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  1. T

    Why cant i run SATA on IDE

    Hello, i would like to know why my K53SC laptop wont launch on IDE SATA mode, but it can launch in ACHI. A windows error occurs and automatically starts looking for problems
  2. K

    help with mobo????

    i need to know what is the best z97 mobo for 90 pounds i need 3 fan headers and i need it to come with 3 sata 6.0 cables
  3. Y

    Replacing a Harddrive 320gb with a Sata 500gb

    Can I replace my 320gb harddrive with a Sata 500gb on a HP Compaq Small Form Factor DC7900 ?
  4. S

    MSI ghost laptop 2nd hard drive cable question

    Hi everyone, So I bought a new laptop, the MSI gs60 ghost 013, the one with only a 256 ssd. i bought a 2.5 sata sshd because there's an open bay, but when I opened the laptop up I found myself way outta my depth! It was a nightmare to get to the bay, and when I found the hard drive bay, i...
  5. C

    Sata III - Sata II issue with Asus K laptop

    Hello, ..I found this laptop(asus k70ic) some weeks ago, and now I finally got some cash and bought an SSD(MX100) 128GB. I installed the windows on it, w7 ultimate.I ghet the WEI score of an only 5,9. With his old HDD it was also 5.2. I wonder why. I´ve read that I should note care much...
  6. DiabolusItalicus

    Installing a SSD in a HP Pavilion dv5125ea

    I'd like to install a SSD in my good, old HP Pavilion dv5125ea running Windows XP SP3. I've already verified the notebook has a SATA I 2.5" hard disc. Q1: Are SATA I SSD still on sale? In a preliminary eBay search, I only found used SSDs... Q2: If no SATA I SSD are available, can I install a...
  7. F

    Lenovo Y70 Touch SSD Upgrade

    I am looking to upgrade my laptop with an SSD. I am looking at either a 1tb or 500gb drive. Most likely the 840 Evo. I'm not sure if my laptop will support the SATA III though. My current HD is the 1tb+8gbssd and it's connected to the mobo with a sata cable. I have only looked at the spec...
  8. S

    SSD or Two Mechanicals?

    Hello, first timer here on the forum. I am purchasing a gaming laptop for Christmas and had a question about mechanical/SSD drives. I am customizing the laptop so I have a few options. The current two options are as follows: Primary Mechanical: 1000GB 7200rpm 2.5-inch 9.5mm 32MB SATA III...
  9. manosspan

    Do I hava Sata 2 or Sata 3 on my laptop

    Hello all. I have a laptop made from a local brand (originally it is a novatech pegatron a15he) {haven't understand exactly the brand name} with these characteristics I found out that...
  10. Z

    Compaq Presario CQ61

    Hi I have been asked to fix a young boys Compaq CQ61 with a 3gb SATA HDD. the HDD has 4 Partitions but nothing in the Recovery or HP tools partition. also it will not boot to BIOS so I can't boot from CD/DVD drive to try & load windows OS. So how can I fix this Please Help
  11. L

    Intel HM77 Express, Sata 2 or 3?

    Hello, I have HP ENVY m6-1178sa and I decided to throw a SSD in there... Upon opening the hard drive bay I found that it has a Sata 2 1tb hard drive... I did some googling and found out that HM77 is capable of Sata III, however it is up to assembler to decide which port to use (2 or 3) HWINFO...
  12. S

    SSD on PCI-E or SATA III?

    For my next desktop build I am considering both interfaces. Is there much to be gained from using PCI-E over SATA III in gaming and general use? I want value for money but also great IOPS. My thinking so far is this one: or this one...
  13. S

    Accessing sata drive from ubuntu with SATA to USB adapter only gives brief connection to HDD

    Hi all, I'd like to ask for some help. I'm trying to use my linux computer to get my files off of a hardrive which may or may not be damaged. I'm new to Unix based OS as of the past few months have been getting experience from a project at work, however skill set is limited. I'm going to try...
  14. O

    Internal drive connected with sata in laptop

    I need a DVD drive for my laptop,( )but i'm wandering if i will be able to connect an internal drive ( via a usb to sata cable?
  15. N

    Laptop with SATA III 6Gbps

    Hi! Today I bought a new laptop the Asus K55, then decided to purchase the Kingston Fury Hyper X, the box says that the read and write speed it 500mbps. But when I use HDTune the results turn out to be 220 and peak at 330, does this mean is it sata iii 3gbps or 6gbps, I also want a reccmondation...
  16. D

