Asus x53 (aka k53): sata-300 or sata-600


Sep 15, 2011

I'm just wondering wether the Asus x53 (also named k53) has a sata-300 or a sata-600 connection. It doesn't have usb 3.0, so that has made me wondering; if they don't even add usb 3.0-support, why would they put a faster sata-controller in?

My google-search came up empty, but I did found someone who said that all 2nd gen Sandy Bridges have sata-600 support. I did find this strange because, why would a device for communication between a HDD and a motherboard reside on the CPU? Sounds weird to me. Even knowing there's a GPU on there made me shiver (for the quad-cores that is; for a low-performance cpu, it makes total sense).

Anyways. Does anyone know wether it has a sata-300 or a sata-600 connection? Thanks in advance.


USB 3.0 has noting to do with sata III. Intel haven't support usb 3.0 yet.

USU 3.0 is provided by other company's controller chipset which the motherboard may or may not include (depends on design and cost).

I think the may x53 have a expresscard slot so you may want to consider getting a expresscard to usb 3.0 adapter. Do check for expresscard slot before buying. I recommend a one port card because it wouldn't stick out of the laptop.

Edit: Found out that sata III is support in the 800 series southbridge from amd (I think your laptop use amd right?). The 810 in the series does not support sata III, but 850 does, so you have a chance of having sata III.

I suggest you download cpu-z and get some more information on the mobo so I can tell better whether there is sata III support.