9 year old from school
  5. T

    Solved! Connect 2 pcs to a usb headset

    Hello peoples, I currently have two PCs that I used to output audio on both to a mixer and then connect to a 3.5mm headset to hear both PCs with one headset, but I recently upgraded to a usb surround headset and was wondering if there’s a simple way to hear two PCs on one usb headset at the same...
  6. X

    My Metro PCS Phone is not recieving and not allowing me to make calls. its been doing this ever since i first got my iphone 6s

    my phone bill is up to date but i cant make calls of recieve them
  7. T

    which PC is best (entry gaming level)

    hey, i found 3 pcs that look interesting, but all different prices and specs. i want others opinions which is the best to get. it will be my very first pc i own, so im not sure what i should look for. this is going to be used to play entry level games. but i also want a semi fast pc, so i can...
  8. A

    Solved! Network sim unlock

    Metro pcs network sim unlock codes for a Samsung j7 star
  9. T

    Solved! How do I network unlock from metro PCS my Moto g

    I'm trying to do it for free
  10. T

    Solved! Unlock my phone carrier

    How to unlock my Samsung Galaxy j7 prime from metro pcs
  11. S

    How do i unlock an att samsung galaxy s 5 to be used with my metro pcs service

    How do unlock my att galaxy s5 for metro PS network unlock code
  12. M

    sprint to metro

    i have an originally metro pcs iphone 6s plus but was switched to sprint and i now need it to go back to metro. but sprint wont unlock it. what do I do?
  13. K

    i need to unlock my lg k20 for metro pcs for free

    i need to unlock my lg k20 for metro pcs for free it says to contact customer service whn i used it from the application on my phone
  14. L

    Sprint Sims card in metro PC's phone

    Will my Sprint Sims card work in my metro pcs phone
  15. R

    How to unlock galaxy core prime on metro pcs coverage

    Need unlock code so I can use another carrier
  16. D

    My zte won't come on

    My zte pro max wont power on. The zte power on screen comes on then goes to white metro pcs screen then vibrates and shut off and starts over but never completely powers on. I am not sure what is wrong. It got wet the other day and I put it in rice. But it still started randomly shuts off . But...
  17. I

    This is two months Ina roll that metro pcs has disconnected my service last month I just let it go because I never could talk

    This is two months Ina roll that metro pcs has disconnected my service last month I just let it go because I never could get a customer service representative this month like last month my bill was due on the 14th I paid it on the 2nd I went in to a store and they said they would call me in an...
  18. E

    I bought a phone and I want to switch my information to my new phone

    How to switch my information from my old Metro PCS to my new phone
  19. F

    Moto E4 Metro Pcs

    Just purchased a metro pcs Moto E4 second and can anyone provide either the steps or carrier unlock code since I'm having a not so great time doing so on my. Own. Thanks a million someone
  20. D

    2 PCs 1 Mixer

    So I have a unique issue. I have this mixer: My buddy comes to my house and brings his PC to play games together. So we have our xlr mics going to the mixer between us. And the mixer goes out to headphone amplifier: So going to each of our headphones is a split connection one from our own...
  21. R

    Cant send texts

    Cant make calls or send texts on my android 7.0 metro pcs phone my bill is paid in full
  22. J

    Network Unlock lg k 20 plus f

    Need help with network unlock For a lg k20 plus from metro pcs
  23. C

    Puk code for my metro PC's sims

    Sims locked need puk code metro pcs
  24. G

    The Best Computer Deals for Prime Day 2018

    From mainstream rigs to budget Chromebooks, we've got the best Prime Day deals for the laptop shopper. The Best Computer Deals for Prime Day 2018 : Read more
  25. M

    How to jailbreak stylo 4

    Have a metro pcs stylo 4 I need it unlocked
  26. NoPuhi

    Solved! Diagnostics tool for performance increase

    PCs slowing down seems to be a common problem in older rigs. Mine has got to that age. It takes a while while alt tabbing from and to games and opening windows/programs. Windows occasionally freeze. The worst freeze happened a couple of days ago when i was cutting up a video in lightworks. The...
  27. K

    Active metro pcs sims into a lg last serviced thru straighttalk

    How to put an active metro pcs sims into not active lg last serviced thru straighttalk
  28. C

    Solved! can I get my girlfriend on my metro pcs plan she lives in ghana

    can I get my girlfriend on my metro pcs plan she lives in ghana
  29. C

    Switch service carriers

    Switch my metro PC's phone to straight talk
  30. J

    Need help please

    Need to unlock zte N9560 to work for metro pcs from boost
  31. D

    Unlocking metro pcs

    Unlock LG arista metro to boost
  32. P

    Solved! Compatable what network

    Is alcatel a30 fierce metro pcs is it compatible with straight talk
  33. H

    Will my att SIM card work in metro pcs phone

    Have att phone SIM card that’s on !Will It Work In Metro Phone
  34. A

    Mmy Lg Stylo won’t turn on

    My lg Stylo won’t turn on fully it turn on all the why to the metro pcs logo. Then the lighting of the screen gets dark and then light and it stays like that. I removed the batter then put it back in and it dose the same thing.
  35. F

    How to port my new straight talk phone to metro pcs

    I have service with Metro PCS but my New phone is with Straight Talk can I port it over
  36. M

    How can I clean up space in my internal memory on my ZTE blade with metro pcs service ?

