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  1. E

    Question New laptop restarting itself after automaticly going to sleep.

    Excuse in advance for my bad English. Hello i got a problem with my 4 day old laptop. so if i leave my laptop for 10 minutes it will go to sleep mode but instead of going to sleep my laptop restarts itself. i have checked the battary advanced settings and set everything to 0 or never but this...
  2. Psychedelico

    Question Lenovo Yoga 530 Laptop "Sleep", shuts it down

    Bought a new Lenovo Yoga 530 Laptop. Upon closing the lid or pressing the power button, it's supposed to go to [sleep] but I open it back up and it only showed an unresponsive black screen shut down on me and losing my hours of work. I tried looking at my settings and power saving options and...
  3. N

    Question hp elitebook 8470p restarting rather than waking up from sleep after opening the lid

    Hi, I started having this problem two days back, I didn't upgrade or installed anything when the problem started. I have an hp elitebook 8470p two days back in the morning when I closed the lid after working on my laptop and opened again, it should have woken up from sleep instead, it lit the...
  4. P

    Solved! No rest for the wicked

    When I try to get my pc to sleep or hypernate, it shuts down instead, closing all programs and the work I am doing. This happens whether I shortly press the powerbutton, whitch is set to "sleep" in power settings, or I go to Win-key > power on/off > sleep. The same happens when I try with...
  5. O

    Asus R541uv sleep mode problem :(

    HELLO I have a ASUS R541U stuck in sleep mode unresponsive to any input. There are two indicator lights. The Power light flashes. The Charger light does not come on at all. The stock charger measures 19.5 V No response to keypad, Space, Escape, or Power Button. Holding the power button for...