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  1. AmogusFan400

    Question Laptop randomly freeze with 100% disk usage

    Hello, is there any way to fix laptop randomly freeze? its been 2 years i experienced this things i tried: disabling windows index disabling superfect/sysmain disk cleanup delete %temp% files msconfig max cores changing power plan to high performance update drivers etc, and none of them worked...
  2. Ashalanis

    Question Why is my PC running games slow despite my specs?

    Hello, I have built this PC around five years ago. The computer was very quick when I first built it, however it has slowed down over the years. I have wiped the desktop as well as run CCleaner to try and clean up some of the space. I also have very slow bootup times as well as slow downs when...
  3. T

    My PC has all the sudden become slow

    I have a pretty decent computer and it has become slow within a matter of minutes. I was watching Youtube and then the screen dimmed to the point I could barely see it. It froze for awhile so I hard rebooted it. After the computer restarted it has been extremely slow. Youtube videos are almost...
  4. A

    Asus with black screen

    My computer has been like this for a month but like everyone says it just started acting like this one day , this after my wife was watch her show in a website didn't close the Internet and the next fm day it was super slow but then I tried do open the Internet or do anything but nothing it was...
  5. D

    Computer is randomly EXTREMELY SLOW.

    I tried to scan for viruses but there seems to be an error and scanning takes a very long time because of how slow my computer is right now. I can barely move my mouse without it freezing constantly, programs literally take 5-10 minutes to start up, and it just annoys me how slow this is. I...
  6. A

    What happened to my laptop?

    Hi , I had a old laptop which is almost 7 years old with 2 GB ram and Intel Core 2 duo processor. It use to work fine untill last month but I am not sure what happened then , browsing part is okay but it has very bad performance specially against Flash player . I thought there must be a virus...