    New laptop went dead after setting SATA to RAID in Bios

    I had a problem with installing windows 7 on my new laptop as it would keep freezing on the starting windows screen. Ive found here in forums that changing SATA modes might help so I have changed it to RAID, tried to boot from dvd again and the laptop just died and wouldnt turn on again...
  17. P

    Laptop sometimes won't boot Windows/Windows is slow, confusing diagnostic results

    Hello all, My laptop for all intents and purposes seems to be showing signs of HD failure. And at the same time, not. I'm rather confused. It started a couple of days ago when I tried to boot up and was shown an error informing me that there was no boot device. I restarted a few times and...
  18. K

    HTPC - DDR3 1600 or DDR3 1866+?

    Sup guys, My first HTPC build involves the following: 1. i3-4330 $125 from Amazon (reviews say Haswell class i3 and above are capable of 4K easy) 2. GIGABYTE GA-H81M-HD3 1150 H81 SATA 6Gb/s MB (4K capable Gigabyte claims) 3...
  19. D

    Can I upgrade my netbook HDD?

    Is it possible to replace my hp 6910p HDD with another 2.5" one, its a 80gb, 5400, 1.5 sata and i noticed a 250gb, 5400, 3.0 sata for £20 second hand and dont want to waste money trying it to find out it does not work , another quick question would i better off buying a external HDD is there any...
  20. C

    How Do I Set R-Studio Network Edition To Skip Bad Sectors On A SATA Drive

    I keep getting a reset scan message from R-Studio on my Hitachi SATA Drive I am trying to recover files a from FAT32 reformat from an original NTFS formatted drive. This is not a primary system drive.
  21. Z

    Sata/SSD related question

    I have MSI MS-1492 barebone laptop and want to add ssd to it. Can someone translate this line to understandable language? Hard Disk Drive: 2.5" SATA HDD drive bay (+ Optional m-SATA x 2; required to remove ODD Do i have to remove hdd to add ssd? Heres website...
  22. AtrixRewind

    Weird Mobile SATA?

    Okay. So I have some broken laptops that I decided to take apart. I took out the DVD drive (which I was gonna use as an external DVD drive), and there were the SATA connections. There was a standard SATA data cable slot, but then there was this smaller, SATA looking connector.
  23. K

    Please, help me choose lenovo for autocad

    Hello! I need to buy new laptop in order to 3d design with autocad and maybe some basic opengl/directx programming. But main purpouse is Autocad. I found 3 models of lenovo, that I can afford: y510p: Intel Core i7-4700MQ, 8gb, 1000gb sata, NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M (ddr5); g510: Intel Core...
  24. B

    Sata Cable required

    have you any way of obtaining a Sata cable (inside Samsung computer) not attachment for model NP RF511 S03au . This is a small cable from Motherboard to hard drive
  25. S

    Laptop won't boot? No beeps? asap!

    I have a dell studio 14z that i was given for free that was missing a hdd, ram, and a bad cpu. I got 8gb ddr3 ram and i7 820m and a intel 520 solid state drive. at first i was getting the bad cpu/processor beep code (7 beeps).When I put the new cpu/processor in and it was still getting 7 beeps...
  26. S

    how do I fix my laptop hard drive with sata cable

    I have a laptop hard drive that was running a duel boot with Ubuntu and windows 8 and I deleted the Ubuntu from its partition but couldnt delete the portion itself because I didn't have enough room the Linux my duel boot menu and when I deleted the partition I couldn't load my windows. I have a...
  27. M

    My L300D died only a black screen, the HD seems to run, the fan too, I acquired a SATA to USB cable and checked the HD and it

    My L300D died only a black screen, the HD seems to run, the fan too, I acquired a SATA to USB cable and checked the HD and it appears to be fine. I then purchased a new motherboard from Toshiba and changed it out but still the same thing. Any suggestions. I have replaced with a new Toshiba that...
  28. M

    my ssd drive shows up as a sata instead of ssd

    Hi all, any help appreciated , I installed a ssd in my secound hard drive ony asus gt75vx. For now I just want to use as storage, so I cat get the computer to see it as anything but a sata drive. It is set on ahci and all setttings are correct as far as I know. Help me get it to read drive as a...
  29. V

    how to find out is it SATA 3gb/s or 6gb/s?

