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Aug 31, 2021
So, yesterday i try to increase my dedicated vram on my HP mini 110-3500 laptop using regedit by add IncreaseFixedSegment on folder 0000 on system, i follow the tutorial on this video
, so this is the step i follow.
I open regedit using run, after that i search "IncreaseFixedSegment" on find setting, and then the search didn't found any file named like that, so i decided to search the other name of the file inside that 0000 folder, which i manage to found it.
After scrolling try to find IncreaseFixedSegment i notice that the file named like that don't exist on that 0000 folder, with zero knowledge i just add new DSWORD 32-bit on that folder and named it IncreaseFixedSegment, and modify it to value 1 and select Hexodecimal or whatever the name is, and apply the settings, after that i restart my laptop and found out that my dedicated video ram is still 0, so im giving up and sleep my laptop.
In the morning i open up my laptop and found out that my windows 7 are more slower than before, i was thinking that it's caused by the file i just created on that folder.
i open regedit and change that file setting to 0 and apply it, and then i delete the file and restart my laptop, and the result is still the same, i search many ways on youtube and google, but almost every worked solution i try it didn't work for me, so i give up and try to find my own sollution by create this post in this sites, hoping someone can help me.
This is the requirements i had in this laptop
OS: windows 7 starter 32-bit
VGA: GMA 3150
Proccessor: Intel Atom N570 1.66Ghz
Aug 31, 2021
Yes, im sure about it, because before i do somethng with regedit stuff my laptop is faster than now, and when i play yt on chrome it's lag stutter and skipping frame, with the sound to, before i got this disaster it's all still better than now, all games that play before this accident is has more fps than now
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