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  1. J

    Solved! USB v UEFI Booting

    I have an Asus x200ca laptop with Windows 10, and a Sandisk 16gb Cruzer Glide which i burned DBan on with Rufus. When trying to boot with USB, it booted with Windows OS instead of the USB, so i went to BIOS to change the priority order, the only 2 options were the windows OS and UEFI Sandisk. I...
  2. A

    Solved! Sandisk sd card storage issue

    I have 32GB sandisk sd card in Lenovo phab 2 .. in internal storage there are applications allowed only .. while in SD card media to be downloaded is allowed .. but problem is that I have no media in card but still it shows 20 Gb filled and 9 gb available space only .. what is in this 20Gb data
  3. F

    Solved! SanDisk 32GB SD Card issues

    OK, to do a bit of scene setting for the techies here: I am using a SanDisk 32GB SD card for my LG K8 2017 phone, which I bought when I upgraded my contract with EE in May this year. It was saving photos to the SD card no bother at all. That was until today. Basically, whilst I had Spotify up...
  4. R

    Can't delete anything from my Android's SD Card! No space!

    Android HTC Desire, Sandisk Micro SD Card After downloading episodes through the Netflix app my phone and SD card ran out of storage. (14/16 GB Phone, 28.9/29.2 SD Card) I tried to delete the downloads through the Netflix app but I could not access my downloads, as the feature isn't available...
  5. J

    Solved! I have a micro sandisk SDHC card and i've looked on how to back it up where people say to plug it into my computer however my

    I have been trying to backup what I have on this micro SD card since it is very important to me, but the ways that people have suggested such as copying it onto my computer just leads to another problem my computer then asks me to format it, and i'm afraid I don't have the phone it was...
  6. M

    How can I fix my SD card.

    Hi, I recently bought a 64Gb SD card for my phone because it doesn't have enough capacity for my daily use. But right away it started showing some errors in apps I normally use, I first encountered the issues in Spotify, sometimes my card wouldn't show up when I tried changing the storage...
  7. A

    Can I upgrade disk and ram on inspion 11 3162

    I have a dell inspiron 11 3162. sandisk df4032 32 gb andBest buy and the sticker on the box said I could. 4.0 gb DDR3 memory. Can I up grade to larger sandisk and 8gb memory?
  8. G

    I have a sony Super Steady Shot memor stick is by SanDisk... not Sony... and the adapter is SanDisk as well... and it doesn't

    My Sony camera recorded pics on vids on a SunDisk Pro Duo... and the Adapter is by SunDisk.. do I need a Sony memory card Adapter for it to work?
  9. 1

    Solved! If i want to view what's on my micro SanDisk from my LG , can i insert the disc into an adapter and insert that into a compute

    I don't know what phone some certain messages were on so i wanted to check out what was on this card It's a SanDisk from aLG phone .
  10. K

    ZTE z719dl SanDisk sd not supported, why?

    Bought an SD card for my husband's phone, it is failing to convert to internal storage and says not supported? What do I do? It is straight talk prepaid.
  11. N

    16gb sandisk micro sdhcblank or unsupported file system

    hi when i put my 16gb sandisk micro sdhc in my phone it says blank or unsupported filesystem.when i click it,it says formating but the same notification remains i connected it to my laptop using microsdhc adapter but the sd is not recognized however in disk managment i see it without a letter...
  12. K

    SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 Not working

    Hi This is what I am seeing when I insert USB into system with Windows 10 Pro. It's there but I can't open it. I have seen and tried some solutions on web but nothing works. Tried updating drivers, changing ports, renaming disk, plugging it in mac (appeared for a few times now not being shown...
  13. A

    Whenever I try to copy or move files from my phone memory to the SanDisk external storage , the copying process gets failed ha

    Whenever I try to copy or move files from my phone memory to the SanDisk external storage , the copying process gets failed halfway. My phone memory is about to be full and I need to move some files onto the SD card. Why is this happening? Please help!. IM USING A XIAOMI MI A1 RUNNING ON...
  14. F

