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  1. A

    Does RX 580 has heat issues?

    I'm about to buy a RX 580 Sapphire Nitro. Some of my friends are saying that it has heat issues. I'm not thinking about overclocking it and also will use the stock fans. So is there really a problem of heat in RX 580?
  2. M

    Low ETH hashrate on R9 280x

    I just tried out ETH mining on my Sapphire R9 280x I saw that other people are getting over 20 MH/s out of their R9 280x, but I'm only getting around 13 MH/s, why could this be? At first I tried it on MinerGate, but then I moved over to, the results only slightly improved...
  3. C

    Intel i3 6100 vs g4560

    so,this morning,i asked is gtx 1050 better then rx 460,so i came up with g4560 with gtx 1050ti,but few minutes ago,i saw pc with i3: CPU: i3 6100 3.7ghz GPU: sapphire nitro rx 460 2gb Ram 8gb price: 493,15$ g4560 specs: CPU: intel g4560 3.5ghz GPU: GTX 1050ti 4gb Ram:8gb price: 504,73$...
  4. A

    Solved! Install SAPPHIRE HD 7970 on DELL XPS 8700

    Hallo I need help Please i have a xps 8700 (working fine With GTX 650 TI ) I try to install a sapphire HD 7970 Graphics card. i get power and fans running But i have Black Screen!! (No Peep). after around 20 Sec , the Computer Restart once and still nothing Black screen!! *i have...
  5. J

    Can R7 240 2gb 128bit will run blade and soul in high settings?

    Hi im planning to buy sapphire R7 240 2gb 128bit and i dunno if this will run blade and soul in high settings? My Specs: Proc - AMD A8 7600 Mobo - Gigabyte GA-F2A68HM-DS2 Ram - 2pcs Kingston Hyper X Fury 4g 1866mhz Psu - Corsair VS450
  6. A

    Upgrade build for virtual reality

    Gpu Sapphire Radeon R9 270 2GB Power Supply Corsair CX600 CP-9020048-US 600W Power Supply Motherboard MSI Computer Corp. A88XM-E45 Motherboard Cpu AMD Quad-Core A8-Series APU A8-6600K with Radeon HD 8570D Ram 2 x Corsair Vengeance 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) DDR3 What would be my options for upgrading?
  7. P

    New Graphics card doesn't open up pc

    I've just bought a dual x r9 270x sapphire graphics card but it doesn't work I can open my pc I see the windows sign then it just stays black. It opened once but it went onto the black screen halfway through me trying to install the disk of this graphics card. I replace it with my old graphics...
  8. S

    OC'ing R9 290 to match 290x for Crossfire

    I currently have one Sapphire R9 290 Tri-x OC and have decided to add a second card for Crossfire. I have managed to find a slightly superior card - Sapphire R9 290X Vapor-x - for more or less the same price as just another 290 Tri-x. As far as I am aware, you can Crossfire any two GPUs from...
  9. E

    New Graphics card, Rear fan is stiff and makes a very loud buzzing noise when moving

    I recently got in my possesion a sapphire 7970GHZ just yesterday But i was aware that the rear fan was not working though i presumed it was just non functioning, However as soon as i look at it and touched the fans i noticed the rear fan on it was stiff to move and though moveable it wont spin...
  10. H

    First custom PC Help

    I am going to build my first custom PC and i need some advice. Are the parts compatible and should I maybe upgrade something? CPU: Intel core i5 4670 Mobo: msi z97 PC mate GPU: Sapphire radeon r9 280X Ram: Cruciale Ballistix sport 8gb HDD: WD Blue 1TB Case: Thermaltake V4 PSU: XFX pro 550W Thanks!
  11. D

    Iphone 6 sapphire

    are all iphone 6 that will be release this coming sept 9 will be sapphire or it will be limited only ?? please answer this thanks and should i buy upon the release or wait and read some reviews about it?
  12. Eidoss

    Rank My Computer says I have a 280X, and I have the 270X!

    If some of you don't know what I'm talking about: This is what I have: And it is Sapphire just like the one above... But...
  13. W

    AMD CCC Keeps Crashing

    I have been trying to get Dayz SA to run with crossfire. I found something that seems to be the solution for many others. I added Dayz.exe to the 3D Application Settings and when i go to the bottom and try to change what crossfire mode i want to use, CCC just crashes. Any ideas on how to fix...
  14. F

    iPhone 6 ?

