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  1. B

    Solved! Which one is the best Video Camera to use?

    Hi there, There so much to choose from. Can you recommend me which one of these is the best to use? Thank you. Links removed
  2. G

    The Best Time to Buy a Camera (Plus, How to Score a Deal Any Time)

    Get the best camera deals any time of the year. The Best Time to Buy a Camera (Plus, How to Score a Deal Any Time) : Read more
  3. M

    My SLR Canon Rebel XT camera has no picture on the LCD screen.

    My SLR Canon Rebel XT camera has no picture on the LCD screen. Has something gone wrong with the camera or did I press some wrong button? I need help with the question I typed in above. [Title edited by moderator (too long - - truncated & therefore incomplete)]
  4. PlymouthJoseph

    Quickly... Best digital camera under £50?

    Okay, my father-in-law is looking for a good Digital Camera for father's day (Which is on the 18th here in the UK) and I want a quick and simple answer. Which is the best camera I can buy him for around £50? I know next to nothing about cameras, I need all the advice possible and a simple...
  5. L

    SLR and digital camera help

    OK I need help I can't choose on a camera looking at the Sony cybershot tx20, Sony nex 5, Sony nex 6, Sony nex 5r, Nikon 1 j3. I am lost help.
  6. giaccah

    What camera should I chose?

    What camera should I chose to shoot fullhd videos,below $300? I'mwatching sony a3000,what about it?
  7. P

    Fuji X-T1 or x100T

    I am moving from a Canon SLR to a Fuji, and I am considering two choices, a Fuji X-T1 or fixed lens x100T, mostly for street photography. Although I am not a professional, I do have some background knowledge. What is your opinion on both cameras, anyone has use them?
  8. D

    can SLR camera be the input to live video?

    can SLR camera be the input to live video? i connect my camera but all i got is my camera screen turn black and there is no output. can someone help me? thanks
  9. B

    need a good 1080p60fps slr camera.

    Is it possible to get a good 1080p 60fps DSLR camera for under $800? I need a microphone port (for external mic) and any extra fps for slow mo would be nice but not needed and needs to have a fully articulated screen.
  10. T

    I'm looking for a good quality first hand Digital SLR camera, with a budget of £200.

    I would like a good SLR camera, and i'm willing to spend another £50 on a lens. I want it to have a good long range and to be good quality. I know my budget is quite limited, so I think it's more about the bang for the buck. I'm afraid I know very little about cameras and photography so it...
  11. K

    Is This Camera OK For College?

    Hey, Need the help of the handsome basking sharks of Tom's Hardware ;) So I'm doing a photography course in college.. I thought it would be a good idea to give my old camera to homeless Indonesian orphans in our town for Hanukkah. So I'm buying a new one but needed to know if this camera would...
  12. M

    Canon Vs Nikon for first SLR

    Hi all, So I've been using my tutor's Canon cameras when learning about film, and I feel comfortable with most canon cameras. When researching for an SLR of my own, had my mind set on the Canon 700d because it is familiar, however I recently came across the Nikon 5200 which can record at...
  13. L

    Hi. around a year ago I bought an Olympus slr digital camera for the mane reason of being able to manually adjust. But I can't

    I need help to manually adjust with my slr
  14. M

    Lens adapter ring

    Hi I have Canon A-1 slr camera w Itorex lenses (f28mm and 135mm). I would like to try these manual lenses on my dslr Nikon D90. Is there any lens adapter that suits my nikon? I hope someone would reply me as soon as possible.
  15. V

    Suggest me a Best DSLR Camera (With HD Video Recording & Wi - Fi) for entry level!

    I've been looking to get into photography as a hobby for a while now and I think I've decided that Digital SLR is the way to go, or at least it seems that way. Anyway I was just looking for some advice and information about them. What should I be looking for in a Camera? Basic info on the ins...
  16. F

    Canon 60D video times out in 15 minutes

    I'm looking it use a Canon 60D SLR for video recording. A camera shop owner told me that all SLR cameras will shut off after 15 minutes of continuous video recording. He told me that this separates the a camera from a camcorder and is done for import tax purposes. Do any of you use a Canon 60D...
  17. ZenShredder

    Need Advice On Buying A Digital SLR

    Hello, so recently I've been thinking about buying a digital SLR to do some photographic work with as well as create HD textures to use in digital paintings and such. My issue is that, while I took a Digital Photography course under a graphic design requirement, I still don't know or retain much...
  18. Z

    What to choose?