    ZTE Axon 7 (Build A2017GV1.2.0B09) with 400GB Sandisk MicroSD Compatability

    Hi all, I'm planning to buy 400 GB Sandisk Ultra microSD UHS-I Card for my ZTE 7 Axon 7 (Build A2017GV1.2.0B09 - latest version available officially by ZTE in my country). But the microSD card is expensive :ouch: Putting aside the theoretical part, is there anyone who can confirm that this...
  15. D

    download pictures to sandisk on samsung s7

    how to download pictures from s7 to removable sd
  16. J

    I have a Nikon coolpix b500. I bought a SanDisk ultra plus. When inserted, my camera says " this catd cannot be usef". I was

    Memory card will not work!
  17. N

    Can Sandisk Clip Sport Plus (bluetooth) connect as bluetooth headset ?

    Hi everyone. May I ask if Sandisk Clip Sport Plus (bluetooth) connect as bluetooth headset ? Thanks for reading !
  18. O

    SanDisk SDXC card failure rate

    Hello, I'm curious to know if anyone has ever had a Sandisk 10 class SDXC card fail on them and if so how often do they fail? I'm asking because I use them to film in my canon cameras and someone advised me filming to two cards simultaneously to backup my recording in case a card fails but...
  19. A

    looking for external storage for LenovoPad TB3-850F tablet

    I have tried a Sandisk 32GB micro disk that did not fit. Any suggestions.
  20. B

    save location on ZTE MAXPRO

    Storage > "Save Location" is faded out and set to Phone. The SanDisk SD Card is formatted as Internal. I want the "Save Location" to be set to SanDisk Card, not Phone
  21. DallasPikachu

    Max speed SD card can read and write on original HP Stream 11?

    I have the original Stream 11 that had Windows 8.1 with Bing and my question is that can this notebook read a fast SD card like the Extreme from Sandisk? If not then I should just get a 128GB Ultra to save money. I will be using a Micro SD card and put that in a SD card adapter by the way...
  22. U

    how do i make my sandisk 2.0 16gb a bootable device if the iso burning software wil not pick it up?

    my windows os for my desktop was corrupt so i am trying to burn my windows from my laptop onto the usb but the usb is not picked up in the software im using thus i cannot burn the ios and make it a bootable device need help asap
  23. F

    Wondering if my future rig will be good enough for VR.

    Hello all! I am fairly tech savvy, and am working on my first PC build. I was curious if my future rig could handle an HTC Vive, and have an enjoyable experience. Here's my list: Case: Corsair Carbide Air 240 MoBo: ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII GENE CPU: Intel i7 6700K Heatsink/Cooler: Cooler Master...
  24. T

    Ssd in disk caddy concerns

    I recently was gifted a sandisk 240 gig ssd. I was pumped when i recieved it but realized i dont need it in my desktop due to the fact it already has a ssd it boots from and 2tb of additional space. So i started researching and decided the ssd would serve me better in my asus rog laptop. It has...
  25. J

    Should I install AV on my new SSD? Thanks

    Hello guys! Does AV will decrease the performance of my SSD (Sandisk Plus 120gb)? what AV do you recommend? Thanks
  26. T

    Heat issue after installing new SSD.

    I just purchased a new Sandisk 480 Ultra ii SSD for my laptop, an Asus G75vw-DS71. While I have noticed the improvements in load times people often mention when talking about SSDs, I have also encountered a minor, but still fairly concerning heating issue. Before installation, while using the...
  27. cminusincplusplus

    Is it possible to use disk enclosure/docking station/adapter with a SanDisk SDSA5DK-064G SSD?

