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  1. J

    3.5mm to xlr adaptor - does it make it balanced?

    Hi. If I have a 3.5mm mic (Shure VP83) and an external recorder with xlr - if I use an adaptor, does the signal benefit? Ie, does the unbalanced 3.5 signal become balanced over teh xlr cable? Or is it just passively letting me connect from one size connector to another? Thanks
  2. BlueFireZ

    Best headphones under $200 CAD?

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I've been on this site and whoa it has changed. Well, to get straight to the point, I'm basically looking for a new pair of headphones because I recently broke my M40x's, which were great and lasted me 3 solid years (I dropped them one too many times). I was...
  3. S

    Headphone for music and gaming

    I'm looking for a new headset for music and gaming. These are what I've found: Sennheiser GSP 300 (€75) Hyperx Cloud II (€80) Sony MDR-XB950AP (€85) Shure SRH750DJ (€85) Sennheiser HD 558 (€100) Audio-Technica ATH-M40x (€100) Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO [250 ohm] (€130) Audio-Technica ATH-M50x (€150)
  4. J

    Shure wireless Microphone

    Hi Can any one give a guide to a sensible priced Shure Wireless Microphone, would like it for giving speeches/ Talks at a rugby club. Any suggestions Thanks Jamed
  5. S

    Shure SM58 for gaming?

    I just builded my new PC , everything works fine it's a i5 6600K , gtx 1060 i got my old headset but the mic is broken. Can i use Shure SM58 for gaming , does this work ?
  6. S

    Which of these would have better sound quality: Shure SE215 or ATH M40x?

    I understand that they are two very different types of listening devices but I've been torn on getting one of these. I've always wanted one but I'm not sure which have better sound quality, I will primairy use it for listening to music and playing some casual games but I'd like to understand the...
  7. A

    Shure SE215 vs. HyperX Cloud II?

    Hi, just wondering, in terms of sound quality only, what is best: The Shure SE215 or the HyperX Cloud II? Thanks
  8. axels01

    Are the Shure SE215 any good for daily "throw in my pocket" ear buds?

    I'm looking for a pair of ear buds for around a hundred bucks. Finally found these shure SE215. The only think I really need them to do is playing music and be able to be thrown in my pocket several times a day and hold up better then my sennheiser which recently went bust.
  9. M

    Gaming Microphone £300 budget

    Hi guys, im looking for a new gaming microphone, I currently have the Blue yeti on a boom arm with a pop filter My budget is £300 for the microphone itself. I can have either a XLR or USB microphone as I have a scarlett somewhere in the house. Im looking to go big on this microphone but not...
  10. William Norberg

    Would these headphones (would this headphone?) require a dac/amp?

    Hi, im thinking of getting the Shure SRH840, which are of a low impedance (44 Ohm), which means that they should be easy to be driven by my pc (onboard z97 crystal 2 sound) and my samsung s6. But will i really milk out every single dropplet of sound out of these without a dac/amp? And if i do...
  11. C

    No Sound Using Line in Mic

    I've looked all over this forum for problems regarding microphones, but have found no solution. Here's my problem. I'm using a Shure SM57 mic and an Asus Xonar DG 24-bit 96 KHz Sound Card. I plug the mic into the Line-in slot, but I cannot get any volume when I record. Note, I've also tried...
  12. J

    shure se215 vs audio techninca ath-m50x

    i Am looking to buy a good par of headphones or earphones and my choice is between these two. the shure cost 109e and the audio technica 139e. What should i buy pls?
  13. mazooni

    How can I connect XLR Mic to Camcorder?

