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    Driver for 320gb external hard drive?

    hello, everyone can you help me to find a software driver for my external hadrd drive sata.. tia
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    Ssd sata3 in a sata 1 laptop

    Sorry if this is a naive post, been going around in circles for a while. I have a 3 year old laptop, the advent 6555 which does have sata 1 support. I was thinking of popping in an ssd, I know the connectors are compatible and have seen some warnings about sata 2 not being 100% backward...
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    Toshiba satellite a200 hard drive specification

    What sort of hard drive is it? i know is 2.5 sata? and it has 5200rpm So if I wanted to update the HDD what specification do I look at?
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    How to unfreeze sata port 0 on an acer aspire 5551-2805 laptop?

    How to unfreeze sata Port0 on my Acer Notebook ?
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    ASUS K53SV

    Hello, I was wondering whether this laptop can support SATA III (6Gb/s) HDD? Thanks.
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    SERIAL AT DISC DRIVE Seagate 100 G Momentus 5400.2

    Hello, What reader will retrieve files from this harddrive? A SATA docking station does not work. Thanks
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    HP DV4-1430US - Supports Sata II or III ?

    Hi. I have an old notebook, the HP DV4-1430US, Core 2 Duo T6500, 4GB RAM 800Mhz, 320GB HDD... which I want to upgrade by installing a SSD... I tried to find a tool to check for it's specs in ubuntu (11.10) but I couldnt find any real information, only that it has the ICH9 Controller... I...
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    Laptop SATA HDD to SATA SSD adapter?

    Hello, Thanks in advance. I've got an HP Touchsmart TX2-1244ca laptop with a Toshiba MK5055GSX 500GB 2.5-Inch Internal SATA HDD @5400RPM (9.5 mm height). I'd like to replace it with a 2.5" SSD (OCZ Agility 3) however the HDD bay is not configured (port/plug) to accommodate it. Is there an...
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    2 5 mobile sata connector cable

    I bought a 2.5 inch SATA Hard Drive for my Hp Laptop now I need the SATA Cable to install it. Can you help me. thank you for your time, Tony
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    What is the fastest hard drive i can install in Acer aspire 5750G?

    What version of SATA does Acer aspire 5750G support? how can I find out ? I know the current HDD is SATA 300 but does the optical bay support that too ? I plan to put a SSD in the HDD bay and a HDD in the Optical Bay in a caddy Many Thanks in anticipation
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    Asus x53 (aka k53): sata-300 or sata-600

    Hello I'm just wondering wether the Asus x53 (also named k53) has a sata-300 or a sata-600 connection. It doesn't have usb 3.0, so that has made me wondering; if they don't even add usb 3.0-support, why would they put a faster sata-controller in? My google-search came up empty, but I did found...
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    Can i put a sata hdd into my laptop

    Hello, can i put a sata hdd into a laptop that has had an ide hdd taken out and will it work fine
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    Ports and functions site:tomshardware com

    Hello, what can I connect in a e-sata port on my laptop?
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    Solved! Ports and functions site:tomshardware com

    Hello, what can I connect in a e-sata port on my laptop?
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    How to change my ibm thinkpad ide for a sata

    how do i change the ide connection inside for a sata, where is the thing and what do i need to do to change it on the m'board?
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    Can't find my new notebook on the manufacturers website, help!

    Hi I have 2 questions in 1 :) Just bought a packard bell ns44 i3 2310m and am waiting for delivery so haven't received it yet. I want to upgrade to a SSD as ive told booting and loading programs is faster but I am not sure if I should buy sata, sata 2 or (less likely compatible) sata3. As I...