    My MSI GT70 0NC laptop bios doesn't boot and I want to recover some files on these SSD's. Is it possible? Nvm, solved
  28. lordszone

    My USB Drive is not booting with a bootable image

    Hi All I have a problem for which i am seeking assistance. I have two usb drives: 16gb kingston data traveler G3 and 4gb sandisk cruzer blade. I have made bootable image of windows 7. Now the problem is that when i mount this image on the kingston usb, things go smooth and i am able to boot...
  29. S

    Micros sdhc wont connect to my cx330

    I have a sony cx330 and i got a new sandisk 8gb microsdhc for it and every time i put it in it says reinsert memory, verifying the positioning of the memory. i even tried it on other devices and it didn't read. i don't want to send it back just yet so any have any idea what's wrong, all open to...
  30. T

    Problem restoring system image to SSD in windows 8 (no device to restore to message)

    Hi, I am trying to install a Sandisk SSD to replace a HDD in my Fujitsu Lifebook AH512. I use the repair disk made in Windows 8 to boot, then attempt to restore a system image from an external HDD onto the SSD. However, there is a fail error message 'no drive to restore to'. This is despite the...
  31. J

    SD card bug? Sandisk 64gb

    Hi Sandisk 64gb micro sd with lots of music and videos. The Note cannot recognize a single video as playable, sees most of the music-folders as empty and cannot play most of the music it does see. In my laptop everything on the card works fine. Is this a bug? virus? Help would be nice! Sony...
  32. A

    I recently bought a micro SD card and I was hoping that when added it would be added to the total amount of storage on my phon

    I have a Motorola G Micro SD card brand is SanDisk and is 16gb
  33. M

    sd card apps: unfortunately 'app' has stopped

    Hello! I have a sandisk Ultra 16GB micro sd card hc1 it's work good!! But in sd apps ((my moved apps to sd card)) I open any sd card app the phone tell me.. "unfortunately 'app' has stopped" And I try to move my photos and videos to the sd card and the phone delete every thing in sd card :(...
  34. P

    Sandisk Ultra Fit 64GB USB 3.0 flash drive taking 4 hours to write 36GB

    Hey everyone, I just bought a Sandisk Ultra Fit 64GB USB 3.0 flash drive. I highlighted everything on my desktop and dragged it into the flash drive window. In total it is about 36GB. It takes about 4 hours for the flash drive to write that 36GB. I have it plugged into a 3.0 port on my...
  35. N

    Whats the difference between these sd cards

    Whats the difference between the Sandisk Ultra Plus microSDXC and the Sandisk UltramicroSDXC
  36. BlueFireZ

    SD card really hot?

    Hey guys I recently bought a SanDisk Extreme Plus 64GB SD card as a upgrade from a basic Transcend card and after about 10 minutes of recording on my Canon 70D I noticed the the grip of the camera unusually hot, so I took out the card and it was really hot, and i mean really hot. I'm still...
  37. D

    Formatting a SanDisk 64 GB MicroSD XC card to FAT32

    Hi guys and gals, Today I just purchased a New Nintendo 3DS XL handheld gaming system. I'm a bit confused. I've read Nintendo's website where they've said that they've only tested 32GB microSD cards for use in their latest handheld system. However, I've also read online that there have been...
  38. S

    After my sandisk SD memory card is formatted in the computer it is not getting detected in the mobilephone, it says no externa

    after mine sd card was formatted in my computer....the memory card is not working in any device
  39. mrminivee

    What happens to a recording if im using 30mbps microsd card when recording at 45mbps

    Hello, I have got a 64gb sandisk microSD. It states a maximum of 30mbps, but my GoPro hero 4 Silver records at 45mbp/s 1080p60 with Protune (if i remember correctly). I have recorded many different videos and have not noticed any problems but am soon going on a ski trip. What are the...

    encryption thumb drives question

    i wondered if the sandisk aes encryption usb are any different then running sme other form of encryption software for thumb drives not sure what but sandisk has secure access software does this make there sticks different then the rest is there some sort of extra aes component these things have...
  41. G

    MOTO E - Micro SD Card 32 GB - Samsung EVO or any other?

    Hi, I am planning to use a SD card for my new Moto E smartphone. I had 2 choices Sandisk Ultra and Samsung EVO, both Class 10 32 GB. However I found Samsung EVO is better in some reviews. Is that correct. Will Samnusgn EVO micro SD card 32 GB be comaptible with Moto E. Is there any better...
  42. D

    ultra sandisk error!

