Replacement IEM's for an old pair of Shure E5's | What is there?


Jan 11, 2014
I'm looking to replace my old pair of Shure E5's some time in the near future. The cable coming from the crossover to the left ear is torn and cuts out quite a bit and the 3.5mm connector has already been replaced. These things have been used fairly heavily for years and they have definitely done their job without disappointing.

I love these IEM's, but sadly they don't make them anymore and looking around, it seems Shure's quality control has gone down. I'd like to try to stay below the $300 mark and preferably lower if possible, although I know there comes a point where cheaper IEM's wouldn't really compare the these guys. So what all is out there?

I really enjoy the clear bass that isn't really all that muddy sounding at all, the strong but not overbearing mids, and crisp highs. I also love a punchy sound signature. I may be asking for too much in the price range, but I thought I would ask. I haven't really needed to look at the newer IEM's since these have been such a tank.

Thanks guys.


Dec 31, 2007
This question is best asked at I don't use IEM's much these days anymore but the triple-fi 10's are still an excellent value in my opinion, when you can find them on sale.
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