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    Solved! Screen acting extremely weird: rainbow/bright

    Since about two days now I've noticed my screen is acting very strange. At random times it slowly turns all rainbow-ish (mostly pink and green) and very bright, my whole screen being stuck. As soon as I slightly move my laptop the screen pops back to normal and then does the same weird thing a...
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    Solved! Laptop connector ribbon

    Why does my Asus k53u display screen look like rainbow
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    HP Laptop had rainbow static screen, turned it off won't turn back on

    Hello, I have an HP Pavillion laptop that I got refurbished about two years ago and a couple of days ago I turned it on and once I logged in I was met with a laggy rainbow static screen. So I immediately turned it off by holding down the power button and now it will not turn back on. I've...
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    Monster Hunter World: How to Unlock Rainbow Pigment

    More than slaying monsters for their materials and rewards, crafting a perfect hunter is far more important in monster hunter world. Crafting a hunter involves dying your armor with different colors which makes the character look far more attractive, peaceful, and cool. The most desirable color...
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    Best Gaming Headphones (Playststion 4 Pro - Rainbow 6 Siege)

    I am looking for some advice in choosing an outstanding gaming headset to play Rainbow 6 Siege which i play competatively on PS4. I currently have the Astro A40TR with Mixamp Pro. But wanting something better.. much better! I'm not sure if I should go with Stereo or Virtual Surround Sound ps4...
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    Lower fps than it used to be

    I used to be able to play rainbow six siege on medium texture quality and everything else on low and get 70-80 fps. But lately I'll only get 40-60 fps and then same sort of things has been going on with other games. I'm not sure what the problem is so I was hoping I could get some help. For...
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    FPS drops in rainbow six siege white noise

    Guys i own a dell 7560 and my specs: intel i5-7200U Nvidia geforce 940 mx 8 gb RAM (DDR4) 1 TB HDD (NO SSD) 4gb VRAM graphic driver version (nvidia ): My friend has same specs but owns a lenovo ideapad 510 .He can manage smooth gameplay for longer hours with no issues but i face a...
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    I need sound advice (Pun intended)

    Sorry there's no TL;DR because there's just too much details to leave out IMO ): I apologise in advance for the long story, just thought I should flesh out the details so people can have a clear story of what I need. I have recently decided to replace an old & cheap Sades headset that has a...
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    Laptop Rainbow Screen?

    Alright. I did something pretty stupid. While playing CS:GO, I raged and slammed my headphones onto my screen and uhh... Something happened. How do I fix this? Thanks! https://imageshack.us/i/pnu8qVzhj
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    My Games have a FPS drop

    Suddenly, all my games have had a FPS drop. IN rocket league, it dropped to single digits and rainbow six was also unplayable. These 2 days it has improved, with 30+ fps but it's still really bad and everything used to run at 60. my computer is the HP ENVY 15 Notebook PC, with i7 and NIVIDIA...
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    Vertical Rainbow Lines - Plasma TV

    So i'm having an issue where i am getting rainbow lines on my plasma TV. It's a 'Panasonic TH-42PX8A' I'm not sure what is causing this issue and i don't mind doing a little work to get this TV fixed. I'll post a picture of what it is doing because i cannot seem to find anyone online having...
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    can this run tom clancys rainbow seige and watch dogs 2

    i want to know whether my lappy supports the game or not
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    Game lagging on a decent laptop

    I have a game rainbow six siege and i am currently playing on an HP Laptop Specs: I7-5 (Iforgot) gt930m 8gb ram I put my display to the lowest and all the setting to the lowest one but i only hit 50 - 60 fps (on some map) but most map i got 30 - 45 which is very choppy and unplayable since its a...
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    Hdmi to rca appear rainbow colour on screen

    Hai. I bought hdmi to av converter to connect my ps4 with old model sharp tv. But the problem is when all connected, tv screen appear rainbow color. Does anything i can do to make it right? Kindly advise.
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    Solved! can you fix my laptop if there are these blinking lines going across it?

    the lines are rainbow and blink a lot it used to just be three but now they are over half of my screen
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    Worried about my iPhone due to a screen protector thingy!

    its not an issue but its about my screen protector, so i have installed a screen protector for the first time ever on my iphone after too many fails i cleaned the screen protector with alcohol and get off the dust and hair, and i installed it, i mean its not the perfect i already ordered new one...
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    Some videogames causing weird graphical glitches.

    Hey there, So my friend has a problem with his laptop and we cannot for the life of us figure out what might be wrong. When playing certain games (CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege and The culling) his display acts really weird. With CS:GO and The culling this happens: http://imgur.com/eW0qCEH And...
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    Rank the Laptop

    Can you help me rate which laptop is better from best to worst? In terms in which can run games in high setting more better. I.E. Rainbow Six Seige, Mortal Kombat, Grand Thief Auto V. Also which laptop have more bang for the buck. Appreciate the help! Happy New Year...
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    Which is better?

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    Help! I think my laptop's graphics card is dying!

    I'm getting lots of weird textures popping in and out of black ops 3 with them moving all over the place and then in Naruto ninja storm 3 full burst i get this rainbow line across my screen.
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    Help on laptop ruined by water

    My laptop screen turns on but it looks really weird and rainbow is with black and gray and ruined and it looks like it cracked but it's not . I put water in a cup on the top of the closed laptop and I found it like this . Help ?
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    galaxy tab 2 10.1 weird colors and dark display

    Hi, i have a galaxy tab 2, but i have a big problem. The color seems to be weird like rainbow and the screen is really dark with some frozen picture in background, i mean, if I close a game, the picture will stay frozen in background. If I shut down the tablet for few hours and i turn it on...
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    My laptop's corner looks like a bar code? Urgent!

    The upper left hand corner is white with rainbow stripes on it. At the edges is a black splodge. I don't know how to explain it. Looks like the colour has gone! This morning, I picked my laptop up and heard something move inside. I thought nothing of it so turned it on. It took ages to load so I...
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    The Watch That Gets You High

    It's the watch that took a bunch of rainbow explosion happy pills. The Watch That Gets You High : Read more
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    Acer screen problems

    Hello, i was wiping my screen off with a clean soft cloth, while it was on, and suddenly lost about 1/3 of the center portion of the screen. It turned into a rainbow of colors. My warranty expired 14 days ago.
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    Rainbow problem in LCD

    Hello, when I wave my hand in front of my LCD monitor, I saw rainbow...... what's happening?
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    Archived from groups: rec.photo.digital,alt.photography (More info?) Saw this rainbow on the way home from work this in Valencia, California evening. It was really vivid. You can even see the secondary rainbow: http://gbe.dynip.com/misc/Q0017332A.JPG -- Gary Edstrom <gedstrom@pacbell.net>...