laptop wont wake up on lid open after new install of 8.1 pro


Sep 12, 2013
hello everyone,

laptop is an ASUS X550CA.

i installed 8.1 pro on my laptop as a new install. laptop originally came with 8. after a messy upgrade to 8.1 (multiple boot partitions etc..) i just went ahead and got a new os.

the problem is, the laptop wont wake up after i open the lid. the computer continues to run, and ive tried to shut down by navigating to shutdown with the black screen: Win button + X, Shutdown or Sign out, Shutdown, but no luck.

can someone guide me in the right direction? am i missing the power management driver/software? i have options for wake on lid open through windows power management but that did not fix the issue.

thank you


Nov 19, 2012
I'd post your question on the "laptop Tech Support" forum ( - you'll probably get more help

good luck



Nov 4, 2012
I think the asus uses a program called instant on to provide access to these power management functions
look for a version at
I think it is under the windows 8.0 section under utilites

(not sure how good there program actually is, I think they replaced the normal windows controls with their custom version)
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