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  1. S

    Solved! Canon rebel ds6041

    Hello, I just purchased a DS6041 at Goodwill for 9.99. It doesn't have a battery or a lens. What do you suggest?
  2. W

    What you sayabout the video quality of SLR camera??

    hey guys, i want to know about the video quality of auto focus slr camera what you guy say about it
  3. r1p5aw

    Entry-level DSLR options .. seeking advice

    I'm interested in picking up photography as a hobby and looking into my options in the DSLR world. My brother has a Nikon d3100 that I have played around with and really enjoy and I am looking for something similar but cheaper. The camera would be used in all environments (indoor/outdoor/low...
  4. D

    Www registerconon com

    how can i register my camera online
  5. C

    Solved! Talk to an expert about slr camera

    Hi, I am purchasing my first slr digital camera. Ive been very interested in photography for a while now. I was wondering what you could tell me about what I should be looking for in a camera and which brand would be best. I am also looking for hd video included in the camera. My price is really...
  6. J

    Why is there a video out option on my canon ds6041

    Hello, I am trying to find out if my canon ds6041 can take video. I have gathered from some forums that it does not. So why is there a video out option on camera and a NTSC/PAL option.
  7. C

    Canon 550EX flash manual

    Hello, Where can I get a manual for the 550ex ?
  8. I


    I have a sony slr-350, i am looking for good lens. what is the diff btw carls zesis, macro ect & which is the best lens.
  9. B

    Solved! Canon slr digital camera broken mechanism to put camera card back in camera

    Hello, I have a question/problem and am looking for anyone's suggestion. I have a digital Canon EOS Rebel XT, SLR, bought in spring of 2006. Since that time it has been well traveled and taken lots of beautiful pictures. It is still a good camera and it works if the compact flash card would...
  10. M

    Solved! Canon 300D digital SLR camera error screen after I put in my CF card

    I recently bought a Canon Digital Rebel 300D on Ebay. it worked fine for a few weeks and then one day I took out the CF card to see what kind it was so I could buy another one, and when I tried to put it back in it wouldn't fit. I tried and tried and finally gave up and figured I'd wait till the...
  11. R

    How to view raw images on Mac via PSE without opening them first?

    Hello, I have a Nikon and I've recently started to shoot in raw. I am unable to view a file without opening it unless I shoot jpeg/raw. I shoot many photos and would like to be able to view as thumbnails to quickly weed out the not so good images. Is this possible when shooting in raw only...
  12. K

    Solved! Canon eos 20 d device driver

    Hello, i have a canon e0s 20d,i have lost the cd wich comes which it.. i wana operate my cam through computer and view files instantly while shooting..can any one help! :(
  13. D

    Sony DVD+RW

    This DVD works ok and has got erased also, but when put in video camera it says that there is an error and says it requires formating. Please reply. Regards D B Jha
  14. K

    Solved! Is there a new DSLR camera that will work with my old sunpak 522

    I have an old 522 flash unit that I would either like to use with a new compatible camera or with my existing Sony Alpha DSLR. I would like to be able to use the flash in the auto mode.
  15. G

    Is there a canon fuji lens adaptor

    Hello, I have a Canon AE1 Program SLR camera and would like to know if I can use the lenses on my Fuji DSLR camera or if there is an adaptor?
  16. R

    Nikon D60 problem

    My D60 sd card slot or something is preventing me from accessing the menu when a card is inserted. When I take out the SD, presto, now I can access all the buttons and functions. Help please.
  17. G

    Solved! Driver for my Rebel Camera

    I am trying to connect by camera to my computer and download pictures. I can't find the driver online. It is a Canon Rebel EOS 300D. HELP
  18. L

    Error 99 in rebel xs

    Hello, i got an error 99 in my rebel xs, i already update the firmware but error still popping. i can still take some shots but once you turn it off and turn it on again, error comes. then you have to remove the battery, then it will work fine.
  19. G

    Problems setting up nikon SB800

    Hello, I think I must be stupid but Icannot set my SB800 up to shooti in ttl/bl mode no matter what I seem to do can anybody please guide me through the procedure
  20. A

    Cannon VS Nikon DSLR

    just wanting to know what the better camera to purchase would be??? cannon or nikon dslr i've been looking at the Nikon D40x and D60 so far.. i have very little experiense with cameras & would like to know which one is better for me?