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    Question My question is under this thread

    So, yesterday i try to increase my dedicated vram on my HP mini 110-3500 laptop using regedit by add IncreaseFixedSegment on folder 0000 on system, i follow the tutorial on this video View: , so this is the step i follow. I open regedit using run...
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    Solved! Best PC cleaning program

    What is the best PC cleaning software on the web that does not mess up the regedit files for Windows 7. I have used Disk Cleanup to remove Debug Files but my windows 7 breaks meaning I have to re-install windows 7 or I will get intermittent malfunctioning of programs. Could you suggest any...
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    accessing regedit exe win7

    can't access regedit because it's an exe file and I can't access any exe files
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    Solved! Help! Registry Errors .Net Fx not working :(

    I installed some registry cleaner software, it messed up with the registry it hasn't done any backup of the original registry / I have no backup or system restore point / :/ Also most windows apps cant load I've attached some sreenshots I appriciate if anyone can guide me to troubleshoot the...
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    I cant able to find the current version under regedit registry. What should i do now?

    I want to increase the size of the icons in photoshop cc. I am using windows 10 os. I am not able to setup the external manifest file for increasing the photoshop icons. Kindly help me soon.
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    Task Manager, Regedit, AntiVirus, CMD Disabled by virus!!

    Hi! :) My name is jim. I have a problem here on my laptop, yesterday i click a link in the facebook that my friend shared (that was my stupid mistake). First nothing happen, so i think it was a normal site, but my browser is force closed and my laptop suddenly lagging. I tried to open task...
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    My new PC can't install some software

    Hi Tomshardware! My new PC have been working (almost) flawlessly, until now, as it has begun getting some trouble doing certain things. The one thing i would like an answer to in this thread, is that my PC wont install specific software. It is not all kinds of software. Skype, Steam etc. will...
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    New PC won't install specific software

    Hello! I have just gotten my new computer to work (build it myself), and am experiencing a couple of problems, that i was hoping someone in here would have a solution to. One that bothers me a lot, is that sometimes when installing software, it will just keep loading until i force restart...
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    Suspecting a keylogger, please advise...

    Hello all, So I was searching through my registry to fix a game's settings that I have been messing with and I saw the following key: "HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-1428292790-3725576381-3897953999-1000\Software\358a16345d3d971d0a3993e532e3803c\[kl]" And in there it shows me stuff like this: 15/01/01...
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    A weird thing happened (Win32/Neshta.A)

    So, I downloaded a file from the internet and i ran it. It was a Setup.exe, with some packed data. After a few seconds, it said that it's an invalid 32bit app. I have a 64bit system BTW. After that, in the same folder, there was a file called setup.exe.vir (or similar), and it didn't have an...
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    Laptop DVD Drive not responding or found.

    I have an Asus k53e with Windows 7 x64. I have tried the regedit then delete upper and lower but upper and lower was not in the regedit so could not do that. I have updated bios. There is nothing in the bios that says cd, dvd, optical drive etc.. Not on the boot menu upon startup, hdd is the...
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    Regedit messed my computer up

    I was trying to make everything i downloaded from the internet go to my second hard drive. I used regedit to make this happen and i changed more then that and everything that i downloaded that went to local disk went to my other hard drive but i changed more then that and just made everything...
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    Audio jack retasking/realtek driver settings in regedit

    My headphone jack to my laptop broke and I found a way to remap the microphone jack into a headphone jack, (Google reaper x retask if you need to do the same) it works well...but the problem is the microphone jack doesn't have access to the internal headphone amplifier, so unless I use an...
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    Can't use Microsoft Office 2007

    Recently I installed Windows 7 Starter to my Windows XP Professional SP3(Now it is Windows 7 Starter, Service Pack 1). I did not use Windows Easy Transfer, but i used an external hard drive so that i don't lose my data from the old Windows version. I copied the 'Program Files'Folder to my...
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    Can i remove key of an installed program?

    Hello everybody. i hope there is someone with knowledge to help me to sort this issue out. i have installed a program and i used keycracker. but now i want to remove or delete the serial number to licence it. i have uninstalled and removed everything from regedit but when ever i re install it...
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    error 1327. invalid drive: F:\

    the only program it is not allowing me to run or uninstall is steam and i have tried going into "RUN regedit" and fixing all the F:\ to C:\ but that didnt seem to work dows anyone know any other way?
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    Malwarebytes Antimalware

    My malwarebytes antimalware is a registered version but after recent update it shows it as a trial that will expire in 13 days Now, recently they have released 1.60 beta (and my version shows I checked regedit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/softwares/malwarebytes antimalware and there are two...