    Hi, I have a shure sm57 mic and scarlett 2i4 audio interface. I want to be able to connect it to my sony cx330 but I can't figure it out. Help please. Thanks :).
  14. E

    Shure SE215 Earphones Good or Bad

    Are these good for Latino music what other types of music are these good for?
  15. G

    Help with XLR microphone

    Hey, I need to get a Shure SM58 to record stuff on my pc. With this being said, I can't afford a mixer or anything like that. Also, my onboard audio is broken which is why I need the USB soundcard. I know it's better to use an audio interface, but will this setup work?` Mic: Shure SM 58...
  16. B

    Broadcast Headphones vs Gaming Headphones

    I am currently using a Shure BRH440M headset (my dad is a sales rep from shure) plugged into the audio jacks on a logitech g510 keyboard. I'm wondering if it would be better to switch to wireless gaming headset. I'm thinking of the logitech g930's. Also the cabling on my front panel audio is...
  17. R

    Best microphone for under $150

    I am looking for good microphones for voice recording/podcasting, no singing. I want it to be XLR not USB because usb microphones are generally poop when it comes to XLR mics, also because I want to get the most out of the mic with the RME Babyface. It also must be a cardioid mic (A mic with...
  18. M

    Having problems with mic

    Hello, I have a shure sm7b and there's a little bit of a hiss in the feed. Does anyone know of any lowpass filter software where it doesn't fix when recording, but instead fixes it while using it on skype or when using it on other communication programs? if not does anyone know of any software...
  19. T

    Replacement IEM's for an old pair of Shure E5's | What is there?

    I'm looking to replace my old pair of Shure E5's some time in the near future. The cable coming from the crossover to the left ear is torn and cuts out quite a bit and the 3.5mm connector has already been replaced. These things have been used fairly heavily for years and they have definitely...
  20. B

    sound card recommendations for shure se353

    I have a pair of shure se535 in ear monitors and I was wondering what sort of sound card I should get. I was thinking the Asus Xonar Essence STX but im not sure if that would be the most appropriate card for them. Would my card/headphone combo play nice together? As well would my headphones be...
  21. P

    headphones recommendations ?

    Hi guys, any know any good headphones for android (Nexus 4) i was thinking on these. Audio-Technica ATH-M50 V-MODA Crossfade LP...
  22. I

    Help needed with Shure SM7B

    Hey everyone, so I have a Shure SM7b and I have done a little bit of recording with it but it is very very quiet. I do things on youtube so it's just my voice that is being recorded. I have a pre amp and my gain is all the way up and I have it up all the way in audacity which is my recording...
  23. T

    What is a headphone amp? Should i get one?

    Does it make the sound noticeable better? or it just increase the possible volumes? if you want to be specific should i get amp for the shure srh750dj Thank you!
  24. P

    How to set up SME series III tonearm

    how to set up SME series III tonearm. I have not used it in 20 years. I am in the process of dusting it off. Will be installing a new Shure M97xE cartridge.
  25. R

    Shure SME 3012 tonearm

    I think I screwed up listing this with a $200 minimum bid. Any comments?
  26. G

    shure e2c vs westone um1 vs etymolic er6i

    I am looking for a pair of in canal noise isolation/canceling earphone for about $100 give or take a bit (hopefully on the lower side) I can up with these three finalists: shure e2c vs westone um1 vs etymolic er6i. What are your preferences and opinions or even other suggestions?
  27. G

    Shure Series III arm vs. 3009

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I have had a Shure SME 3009 arm on my turntable for years and years. I recently got a turntable with a Shure SME series III arm. How is this different from the 3009? Better? Worse? Improved? Older? Newer?
  28. G

    Shure SM57 vs older 545 & 456 Unidyne

    Archived from groups: (More info?) What differences, if any, is there in build and sonics between the SM-57 and the older Shure Unidyne mics that look virtually identical, anyone know? Al
  29. G

    what portable line in spdif out solution?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) need one battery powered to connect Nomad Jukebox 3 to Shure FP24 mixer. Line in (+4dBU preferred, but -10dBv ok) S/PDIF out (optical preferred but can live with coaxial) 16bit 48KHz, battery operated. ..jukka
  30. G

    Mic choice for drum kit

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I'm used to tracking 2 or 3 acoustic string instruments at a time in my modest basement project studio. I'm working on a boutique project where the client is contemplating using a very small drum kit (snare/cymbol/high hat/kick). My first...