    So I've heard rumors that they ruled out the release of the iPhone 6 this year because of complication with making the whole phone out of the unscratchable sapphire glass. Does anybody know if this is true? Or should I still assume they will release in September like usual
  15. T

    About this crossfire deal.

    I currently own a Sapphire Radeon HD 5870 2GB DDR5, and planning to get a 290x, is there a way for me to use them together or 5870 is trash?
  16. A

    sapphire Trixx is not responding to custom fancurve

    Hi, Trixx is not responding to custom fancurves. I start game > fan goes around 50% > temperature still rises > fan stays at 50%(but should go higer in my fancurve) > close game > fans spin like they should be in my fancurve. What is going on? Anyone who can fix this? Thanks for helping out...
  17. C

    7970 OC with 550W PSU 32AMPS in +12V rail

    I tried to overclock my 7970. My card is sapphire dualx (blue PCB) and yes I can unlock the voltage. I can see others getting their OC for as high as 1200MHZ in core and 1700+Memory. Without touching anything on the voltage, mine can unlock 1080 and 1600 respectively. The moment I unlock, in...
  18. XSR

    Sapphire HD 6950 2GB Dirt 3 Edition

    I want to Unlock my Sapphire HD 6950 2GB Dirt 3 Edition. Is the Seasonic 430W too low for this? My CPU is i5 2500 (without overclock).
  19. Extremehotdog

    Unlocking 6950 to 6970

    I want to unlock my Sapphire 6950 to a 6970 but I have some questions 1. Is the life of the GPU really shorten 2. Does it worth it? 3. Do I need a new cooler(Example: Arctic Cooling Accelero) 4. Could something go wrong that can damage my PC?
  20. I

    FS Sapphire 6950

    I recently upgraded so Im ready to sell my previous card, a reference sapphire 6950. Nothing much to say about the card other then it works great, I try the 6970 unlock just out of curiousity and it does work. I flashed it back before ever using it in any games, and now i can answer postively...
  21. M

    Crossfire Help

    I recently ordered a Sapphire Toxic 6950 with the hope/expectation it will unlock the shaders and become a slightly underclocked 6970. My intention was to pick up another one this holiday season for crossfire. However, it seems that shortly after getting the first one, the product is...
  22. tarun k

    Pencil mod on saphire

    hi guys will the pencil mod work on sapphire 5670 i have hit a wall of 920/1020 i want to go higher than that pls suggest me some methods to unlock the voltage tweaks in msi and sapphire trixx
  23. H

    HD 6950 Sapphire 100312SR vs. XFX HD-659A vs. HIS H695F2G2M vs. Gigaby

    Pretty much decided on a 6950, which I hope to unlock to a 6970. Just wondering if anyone had any comments on the models listed above (last one is Gigabyte GV-R695D5-2GD-B) They all look pretty good, so maybe it isn't going to make much difference. But I would like to overclock a bit if I can...
  24. A

    Unlock Ati HD 5830

    Hi, i have Sapphire ati radeon hd5830. Is there any way to unlock the GPU ? THX
  25. H

    XFX vs Sapphire vs Powercolor 6970

    XFX $280 - $20 Rebate : Sapphire $299: Powercolor $270 -$20 rebate: I'm going...
  26. G

    Sapphire 790gx 550 be unlock 3 4 cores

    having trouble unlocking the extra cores on sapphire pure crossfire 790gx mobo and 550 be cpu... when i enable ACC it shows 4 cores is this normal? or does it mean that these are unlocked, when i boot into windows it only shows 2 cores im confused help please
  27. V

    Sapphire x1900xt Models Question

    On newegg, there are three models of Sapphire x1900xt 512mb card. Excluding the OEM model, how does the 100149L Model differ from 100149SR Model? Both models have the same clock speeds for core and memory. Some of the features different such as Dual-Link TMDS transmitter and Sapphire Select...
  28. basketcase

    ATi Tool

    I have a question about ATI tool. I just got a Sapphire x800GTO and i wanted to see if I could unlock more pipes. Thru Ati Tool, I saw that my core was a R430 and it said that there is 16 pixel pipelines. Does that mean that they are already unlocked, or does it mean that there is that many...
  29. M

    best antivirus?

    Hi guys, in your opinion, what is the best antivirus? ------------------------------------------------- Athlon64 Newcastle, 2800+, 640KB Cache, 1800 MHz MSI K8M Neo-V, VIA K8M800 + 8237 chipset Sapphire Atlantis Radeon 9600 256MB