    Hey, i have started a YouTube channel and have been looking for some time at purchasing a good camera. I am wanting an Action Camera and a Camcorder/DSLR. I am so lost in what to choose there are just so many options! I have used a Fuji Film S4300 and do like the quality, but I don't like the...
  19. S

    Need recommendation for a camera

    Hello. I am looking for a camera, preferably a DSLR. I need it for my sight seeing trips. I'd like a good resolution, good low light performance, preferably touch screen but not necessary. hight focus points and weatherproof. Filming performance not necessary. I have a budget of £1000...
  20. J

    Nikkon SLR D3100 or D3200?

    I'm looking for either an D3100 or D3200. Can someone recommend me which one is the better camera? Also, is it safe to buy one of these cameras off of Amazon?
  21. guywitheglasses

    DSLR lenses on SLRs?

    Hey! :wahoo: I'm getting into Film Photography and picked up a Nikon N50 with a Nikkor lens. I know some older lenses will fit on new devices, but will some newer lenses fit on older SLR cameras? Thanks everyone, Ritchie
  22. A

    Can anyone pl inform me whether the Canon Rebel 2000 EOS 300 SLR lenses can be used with any DSLR models. My Bro has a Canon E

    Can anyone pl inform me whether the Canon Rebel 2000 EOS 300 SLR lenses can be used with any DSLR models. My Bro has a Canon DSL:R 650D
  23. D

    CHanging from programmed to manual

    I have a Minolta Maxxum700si slr camera. It is on program and I need it on manual. I do not have an owner's manual I can't seem to figure out how to get it on manual.
  24. F

    Sony SLR CK100

    Camera will not accept any cards, wants them formatted which will not do either, comes back with Can Not Use Card.
  25. M

    Looking for a Bridge SLR.

    I am Looking for a something not to complicated like DSLR but something I can play around with the settings (ISO, exposure, ect) I don't need a manual focus, and im looking to spend around $240 USD. I currently have a sony cybershot dsc-w650. I was looking at 2 possibilities: The Fujifilm...
  26. L

    Point and shoot camera with a Manual focus facility

    Please suggest me a point and shoot camera with a manual focusing facility like in SLR's but of a cost of around $250.
  27. S

    Old School SLR Body in the Digital World

    All digital camera manufacturers. Please provide me an all mechanical Body wherein the only electronics mimic wet film ASA settings by altering the Focal Plane Array sensitivity. A light meter, too, but that's it. I'll buy that camera today. Conversely, all these modern cameras, with their...
  28. swilczak

    Buying an SLR camera

    We are looking to buy an SLR camera and our budget is $600 maximum. I don't know much about cameras and I was wondering if anyone knows of a good camera for that price. I have a lighting sudio that has slave flashes and I will need to sync everything with the flash from the camera. We have tried...
  29. A

    Poor printing?

    I shoot a nikon d800. the files are very large and very clear. When they were printed at Targets machine and made into wallets they were blurry and double it the printer or should i make the files smaller for printing....
  30. A

    Large files print blurry

    I am shooting a nikon d 800.. file are big and very clear...whem they were printed at targets printing machine, they were blurrry and double it just poor quality printing? or should i make the files smaller for printing?
  31. M

    How to turn off flash

    i have the canon rebel eos 300D digital and i cant figure out how to turn off the flash! it's very irratating to only have it on one setting because otherwise the flash pops up.
  32. H

    Quantaray teck -10 90mm 2 8 macro lens

    This lens orignaly came with a magnifer filter where can i purchase one? Thanks, Jerry
  33. A

    Epson l210 head cleaning

    Hello, The image of picture after a took a shoot is clean and perfect but once it run out through my EPSON L210 printer we noticed that there were some lines on the image, how should it happen and what are the things we need to do in order to have a good quality of image
  34. R

    Point and shoot camera diagram

    Hello, Is there a mechanical shutter in a digital SLR? Is there a mechanical shutter in a point and shoot digital camera?
  35. C

    Which lens yo get ?? :(

    Hello I need some help . I'm looking for a lens to replace my 18-55mm I can't decide on whether to get the cannon 18-135mm -$299 on amazon or 28-135mm -$399 on amazon. Money is not an problem but I want to know which lens is a better quality and which would do the job the best .
  36. S

    Olympus E-420

    Hi, I have been having trouble with my SLR Camera. I recently took off the lens and inside the body of the camera a small white/sort of see through plastic square fell out, which a presume is part of the mirror, and now when i take a picture it comes out blank. And when i look through my...
  37. C

    Unable to format card in D90

    The D90 will not format my 16 gig card.... suddenly. Anyone have any experience with this? :cry:
  38. T

    8 megapixel RAW file converted to 16-bit Tiff...