    This is the 2nd Ultra Sandisk that has crashed and all of my very important pictures and videos seem to be gone. I'm besides myself, please help! It is my daughter's performances in what would be her last. I'm so upset about this as another sandisk did the same thing--after it working for a few...
  43. Nigh

    Will these upgrades work for a HP Pavilion G6 1c51nr

    I have a HP Pavilion 1c51nr, and I want it to be faster for when I do work and the occasional mobile gaming. (After building a gaming desktop my laptop is as slow as a tortoise in comparison) I figured that these parts here: should be compatible...
  44. V

    i need to format my 4 gb sandisk memory card using cmd

    how can i format my 4 gb sandisk micro sd using cmd and it is in a raw state with multiple partitions
  45. J

    New card is very slow

    Since I do Timelapse I need a fast card, with a lot of space, so I just bought a Sandisk 64 GB 80 MB/s. But when I used it I found out that the card was pretty slow. It takes about 40 secs for a photo too register on the card. Witch is way to much, becouse must time-lapse are done with a 5 sec...
  46. J

    SD Card Won't Format

    I recently bought an 4gb sandisk ultra sd card for my Kodak easyshare Z612 camera, I've been trying to use it ever since but I cant. it say I must format the card first but it doesn't format.. when I format the card using a pc it does format. what seems to be the problem with this card...?
  47. J

    Will 64gb sd card work on htc desire s?

    So I'm thinking of getting a htc desire s, will my 64gb sandisk sd card work on it or do I need to format it? if so how?
  48. S

    Sandisk micro sd card 8 gb format write protected

    i have samsung champ mobile i have use 8 gb micro sd card in my moble , but few day befor i move movie in my card so auto creat MRE name folder so after thaT MY mobile is no working properly so please help me because so important documant in this card.
  49. I


    Hello, I have a Sandisk for my camera and I just stored large number of pretty pictures i took in LA. But I dropped it into the water by mistake, when I inserted it into the camera again I could not find the pictures. I connected it to computer and it still can be found but the pictures just can...
  50. G

    Lexar to Release XQD Memory Cards

    Lexar confirmed that it will be offering XQD memory cards. XQD was first announced by SanDisk, Sony and Nikon in 2010 and later released as a specification by the CompactFlash Association. Lexar to Release XQD Memory Cards : Read more
  51. B

    Scandisc for camera

    Hello, I have a 16GB SanDisk for my camera and have taken over 2,000 pictures. I came home and am trying to download the pics but it is telling me that I have to format the disc first and will lose all data. The pictures are there but I can't get them on the computer.... any suggestions?
  52. B

    How to erase a corrupted micro sd card

    I have a sandisk 64gb class 10 micro sd card and I took it out of my samsung note without unmounting it and all the files on the card went corrupt and I cant even format it I am sending it back for a relpacement but I am worried that they can fix it and see the pictures that I have on it. please...
  53. G

    Sandisk Releases 19nm Flash Chip eMMC Cards

    Sandisk today said that it is now manufacturing flash memory devices using 19 nm flash chips. Sandisk Releases 19nm Flash Chip eMMC Cards : Read more
  54. M

    Solved! Is it necessary to have magic gate for sony digital cameras

    Hello, hi is sandisk memory chips comtabile will all digital cameras including sony or do i have to use Sony magic gate for a sony camera
  55. A

    My sandisk micro sd card got locked by itself...........

    i have a 4 gb micro sd card in my nokia x3 .......... my phone was switched off fr few days........ suddenly....... when i switched it on few days later..... i was not able to get acces in the micro sd card .... as it was asking fr password........but in my living memory i never gave any passwrd...
  56. M

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  57. L

    How to remove write-protected from digital camera

    Hello I have a digital camera Sony DCR-SX30 and tried everything Format ; search in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ... also I AM SURE THAT THERE IS NO LOCK ON MY SANDISK (8gb) and if I take sandisk out I get the same error "The disk is write-protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk." I...
  58. G

    Trying to remove write protection on a a sandisk mirco sd card but cant help!!!

  59. B

    VFS File Issue

    Hello, Picasa can't read my vfs file off my sandisk from my android phone.
  60. exfileme

    SanDisk Launches its Smallest USB Drive Yet

    This new flash drive is the size of a paper clip. SanDisk Launches its Smallest USB Drive Yet : Read more