Question Laptop randomly freeze with 100% disk usage

Mar 30, 2022
Hello, is there any way to fix laptop randomly freeze?
its been 2 years i experienced this

things i tried:
disabling windows index
disabling superfect/sysmain
disk cleanup
delete %temp% files
msconfig max cores
changing power plan to high performance
update drivers
etc, and none of them worked

GPU: NVIDIA Geforce 920m
CPU: Intel i3 2.1ghz
RAM: 10gb (main ram: 2gb)

feel free to ask question, and also sorry for bad english im not a native english speaker.


Does this happen in Safe Mode?
What do you mean by "freeze"? It freezes until you restart? Or it "hiccups"?
I don't understand your RAM configuration - Main RAM is 2GB? What do you mean by that?
What OS are you using?
Have you tried reinstalling Windows (Assuming that this is Windows)? And I don't mean a "Reset", I mean a clean installation.
What is the laptop model and what version of Windows are you running? The first thing I would try is to see if there is a diagnostic available from the vendor and run that. If not, you can find general diagnostic programs that you can try to run. Make sure you run "long" tests which will take several hours. Is the system drive a hard drive or an SSD? Another thing to try is a program such as Crystal Disk Info which will read the SMART data from your drive (unless it is old) and may point to a problem. The data is mostly hard to understand, but may point to something.

A last thing to try is to do a clean reinstall of your OS. This will completely reformat your drive and you will need to reinstall all your programs manually. Of course you need to back up all your data. You may also have some sort of intermittent hardware failure. If so, this can be really difficult to fix. Sometimes such faults are related to temperature. Does the machine "freeze" only after it has been running for a period of time?