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  1. exfileme

    SanDisk WORM Stores Your Mug for 100 Years

    Japan will be the first to use SanDisk's SD WORM for forensic image archiving. SanDisk WORM Stores Your Mug for 100 Years : Read more
  2. R

    ITunes files to Window Media

    Hello, I am trying to transfer iTunes musice files to Windows media that are now on my S card...any suggestions because I can't listen to the music on my Sandisk Fuze. Thx Ressa08
  3. D

    Are these two Sandisk SDHC's equivalent?

    I ordered the Sandisk 8GB EXTREME III SDHC SD Card Class 6 (SDSDX3-8192): amazon link #1 The merchant accidentally sent the SanDisk 8GB Extreme HD Video - SDHC Class 6 High Performance memory card (SDSDRX3-8192-P21) instead: amazon link #2 Should I bother sending this one back and getting...
  4. K

    Sd card reads error

    My SanDisk Ultra 2.0gb reads memory card error when i put it in my camera. It has always worked until now and i have no idea why. Please Help.
  5. R

    Sandisk error messages

    My SanDisk MP3 player model SDMX1-512R has an Error code that says "Reformat Internal Media with SIGMATEL teleformatter". I cannot reformat when I connect it to the computer. It shows up as Drive H and not as the SANDISK device as it has before when I connected. If I try to open it, it says it...
  6. N

    error 0x80070052 the directory or file cannot be created

    What can i do to get rid of the error. I have put songs onto my sandisk memory card. When i went to put on more songs that error came up.
  7. S

    Seeking advice on memory stick

    Hi folks, Sony Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera DSC-T2 I'm prepared to buy a 8G "Memory Stick Duo". There is no memory stick for backup on the captioned camera, only a 4G built-in memory. On computer shop I found "Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo" 4G and 8G. Does "Sandisk Memory Stick Pro...
  8. G

    PMP Face-Off:Sandisk Sansa e250 vs. Samsung Z5Q

    just bought one today it includes FM radio and i live in UK! ! !
  9. G

    SanDisk to Layoff 15% of Workforce?

    Soon after announcing a $155 million loss on the quarter, SanDisk looks to fire as much as 15 percent of its global workforce. SanDisk to Layoff 15% of Workforce? : Read more
  10. JMcEntegart

    SanDisk Launches Disposable MP3 Player

    SanDisk this week announced the launch of the the SlotMusic player, an MP3 player that goes hand in hand with the company’s recently announced slotMusic cards. The smoke clears. Sort of. SanDisk Launches Disposable MP3 Player : Read more
  11. JMcEntegart

    SanDisk Announces New Physical Format for Music

    The four biggest record companies in the industry have gotten together with SanDisk and last week announced what the group obviously hopes will rescue slumping physical music sales. SanDisk Announces New Physical Format for Music : Read more
  12. G

    SanDisk Expands In India To Capture Mobile Phone And Consumer Electronics Market

    SanDisk has announced plans to increase its market presence and diversify product offerings in India. SanDisk Expands In India To Capture Mobile Phone And Consumer Electronics Markets : Read more
  13. G

    Kingston Leading The Opposition Against SanDisk Patent Lawsuit

    Three major camps have formed out of the 25 companies sued by SanDisk over NAND flash-related patent infringement, with Kingston Technology's camp taking the lead in fighting against SanDisk, according to sources at Taiwan memory makers. Kingston Leading The Opposition Against SanDisk Patent...
  14. G

    Sandisk Reveals Fuze MP3 Player

    Milpitas (CA) - Sandisk has unveiled its latest digital playback device with an FM radio, voice recorder, 1. Sandisk Reveals Fuze MP3 Player : Read more
  15. G

    SanDisk's New USB Stick Has Automatic Online Backup

    We've all seen USB flash sticks, but SanDisk has a new Cruzer with an online twist. SanDisk's New USB Stick Has Automatic Online Backup : Read more
  16. Z

    CF Card Decision

    So, I am in need of some advice here. I am looking for a new Compact Flash card for my Canon 40D 8GB in size. I am trying to decide between a Transcend brand card and a SanDisk one. The Transcend card is faster than the SanDisk one (40MB/sec. vs. 20MB/sec.) and also a bit pricier ($134.99 vs...
  17. jay2tall

    Sandisk Sansa e280 Good Call or No?

