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  1. O

    Want to fix my portable hard drive

    When i put my portable hard disk western into my computer.. First it wouldn't copy anything,then it won't open and stops the computer from working It doesn't make any sound of beeb or anything like that and light flickers normaly It's new and didn't fall or we didn't use it like brutally And i...
  2. S

    portable hard drive

    hi I have a Asus r554l laptop can i use a HP Pocket Media drive - 500 GB - USB external hard drive to store my pics? My USB port is a 3.0 I think the hard drive is a 2.0 USB port I am running windows 10 thank you
  3. K

    m3 issues laptop

    Maxtor M3 1 TB USB 3.0 Slimline Portable Hard Drive into my windows ten laptop, worked initially now messages saying not supported, cant find the external drive anywhere on pc all checks show working.
  4. B

    Access denied to portable hard drive

    Howdy. Windows 10. Was trying to restrict permissions to a portable hard drive i have. I went to properties, security, advanced and saw a lot of profiles that could gain access. I removed all of them except for the ADMINSTRATOR, which is my windows login username. Once i finshed it all, the...
  5. D

    maximum quality output of USB type A

    hello my friends, i have a very basic "yes or no" question, hopefully... i download 1080 resolution dvds onto my portable hard drive which connects to my 1080 HD TV via USB type A, so NOT HDMI. My question is am in fact outputting the movies from my tv in 1080, or is it downscaled to 720???? As...
  6. L

    Portable Hard Drive not found

    Hello my father bought me a new Seagate Backup Plus few months ago, and after using just a few days ago I accidentaly touched the cable and it disconnects the hard drive. Then after a few moments I plugged it back and it sounds but the it won't show up in "My Computer nor Disk Management"...
  7. S

    networked Hard Drive to TV

    Hi, i have a portable hard drive connected to my TP-LINK router. I've been storing stuff in it and now i am wondering how i can stream movies to my TV from that HDD. If there is any ideas or options, i'm open to suggestions. I also have an Apple TV 4 if there's any ideas to connect the HDD to...
  8. T

    rca viking pro 10 enabling to rread 128gb sd card as well as a 1.5TB hard drrive and/or 2TB flash drive

    ok so i have recently purcchased the above named tableet, and had a 128gb micro sd card laying around since i had wanted to try and us it for my phone but at the same time it did not seem practical as i have not figured out as to how to be able to effectively use my external storage, so i...
  9. R

    Please help me find my kids h gigaset table

    I need help trying to find my kids gigaset table 8" qv830 someone stoled it but I have the box to it????? How can I find it by the the Barre code numbers please help me
  10. Katie_14

    lost data driver

    I have lost my data driver, im not an expert be any means on computers, so i will describe my situation the best possible. I have a MSI GE62 2QL Apache. I reset lt had problems with my sound so i restored my computer to a point. Since then my sound works but the problem is that on my...
  11. Z

    Constant Computor Crashes!

    My laptop constantly crashes, its really bugging me, its a hp elitebook 8470p and it has a tendancy to crash all the time when its plugged in a running a game, due to the lowish battery life i can only play games for short spaces of time before plugging it in and waiting a while, its running...
  12. L

    My TV has usb and I have plugged in my portable hard drive and it comes up on TV but not full screen ..I have tried on another

    Hard drive not showing full screen on my TV but does on other TVs through usb input
  13. B

    WD Elements won't register on my computer

    I recently bought a WD Elements 1tb portable hard drive to back up my computer on. When I went to use it, it would not appear anywhere on my computer. The light on the hard drive came on but it is not in the device manager or anywhere as far as I can tell. I am using Windows 10 and I only...
  14. R

    Portable Hard drive stopped working

    My portable hard drive suddenly stopped working on my laptop. I have tried all USB ports and other laptops and still nothing. The light on the hard drive is flashing which indicates it is working but my laptop is not picking it up. If you have any suggestions then please let me know because I...
  15. viveknayyar007

    How to Encrypt a Portable Hard Drive

    In Windows you can encrypt a single file or an entire folder containing multiple files with the help of the built-in encryption feature as long as drive is formatted for NTFS. Encrypting the entire hard disk drive requires a completely different process. Even though there are several...
  16. K

    Best way to manage huge FLAC library on laptop & smartphone?

    I have a huge music library, most of it being FLAC. It totals around ~400 GB on a portable hard drive that I have shared on my network right now, because it's just not practical to keep all this music stored on my laptop. Here's my dilemma: When I use MusicBee to stream all my music across my...
  17. D

    Which laptop should I get?

    Hey! I want to get a new laptop! And I can't decide which one to get! My budget is $1300. I was thinking of getting the new Macbook Air. I want it to be a desktop replacement too, storage is not a problem I do have a portable hard-drive. I was thing of Macbook Pro Retina Display too but I'll...
  18. S

    Solved! Not computer savvy, Help

    Hello, I'm a student looking for a netbook. I need to do papers and such, and watch DVD that my textbooks come with. Games are not needed, and my teacher is requiring us all to have a portable hard drive. So I guess I need suggestions for both.
  19. J

    please recommend portable hard drive to store CF card data

    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital (More info?) Pease recommend portable USB hard drive to store CF card data whilst on location, eg battery life, speed, reliability. TIA. -- Regards John Jovic
  20. H

    Portable HD to transfer photos?

    Is there a portable hard drive that I can carry to travel and I can transfer CF card's photo to this hard drive? I don't have a lap top and my CF card is not large enough to last for a week or two. Any suggestion? Thanks.