    My ZTE blades internal memory is almost full. How can I correct this problem before it is completely full ?
  37. G

    Old number back for gmail

    Metro pcs for some reason deactivated my number after only a month(life happened and the bill didn’t get paid.) and I lost the number I’ve had for almost 5 years. WTH? I can’t get into any of my accounts gmail facecrack ect... how do I get my number back? With out it I really am at a stand...
  38. L

    Metro pcs cancelled my account after two months and almost made me lose my number. Looking for alternatives.

    I'm currently with metro pcs on the $50 unlimited everything, no contract plan. The problem is I was broke and chose not to have service for 2 months so they cancelled my account. I was lucky to get my phone number back when I restarted service. That never was a problem when I was with Virgin...
  39. N

    Solved! My coolpad metro PCS phone won't turn on nor charge

    I tried the hold volume and power button but absolutely nothing worked does anyone else know what to do
  40. tarmiricmi

    BitLocker drive encryption questions

    Hello, I have two PCs that I wish to encrypt with BitLocker (system drive encryption). Windows 10 64bit 1607 on both PCs, identical 256 GB SSDs with similar free space. On first PC, encryption went OK. It offered me to save a password (or whatever that is). There is no option for BitLocker...
  41. J

    Is there a # i can dial to block incoming calls and txt messages for my ZTE max pro my service is threw Metro PCS?

    Call blocking for incoming calls and txt messages for ZTE MAX PRO.my service is threw Metro PCS.Phone doesnt allow call blocking it only allows the number to be sent to spam numbers so all calls are sent to VM but still recieve annoying notifications and the text messages still come threw.apps...
  42. T

    Use Sprint Galaxy S6 on Metro PCS network?

    I can't seem to find up to date info on this. I have a USA Sprint Galaxy S6, unlocked from the Sprint network. (definitely is). I want to give it to somebody to use with their MetroPCS USA account. I'm getting mixed messages about whether this is possible. Can somebody please settle this and if...
  43. A

    My family switches phone numbers a lot and I need my old phone number for a verification code but I don’t remember my # what

    It was from metro pcs but they said the phone has been recycled and the history don’t go past 3 months
  44. D

    Is this virus? Can anybody just make a virus that is so easy it can destroy PCs or make it reformat?

    Is this virus? I just removed a virus from my PC and it seems that Windows Defender can't do anything about it so I installed an advanced antivirus removal tool which worked and my PC seems to be running very slow so I rescan and restarted and finally the virus is gone and my PC is running fast...
  45. E

    How to unlock metro pcs alcatel fierce 4 to att

    Have a metro pcs alcatel fierce cellphone but have my cellphone service through at&t
  46. J

    Do Any Modern PCs Have 2 Audio Jacks (NOT 1 Combo Port)?

    Hello all, I am in the process of researching PC laptops on behalf of a local church who will be using it to manage a good deal of sound, media, and recording processes. It is very important to them to buy a laptop that has two separate audio ports (one jack with audio-out headphone capability...
  47. C

    How to put my active straight talk service on my Samsung j3 Prime old Metro pcs carrier

    How to put my active straight talk service on my Samsung j3 Prime old Metro pcs carrier
  48. J

    Sim puk lock code

    I need a sim puk code for coolpad 3632A from metro pcs
  49. L

    Distribution question of software.

    I'm already using the free version but would like to buy something that would block viruses, including Trojans, from even getting into my PCs. The 360 package I am considering can be used for 3 different PCs, but one of these is at a different location. How would the software be distributed...
  50. O

    Solved! I've given plenty advice for Desktop PCs in my life, but now I need your guys' help with finding a suitable laptop

    In theory I should be able to do this myself. I've build plenty of PCs in my life. When I search for laptops though, I'm a bit overwhelmed by the myriad of different models and specs out there and I'm not quite sure what prices are good nowadays with so many older models turning up in search...
  51. B

    Im trying to network unlock my phone

    (^L-)LG Stylo 2 Metro PCS
  52. J

    Switch from straight talk to metro pcs

    What free phones does metro pcs offer if I switch from straight talk?
  53. G

    Add lnternational calling

    Need to make international call from metro pcs phone
  54. K

    Want to unlock to gsm

    Wil like to unlock my j3 prime from metro pcs to gsm carries can you place help me
  55. F

    Switch metro PCS phone to strait talk

    I have a MetroPCS phone my sister gave me.... I want to use my straight talk service with...... can I ?
  56. D

    Fanless 15.6 inch laptop or 2 in 1 laptop

    Hello, I'm trying to look around for FANLESS, 15.6 inch screen Windows laptop. The keywords here is FANLESS and 15.6 inch screen. I'm having trouble to get one. Can someone please help me to identify some? Price or make is not an issue I just need help in identifying the options I have. All...
  57. R

    Metro to straight talk

    I have a metro pcs galaxy s5 and want to swap it to straight talk. Is this possible
  58. H

    I recently purchased two of the same phones from Metro PCS I have one I would like to GPS how do I find it track it when it's

    How do I locate the exact same cell phone I have that I purchased at Metro 2 days ago did not put in GPS app on it how can I track and locate it now
  59. M

    Unlock SIM card code for metro

    I need my metro pcs SIM card unlock code