Question New laptop restarting itself after automaticly going to sleep.


Apr 27, 2016
Excuse in advance for my bad English.
Hello i got a problem with my 4 day old laptop. so if i leave my laptop for 10 minutes it will go to sleep mode but instead of going to sleep my laptop restarts itself. i have checked the battary advanced settings and set everything to 0 or never but this problem is still here. could this be a software issue or a hardware issue? when i actively use the laptop without leaving it for 10 minutes it just works perfectly fine even when i stress test the cpu, ram and gpu nothing bad happens. tempratures are perfectly fine. i really dont want to reinstall windows or send back the laptop .

Windows version 1903 (18362.535)

specs: Dell inspiron 7590 2019
i5 9300
gtx 1650
8gb ddr4 ram