Question My Dell Inspiron N5110 Problem

Apr 24, 2019
Hello ,
I Wanted To Know The Type Of Things That Can Cause This Problem :
So I Was At The Classrom Using My Laptop And It Randomly Started Smoking , Litteraly , I Didn't Know WTH to Do So I SHut It Down And In My Dorm Room I Started The Laptop And It Started Normally , After Taking It To The Repair Guy He Discoverd Another Problem That The Laptop Can Be Powered By Either The Battery Or Stay Plugged In And If You Try To Use Them Both A SHortage Will Happen And The Laptop Shut Down , He CHanged The Charging Circuit But The Results Stayed The Same .
What Can Be The Cause Of This ? .
Hope You Can Help I Really Need The Laptop For My Studies , And I Can't Afford Another One .

Thanks In Advance .

Extra Infos :
Needed :
Laptop : Dell Inspiron N5110
Works Normally When Plugged Or On Battery .
Not Needed
Processor : I7 2670QM
OS : Windows 7
Graphics : Gt525m
That is a very odd reason. I mean most laptops are capable of both, unless there is a flaw in the laptop. Going by what you describe as per what you were told, the laptop can run on the battery fine, or you would have to remove the battery and run it on the charger only, but having the battery in (and charging) while plugged in won't work? Again, unless there is a flaw, that doesn't make sense.

Either way, that would not make it smoke. Smoke = something burned. A circuit, something got in the laptop (dust, debris, etc.) and it went up in a puff of smoke due to being heated (less likely, but still).

I would suggest you try a different tech. Seriously.