    I have Adobe CS-4 running on my Imac. My concern is that CS-4 will not open RAW files from My current (newer) digital Pentax DSLR. I am happy with my current edition of Photoshop, and would rather NOT spend 6 to 7 hundred $ to upgrade. What are my options? I really DO enjoy the RAW file...
  39. R

    Entry level dslr

    Hi, i want to buy a dslr under $400. i have a keen interest to learn photography so initially which one should i buy? suggestions pls.
  40. K

    Need Camera Recommendation

    Hello! I'm looking into doing motion photography of dancers and want a recommendation for a few good-quality DSLR cameras. Ideally I'd love one under $500. Thanks so much for your help.
  41. T

    Nikon D50 Repair - main board/firmware?

    Hi all, got a troublesome Nikon D50 here. Powers up, takes photos, changes settings etc, but the Menu button doesn't work. Simple enough for an experienced electronics tech, right? Hmm... Tested the button itself, and it works. Traced the pinout from the zif connector to the button...
  42. O

    Broken zoom ringor?

    Hello, So here's my story. I was re-organizing my room. Got stuck in a tight space with a chair and picked the legs up so they were horizontal. And one of the legs knocked my 7D down onto my carpet. It wasn't a far drop at al. Like three feet, but the reason something broke is because it...
  43. R

    Gig photos settings

    im doin a gig tnite and lost the settings i wrote down for no flash, any help wud be appreciated as need the correct settings for a sharp clear picture using no flash and to get the colours of the lighting at the venue, very important as im doing one of Slash's band members, thanku
  44. R

    Best setting with the canon 1000D no flash at music concerts

    im doin a music gig tnite and want to get the best photo possible with the Canon EOS 1000D usin no flash as there will be lighting, any help wud be appreciated , thanks
  45. K

    Mic and attenuator

    Hello, can anyone tell me what is defferent mic and attenuator
  46. V

    Which camera is better for bird photography, Nikon D300s or Nikon D7000

    Which camera is better for bird photography, Nikon D300s or Nikon D7000 ?
  47. A

    TIFF v RAW

    What would be the benefits, if any, to shooting in TIFF as opposed to RAW ?
  48. D


  49. eheminger

    Looking to get a DSLR, and I have no idea what I'm doing.

    Recently, I've gotten into photography. It's not really something I am interested in doing for the rest of my life or anything, but I do like to "just take photos". I've thought about getting a DSLR in the past, and finally think I'm ready to take the leap. The only problem is, I have no idea...
  50. V

    Should I get the Cannon Rebel T3i?

    I'm thinking of buying the Cannon Rebel T3i that comes with (Kit w/ EF-S IS II 18-55mm Lens) for 540$. Is this a good deal? I want a camera that shoots great video mainly because that's what I'll be using it for most of the time. Is this a good choice of camera for video? My budget is 600$ so...
  51. K

    Canon 60D

    Hello, i have blinking Black/white patches in the photo taken over long distace with 18 - 200 mm zoom lens in natural sun light camera facing away from direct sun
  52. D

    What\'s the story on expensive memory cards for SLR cameras?

    I bought an EOS T3 Rebel for my daughter and the camera store convinced me to spend an extra $100 on a Digital Speed 4GB 700X Professional High Speed Error Free (SD) Memory Card Class 10. Was this a total ripoff? Now I'm thinking of getting an EOS Mark III 5D and the memory card is $599 list...
  53. J

    Nikon D70 card problem

    Hello, Upon taking a picture the camera reports: THIS CARD CANNOT BE USED. None of the remedies suggested in the Manual help. All cards tried work fine in another Nikon camera. Resetting did not help either. Images on a disk can however be displayed by the camera.
  54. S

    Sony dslr camera vs canon dslr camera

  55. C

    Cannon rebel t3 error 30

    I have a canon rebel t3 that gives me an error 30. What dies that mean?
  56. R

    I shot video with a cannon 5d set on NTSC with a recording size 1920X1080 and th

    I shot video with a cannon 5d set on NTSC with a recording size 1920X1080 and then edited the video with Final Cut Express. My Quick Time videos play well on my Apple, but will not play on my PC. What settings should I use. -Randy Malone
  57. S


    Hello, i can see photos on my sony alpha 300 camera when i insert the card to the reader no pic are seen
  58. D

    40D canon lens

    will 40D canon lens fit 60D and 7D canon cameras?
  59. D

    Does the lens for a 40D canon camera fit the 60D and 7D cameras?

    Does the lens for a 40D canon camera fit the 60D and 7D canon camera?
  60. B

    Basic lens set for CannonT5 recommendations

    Hello, I have a Canon T5. A rather basic camera I know but I want to get the most out of it. Can anyone recommend 4/5 lens possibilities which might be in everyone camera case.