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  1. Question Laptop GPU Not working after i accidentally touched capacitor

    So I have predator Helios 300 laptop with i5 8th gen processor and NVidia 1060 graphic card . So yesterday I was doing thermal pasting (already done few times in past ) .So i accidentally touched these two capacitor with screw driver and their was spark and after that when I closed the...
  2. sm23

    Question predator hellios 300 freezes weirdly

    Hello guys..! 3 days ago, i bought a acer predator hellios 300 ph315-52 (2019 blue colour) core i5 9th gen, 1660ti 6gb ,16 gb ram , 1tb hdd, 256gb ssd. when i use wifi and leave my laptop ideal for more than 3 minutes it freezes (does not responds, screen is on everything else is just fine, it...
  3. J

    Worried about ordering the predator helios 300. Help!

    So I have been looking around for a gaming laptop for a month now and the predator Helios 300 (GTX 1060 6gb i7 7700HQ 16gb ram 256gb SSD) model really caught my eye. I have been keeping my crosshairs on it ever since and until graduation time when I graduate to pull the trigger(early summer). I...