    I have asus n53sv laptop with 1 HDD bay... I want to change this HDD with a SSD, but I dont know if its compatible, and I cant find a way to find out how fast the data transfer connection is (SATA 3-6gb/s).... how do I find that out? thanks
  30. J

    Cant figure out what size caddy tray to purchase?

    Hello everyone, I've been meaning to purchase a HDcaddy for a 'SONY VAIO FIT 15E'. I know what form factor it is, however when I find the correct form factor there is always a differentiation between the sizes e.g. "HDD Interface: SATA HDD/SSD Size: 2.5 inch, less than 12.7mm thickness" or...
  31. M

    Asus BIOS flash fix SATA port ?

    I was wondering if i flash my ASUS A53Z bios to the Latest version could it possibly fix my SATA port HDD recongiation issue ?
  32. T

    Adding Esata or USB 3.0 to Laptop

    I was wondering if you took our your optical drive is it possible to run a cable out from the bay and make an esata port with a Sata to eSata adapter of some sort? I would prefer usb 3,0 but I thought about it and believe that would take a sata to usb 3.0 adapter or a jury rig a chain of...
  33. C

    HP Compaq 8510p Hard Drive

    I have a HP Compaq 8510p with an 80GB sata hard drive. I see a 500GB sata 3 for sal - would that be compatible with my laptop?
  34. S

    is the hdd hard drive in a sony hdr-xr160 160gb sata?

    i have a sony hdr-xr160 camcorder and was wondering if the hdd drive is sata.
  35. S

    SATA 6 Gbps or 3 Gbps in my Acer Aspire 5749 ?

    I had Acer Aspire 5749 with Intel 2nd Gen. Core i3 2330M and i want to replace my HDD with an SSD. The crystal Disk Info says that HDD transfer rate is SATA/300 or SATA 3 Gbps where as HWinfo64 Says that my notebook's motherboard has two SATA ports which are SATA 6 Gbps. I knon that if you use a...
  36. IInuyasha74

    Samsung NP300E5C Ports

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone own a Samsung laptop with a model number beginning in NP300E5C? I just bought one of these, and it functions pretty great so far for everything I do with it, even gaming. The big issue I have with it is at start up I feel some serious slow down while everything...
  37. T

    Toshiba Satellite wont boot from anything

    I installed a new SATA hdd in my laptop, tried booting from cd, usb, hdd, nothing. I keep getting the no bootable device error, although all devices are detected in bios. I changed the boot order as required, power cable is ok, battery works, i have no idea what to do. Please help!
  38. D

    Sata I with an SSD? I just realized after purchasing this laptop, it noted that it used a SATA interface. There was no number next to it (since I assumed most laptops/desktops came with at least SATA II), so I tried to google up some results on what...
  39. S

    how to disable in bios sata in toshiba

    how to disable in bios sata in toshiba
  40. T

    Best storage option for 50+ TB ?

    I have twenty three (23) 3TB drives which of course are SATA III. I am trying to build a home theatre and I first tried to build a computer with two SAS PCI cards (each supporting 8 SATA ports) and then using the 9 on board SATA ports on my motherboard. I was then going to use FlexRaid...
  41. S

    What to buy?

    1.Inspiron 3420 Intel Dual Core i5-3210M, 2.5GHz, (3.1GHz Turbo, Ivy Bridge 3MB smart cash) 4GB DDR3 1600MHz 750GB SATA 5400rpm nVidia GeForce GT 620M 1GB DDR3 2.Laptop HP g6-2302sm Intel Core i3-3120M 2.5 GHz 6GB DDR3 750GB SATA 5400rpm AMD Radeon HD 7670M, 1GB DDR3 3.Laptop Acer Aspire...
  42. T

    ASUS G750JX or MSI GT70 2OC

    I am wondering witch one of these are the best gaming laptop? G750JX: or MSI GT70 2OC: Asus have a interface on SATA 600, and MSI on 300. Is it a big difference?
  43. A

    Help with Budget Home Laptop

    Hi all! I'm looking to buy a laptop for basic non-gaming use; Office, Quickbooks, Turbotax, Chrome, limited video/picture viewing. I was thinking this one:] I...
  44. M

    Dell xps m1730 sata connector broken

    Hi, the little black plastic on the sata connector from de motherboard is broken and i can't plug my sata hard drive and i would like to know if i can do something to fix it.
  45. E

    HP Pavilion dv9700 (dv9812us) bad sata controller?