    SO my Rio Forge finally took a crap, well not completely. It randomly shuts off if I wiggle the headphone plug and its annoying when at the gym. So I actually researched and ordered a Sandisk Sansa e280 which is the 8GB model for $130 off newegg. So what are your thoughts on this. It seems...
  18. D

    sansa e200 + nike

    I think I know the answer to this question, but I'll ask anyway. I'm curious if any of the features of the nike plus system will work w/ the sandisk sansa e200 music player. Is it possible for any hacks? Any comments are appreciated.
  19. F

    Which MP3 player is the better buy??

    I was thinking about getting a new mp3 player: either the 8GB i pod nano or the 8GB SanDisk Sansa e280, just wondering what your thoughts would be on making my decision. the pros and cons of each as well maybe... ipod nano: sansa...
  20. P

    How good is sandisk "sansa" MP3 player?

    How good is sandisk mp3 player sansa compare to Ipod? Does sansa volume adjustment ? Does it play music clearly?
  21. M

    SanDisk Copy Error -The directory or file cannot be created.

    [/b]My son has a 1GB SanDisk Sansa Model M240. Until today, was able to drag and drop MP3's from computer, no problem. Now we get the error, "Cannot Copy 13 - Jim Morrison - Roadhouse Blues: The directory or file cannot be created." Same error occurs when I try to copy any file. The...
  22. D

    SanDisk Digital Audio Player Review

    Just posted this review if anyone is interested: Hope it helps! Dean
  23. G

    Sandisk CF cards

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Anyone know the difference between Sandisk Compact Flash cards listed as SDCFB-512-485 and SDCFB-512-E10? There's about a pound difference in price here in the UK but no information on what difference in spec there might be.
  24. G

    which one is better, sandisk or lexar?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I am planning to buy a CF card. Do you guys know which one is better, sandisk extreme 3 or lexar professional?
  25. G

    Sandisk CF extreme vs.ultra II ??

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I just spoke with salesman who imports and sells Sandisk here and asked him about this new Extreme III series cards. First, they are currently out of stock, but he said that in a period of their manufacture, quite a few cards died and they...
  26. G

    CF Card for 350D

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hi, I have finally decided to plunge for a 350D. What is the best CF card to buy for this camera? I am kinda deciding betweeen the following: 1. Sandisk Ultra II 1GB 2. Sandisk Extreme III 1GB 3. Lexar 80X 1Gb Is it worth...
  27. G

    Which card reader is most reliable?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I have a SanDisk ImageMate (CF card reader) that I have used for a number of years. It has been reliable and reasonably fast. However, I have ordered two 1G CompactFlash cards. I contacted SanDisk and received information from them that...
  28. J

    Sandisk mp3 players?

    Couple on new egg that I was looking at around 50 bucks. Look pretty cheap. I need something that I can run with that can take some little abuse though, the one I bought only made it one run until it quit. I was also looking at the really cheap iriver and creative ones, about 72 and 55...
  29. C

    New Sandisk CF not compatable with older Sandisk USB reade..

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hi, I've been merrily using my Sandisk card reader (SDDR-75) to download photos from my 256 mb simpletech compact flash card, with no problems. I find a good deal on a 512 Sandisk Compact flash card, and buy it. The first (and every) time I...
  30. C

    Problem with Sandisk 512 cf card in Sandisk Dual card read..

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hi, This is a reply to previous poster (couldn't respond to his message.) He had trouble with a new sandisk 512 compact flash card in his Sandisk Imagemate dual card reader # SDDR-75. IT ALSO HAPPENED TO ME! I just bought a 512...
  31. G

    Password program for SanDisk Cruzer mini USB

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Hi Gang, Is there any program that will allow me to copy my files (mainly MSWord), onto a SanDisk 256 MB Cruzer, in encrypted form, such that I could plug it into another computer and have it prompt me for a password to decrypt? It would...