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    Question Toshiba Laptop charger connects and disconnects

    Whenever I'm connecting the charger it suddenly starts connecting and disconnecting and because of this charger tip getting too hot that you can't even touch but when I charge the battery while the laptop is off it is working perfectly fine without any issue. Model is Toshiba Satellite L50-A
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    Solved! Asus UX303UA: only works on AC power

    Laptop battery had no problems a few days ago. Was using battery and left to sleep for 15 mins then returned and it would not turn on until charger was plugged in. The battery reads 82% charge even after hours of charging, upon plugging charger out, the laptop immediately shuts down. Using...
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    laptop wont wake up on lid open after new install of 8.1 pro

    hello everyone, laptop is an ASUS X550CA. i installed 8.1 pro on my laptop as a new install. laptop originally came with 8. after a messy upgrade to 8.1 (multiple boot partitions etc..) i just went ahead and got a new os. the problem is, the laptop wont wake up after i open the lid. the...