Laptop sometimes won't boot Windows/Windows is slow, confusing diagnostic results


Jun 11, 2014
Hello all,

My laptop for all intents and purposes seems to be showing signs of HD failure. And at the same time, not. I'm rather confused.

It started a couple of days ago when I tried to boot up and was shown an error informing me that there was no boot device. I restarted a few times and Windows worked. After that, no issues for another couple of days. Then yesterday I booted up and got the same error. HD also made a clicking/grinding noise while it was trying to load Windows. I restarted a few times, then eventually the Windows loading screen (Win 7) came up, but the flag image never loaded and the computer eventually restarted itself and went into Windows diagnostics. The diagnostics attempted system restore, which it claimed was successful, and lo and behold, Windows started up properly. No grinding, no clicking.

I can also use the computer (when Windows starts) normally with no clicking or grinding. In addition, I ran a SMART full scan via a tool from the HD manufacturer and it came up 100% clean. I was under the impression that if a HD was on the verge of death the SMART scan would show some sign of it. (It's a SATA HD, btw.)

I'm already in the process of backing up my data, but it has me confused. Is the HD actually dying, or is there potentially some other problem at work here?

Also, does anyone have any recommendations for copying the HD's contents to a new HD? I don't know if the computer will continue to function or not for a USB device (and it only has USB 2.0) to be used.



May 12, 2014
If its an old HD and it has just been grinding/clicking lately there is a reasonable chance it might be failing.
Im assuming it didnt usually grind/click before the problem happened right?
Also if you could post some of the error/results Im sure you could get better help. It might not be a failure after all.
It is a good idea to copy the HD content to a new HD. What I would do is purchase a SATA to USB 2.0 device for hard drives like this one By the way before you buy this make sure your computer has at least 2 USB ports. This item comes with a manual on how to put the new HD into the enclosure.
Once you have the SATA to USB 2,0 device connected to your computer use a HD cloning software which can be found here .
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