    Long story short, this laptop will not recognize it's hard drive or it's optical drive. The hard drive works just fine in another similar laptop. I've also tried loading the bios defaults to no avail. I'm assuming at this point that the sata controller has gone bad. So, the question is short...
  46. I

    Seagate SATA Hp hard disk

    Hello, I just want to connect my hp sata seagate hard disk retrieved from my dead hp dv6500 laptop to my macbook pro. what should i do.
  47. MapedMod

    HDD locked and cannot be initialized (correct password known..)

    Few months ago my 8 years old Qosmio G40-129 has died.. Today i bought a new computer: The problem is that i did not found the way to unlock FUJITSU HDD with master password in BIOS. It was locked on previous PC. I know the password but I cannot find any way to unlock it with any password type...
  48. A

    Free Acer Support

    my laptop says enter sata port 0 hdd user password
  49. A

    ASUS Laptop G74SX - FFC Sata got fried

    Greetings Recently I have purchased a Samsung SSD 840 250gb. I wanted to install it on my laptop's second HDD bay. I used ASUS kit and everything looked fine. When turned on neither setup or windows could not detect new SSD. So I opened her up again and saw my FFC sata cable has been fried...
  50. M

    MSI G Series GE60 0NC-006US

    I just bought an MSI G Series GE60 0NC-006US notebook. It's got: Intel Core i7 3610QM(2.30GHz) 15.6" 6GB Memory 750GB HDD 7200rpm DVD Super Multi NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M...
  51. M

    Does anybody knows what SATA mode (SATA II / SATA III) supports an ACER Aspire 5

    Hello, does anybody knows what SATA mode (SATA II / SATA III) supports an ACER Aspire 5732ZG ? I 've installed an OCZ Agility3 SATA III. a system information program (SIW), refers that current transfer mode, is SATA 600, but a benchmark with ATTO, showed read 283MB/sec and write 270MB/sec which...
  52. B

    Issue with XP installing....maybe HDD SATA

    Hi to eveyone. i got a Compaq Presario CQ61 with Windows 7 on it and i would to change it in XP. i've inserted the XP cd's and blue window appear with an error... reading forums, all people say the same thing: this issue can be resolved changing (into the BIOS) the SATA HDD from AHCI to IDE...
  53. P

    DELL E6410 SATA OPERATION "RAID ON" not working

    Hi All,' I have DELL E6410 laptop with Windows7. By default, bias is having setting of SATA OPERATION as "ATA. In case I change the setting from "ATA" to"RAID ON" I am getting some blue screen with error that Windows in not able to boot. Do i need to install any driver etc to work with "RAID...
  54. Z

    Can't format laptop compaq cq40 sata hdd not found

    Hello, my hdd crashed and now i changed a new one but i can't format the hdd using windows xp error message is sata hdd not found
  55. A

    SATA Compatiblity

    Hello, I have a netbook that is running a 2.5" HDD and want to go to a SSD drive, but most that I find that matches my capacity needs are Sata III drives are they backward compatibile to the Sata II interfacr that I have?
  56. 0

    About Compatability

    Hello, can somebody tell me, Samsung SSD 830 2.5inch SATA III 6GBps 512GB (notebook) comparability with Dell xps L401x
  57. W

    Sony Vaio E series + SSD question

    Ordered a Sony Vaio E series Laptop for my gf and I want to upgrade the HDD to a SSD myself. Probably a 120 or 128gb. Website just says "Storage Type: Serial ATA", but I think that's just the hard drive itself, not the motherboard's capability. Question is: Should I upgrade to Sata 2 or Sata...
  58. R

    Does Asus R500VM-MS71 supports SATA III?

    I can't find this info anywhere
  59. L


    Hello, will i have any trouble replacing a sata hardrive with a sata2
  60. T

    Need HD connector pinout for Toshiba Satellite P205-S7402

    Hello, Want to buy pin connectors for SATA and PATA laptop hard drives. I cloned a SATA hdd to another SATA hdd. Need a pin connector for the cloned hdd so I can install the it into the computer to verify the clone was successfully completed. Toshiba Satellite P205-S7402 is the computer I am...