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  1. AskingQuestions¹

    Solved! Rca to HDMI Adapter is not working, why?

    I tried connecting my RCA to HDMI adapter to my tele and it worked once, now its only showing it has no signal. Is it a problem with the adapter and I have to carry it back or a fault on my part? All cords were connected properly, I checked and double checked. The Adapter box cord(not the...
  2. Ay111Z

    Question My Dell Inspiron N5110 Problem

    Hello , I Wanted To Know The Type Of Things That Can Cause This Problem : So I Was At The Classrom Using My Laptop And It Randomly Started Smoking , Litteraly , I Didn't Know WTH to Do So I SHut It Down And In My Dorm Room I Started The Laptop And It Started Normally , After Taking It To The...
  3. Y

    Solved! My acer aspire es1-431-c7vd stuck at acer explore beyond limits screen.

    All the F1 until F12 i press.. Nothing happe... Alt + All buttons.. Still stuck at this acer logo screen.
  4. A

    need help asap

    my laptop is an ASUS e402ma model, i was using it and it was all fine and dandy till it decided to sleep and not turn on, i tried rebooting it with the 5 second hold on the on button and then it completely shut down, it does not turn on nor does it show a light when i plug in my charger, i am in...
  5. C

    My Samsung note 3 has now stopped working. If I change the battery, will I loose all the memory? All the files have been store

    My note3 isn't switching on at all. If I replace the battery, will I loose all the memory? All the files are saved in the device i think. Please help!
  6. R

    Ran out of battery and plugged the charger at the same time

    My tablet ran out of battery the second I plugged charger in. This has happened a million times before but this time it got stuck between charging and turning off. First it shows its loading then it turns off and repeats after 10 seconds. I`ve tried to turn it on normally without the charger...
  7. Z

    Unsure to Buy A sharp 32 inch LC-32LB261U

    I like To replace My 26 in. vizio VL260m 1080p tv. Unsure to Buy Tv for $219 bucks may be to cheaply made. I prefer budget brands but high quality products any 32 to 40 inch hdtv suggestions. reply soon :)
  8. L

    Acer Aspire 421-E1 Keyboard Not working

    I have an Acer Aspire 421-E1, suddenly one night a few key stopped working and the keys started malfunctioning like when I pressed "L", "3" would show up, thinking of it as a minor problem I shut it down. The next morning when I booted the pc, NO KEYS WERE WORKING. Please Help, I feel I have...