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  1. Justin.grewal

    Question Reset my laptop now stuck in a loop.

    I reset my laptop because it was freezing and I would be forced to shut it down with the power button. During the reset process it froze and I was forced to turn my laptop off. Now my laptop is stuck in a loop of starting screens probably cause the reset was left unfinished. Is there anyway that...
  2. LliamLliam

    Solved! Factory reset nextbook tablet

    I've been attempting to do a hard reset on a Nextbook tablet> ID S7JNX16A10132S. All the info I have is that pressing the UP volume and power will take you into factory settings. On this one, it instead takes me to a boot option menu with Android-IA and Android selections; no sign of any options...
  3. DJFiefs

    Solved! How to reset a phone that keeps restarting and cant access hard reset settings because volume buttons wont work?

    How to reset a phone that keeps restarting and cant access hard reset settings because volume buttons wont work?
  4. N

    Solved! Laptop CMOS reset only after windows shutdown

    i have a Sony SVF15N17CXB. i recently came across that windows (win10 1809) is showing incorrect times, sometime it goes to 2024!! so i checked the event viewer and saw when the time server is not available the OS syncs the time with hardware ( to a wrong date!) so i checked the BIOS time and...
  5. K

    Intel nextbook can’t get to reset

    Stuck on nextbook loading sign went to hard reset it select option for recovery mode when it goes to it I get the android guy on his back with belly open and it saying no command what is wrong and can I fix it?
  6. S

    Factory reset on 79% for 10 hours

    I did a factory reset for my Lenovo G50 laptop last night. I started it about 12 hours ago. For the last 10 hours it has been stuck at 79%. At this moment there is still on this screen:Resetting this PC. However, The circle that indicates that the laptop is charging/ resetting is running still...
  7. N

    Acer Aspire 515-51-563w continues to freeze

    My laptop continues to freeze and so far the only answer from my last post was a generic "here do this" that doesn't work in any way. I have already restored then did a reset when it wasn't resolved. Everything is completely updated so don't mention that. It always freezes after the screen turns...
  8. D

    How to automatically reset or periodically autoreset Google's advertising ID on Android?

    How to automatically reset or periodically autoreset Google's advertising ID on Android?
  9. C

    Notebook laptop power suddenly turns off and on randomly

    Hello, I have my notebook HP (dv7-4080us), in the last few months it started to suddenly turn off like a power failure, and after about 4 or 5 seconds off, it turns back on itself. That means, fans, hdds, all the laptop completely losing power and then restarting again. No BSODs, no warnings, it...
  10. B

    Windows 10 reset problems

    So it all started this morning, when I was experiencing network issues. My network kept on disconnecting, so I googled possible solutions. One guy said to disable then enable the internal network card, so I did. Well, tried. I disabled, but the network card vanished from the list. I messed...
  11. R

    On using your steps for resetting a macbook air, will I be able to reassign the computer to a new owner once it is complete?

    The steps for resetting the MacBook air seem easy enough. I just want to make sure I can reassign the computer to a completely new owner when the process completes.
  12. N

    Asus X553MA HARD RESET?

    My ASUS X553MA, when it boots, the yuhjnm keys do not work, eventually they may start to work. from research i've found that a hard reset may solve the problem, however the battery is non removable. i have modified the laptop and the serial number sticker is missing so i have no hope of it...
  13. Ant Vo

    Can I re-install Kaspersky Anti-Virus on a computer that originally had it without using another activation?

    Hello! So a while back, I had Kaspersky Internet Security on my laptop. It recently just broke down for some reason and I had to format the HDD and and re-install Windows. Now, the anti-virus security is gone. I was wondering if I could re-install it and re-activate it without having to use "an...