Solved! Connect 2 pcs to a usb headset


Jan 30, 2017
Hello peoples,
I currently have two PCs that I used to output audio on both to a mixer and then connect to a 3.5mm headset to hear both PCs with one headset, but I recently upgraded to a usb surround headset and was wondering if there’s a simple way to hear two PCs on one usb headset at the same time.

I was thinking of putting the 3.5mm output of both PCs in the mixer and then outputting the mixer to my main PCs 3.5mm input and just listening to it through the stereo mix. Would this work?
Any help or opinions appreciated.
USB Audio is not a simple protocol, and it needs "understanding" from both ends. Your idea should work. Or just get good analog stereo headphones - you won't use "surround" feature of your new headphones anyway,